Dec. 15th, 2010

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So Netflix had a perverse sense of humor/timing. For my last batch of 3-dvds-a-day, they sent me a hodge podge of material. I'd actually seen "Next Avengers" already, but the featurettes were amusing if only to see how many young teen groups no longer existed. And to realize how many of that crowd is still working with Marvel in their movies and animation. I had the first dvd of season two of "West Wing" since I've gone on a rewatch binge again. Since my dvds dropped down to one on the 15th, I had to quickly pack first season and then slam right into the second. I still react the same to most of the episodes. It's funny what parts are more dated than others. "What Kind of Day has it Been?" is weird for me because of the Columbia references and having the Newseum in Rosslyn, where it's not located anymore. In some ways, Washington stays very much the same and in other ways time marches on.

I was supposed to get three dvds, but Netflix couldn't get me "Avengers 62" immediately so they sent me wait for it, yes the next one on the list. So suddenly I had to pare down 4 dvds to 1. The next one on the list was the "My Name is Modesty" movie in my attempt see all the versions of Modesty Blaise. I've written about the god-awful 60s spy version over here. I've also "ahemmed" the failed TV pilot with Ann Turkel. "My Name is Modesty" covers her earlier career with the Network and a version of her history. I did like the conceit that that may or may not have been the truth with Modesty pulling a Scheherazade stringing the villain along with her stories. It was closer to the comics/novels, but still missing the mark on several fronts. The story was basically split between the current storyline and the flashbacks. I really missed Willie Garvin's presence. Alexandra Staden was a tall slim Modesty, but she almost seemed too slight for my tastes. She reminded me of someone I can't put a finger on who though. Seeing the New Amsterdam lead actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as a villain was certainly odd. I haven't watched the extras, but I'll try to look at them in my copious free time.

"Avengers 62" is early Cathy Gale/fill-in episodes. Those are fairly slow going so far.


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