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Hello everybody. Isn't it a fine day? *growls* All right, enough of my Tracy Lord impersonation...

I am home! Yes, I traveled down to Florida for the holidays. It was warm for the first day and then the cold front showed up with vengeance, just as everyone else in the Northeast was buried in snow. I'm glad I prepared for a variety of weather possibilities. DC seems to have completely missed that boat, which is pretty typical for this area. I'm just glad I didn't have to fly a day earlier or later. As it was, we were delayed an hour and a half in Melbourne because they didn't have a de-icer. That cut squarely into my layover time Atlanta, so I had to make a mad dash for the Hartsfield former cylon train and hope I could get to my terminal in time -- no mean feat. At least I'm home safely. I'm slowly trying to catch up on LJ/etc. I had very little proper computer access over the holidays; I mostly made do with my phone, which is fine for twitter, but not great for anything else.

This was a quiet Christmas for my family. We're still in doctors and recovery mode to a degree. I'm a little depressed to see my father -- so vibrant and intelligent and barely able to move or concentrate for long periods.

Discovered my parents adore Top Gear (not surprising given my father's love of cars) and HGTV and several antique/pawn shop related shows. Ironically one show we found on HGTV was on this year's White House Christmas decorations -- would have loved to see that *before* I went on the tour so I'd know the significance or notice particular things.

Still need to find time to watch the Doctor Who special. I have stayed surprisingly unspoiled.
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