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Dining alone is always an adventure of some kind. They'll stuff you in some back corner near the kitchen or some odd alcove. They'll forget about you occasionally, as has happened at breakfast. There's no one to talk to, so I usually remember to have a notebook on hand... except when I forget a pen of any kind. Oops.

PF Changs is if nothing else unique in its issues. I only usually order one thing: crispy honey chicken. The only other place I've seen it locally is down in Shirlington. I'm still not sure why, since I can find any number of recipes online. Maybe DC is in the wrong nexus of Chinese food. Anyway, one night I discovered quite by accident that they have honey shrimp as well, as they gave me that dish by mistake. I still don't know how that happened. I'm just glad I wasn't allergic to seafood or anything.

And then there was the great sauce dilemma tonight. I ordered my usual, hoping a real meal would help cure what ails me. I am not my mother's daughter, okay? She adores her chili peppers. She and Dad could manage all kinds of fun dishes I avoid like the plague. And I think I've had enough honey chicken to know when it's off. Today there was some added kick to the sauce. So when the waitress swung by, I mentioned it casually. That surprised her, since it is supposed to be one of their milder dishes. That said, she was quick to offer to either a) have them remake it or b) replace it with a new dish entirely. The only reason she hesitated was the sauce. Something I didn't know was they make up the sauce batch for the day. So if some well meaning chef added a little of this or that, the whole batch was hosed. So I ordered sweet and sour chicken and waited the results. The manager or floor guy came by to confirm that indeed I was right. They include some type of chili in their sauce mix and this time they overdid it by my palette's standards. I will say they reacted quickly and I didn't have to wait too long. They comped both the honey chicken and mini dessert.

I can only picture my mother at home shaking her head and staring at her dried chili peppers and wondering where she went wrong.

Tonight's fortune Opportunities are all around you, if you just know where to look. (first person to quip "in bed", yes, I had that image already.)
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