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Aug. 5th, 2013 12:14 am
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It seems like only yesterday I was joining the Internet in freaking out over Matt Smith's casting. The age, the hair, then "Ooh, what is he doing with his hands?" and "Wow he talks fast" and then the evitable "But.. but... I liked him!" Smith hasn't quite worn the tread off the tires the way Tennant did for me. I watched end of "End of Time" before the Big Announcement on BBC America and I swear it was a special form of torture. (I may have giggled inappropriately at Anneke Wills referring to 8 as the "prettiest Doctor". No argument from me, Polly.)

The new Doctor casting pleases me greatly. (Also I saw the rumor earlier and I said "Oh. Oh yes." Not least because I just finished watching BBC's The Hour and he was one of my favorite characters. I'm glad to see an older Doctor, but I'm curious which direction they'll go. Ornery and crotchety or serious and edgy? Or neither? Matt Smith's first promo pic screamed Twilight gothy and he turned out quite madcap. I can't wait!

I am debating whether to indulge in Big Finish's sale/discount on the early releases. There's even a special "Early Years" subscription option that's really tempting if I can figure out which chunk I'd want -- the ones in between Storm Warning and Chimes of Midnight are the current option, but oof, there are some I really haven't liked.
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