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What haven't I done recently?

If you answered "hurt your foot", congratulations!

I was off to a ENT doctor appointment downtown. My allergies and I are disagreeing again, what else is new? I was slightly turned around because the office moved to a new location, so I opted for the bus, because it's cold and it was closer to the stop. So what did I do? I promptly stepped off the curb of a nearby hotel and twisted my left ankle. Ow and OW! I was more or less able to stand and walk for a bit before that shocky feeling set in. After I stopped for awhile, I asked the nice parking attendant at said hotel for directions. I should have turned a block before the hotel and walked up. But then we wouldn't be having this nice chat over an ice bag, would we?

Fortunately because I have had so many of these injuries, I have the aircast, sock, and bandages already. It pays to be prepared. So I foresee another visit with the nice podiatrist soon.

I am not a happy camper right now.
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I wish I could claim I was feeling better. I get brief bursts of relief, eclipsed by sheer torture. I bit the bullet and switched back to the brand name Flonase. Generics shouldn't be this different. Even if it isn't the difference, at least I know how I react to the brand name version.

I watched a lot of golf this weekend. Next week the green grasses of Wimbledon will beckon and take up vast amounts of time. I swear I think I spend as much time on the BBC website during that last week in June as when Who is airing, probably less because of the potential for spoilers. I don't hold out a lot of hope for any of my favorites. Henman has been bounced out his last umpteen tournaments in the first round. Federer is turning into the Sampras of this generation -- beautiful to watch and damn near unbeatable on grass, but looks actually human on clay. Maybe someone will surprise us.

Despite being very behind in my Who viewing this season, I did break down and watch "Utopia". I knew the squeeing would be hard to ignore. I'm glad I did. Like most people have said in other reviews, the BBC can't keep some bits secrets if they tried. On the other hand, the best part, they had me completely fooled until the moment it happened. Very good use of distraction. Make a lot of noise over here, but pay no attention to that man behind the curtain...

Utopia spoilers )
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Remember I was nervous about switching off to a generic for my Allegra prescription? Turns out I might have right. This last refill the pharmacist split mine between two generics. One, despite my fears, worked fine. The other one, for whatever reason, makes me feel like I have the sorest throat in the world, exactly the same reason I get if I take Claritin and its equivalents. I'd love to know what inactive ingredient causes this particular reaction in me, if only so I can dodge it. I'm going to try calling the pharmacist today and see what if anything they can do. Cause "Oh, it'll wear off" is not a valid response when I never had this with Allegra before!


Oct. 5th, 2005 09:51 am
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At some point along the line, FDA approved a generic version of Allegra. My pharmacy has started using it with my latest refill. It's cheaper, but I'm still a little nervous about the change. Allergy meds and I have a history. Some meds work, some flat out don't. The pharmacist claimed the "active ingredient" was still the same, only the inactive ones changed. Not that they actually list the inactive ones, so you can say "Whoops, I've taken something with that and it won't work..." Or maybe I'm just paranoid. Knowing how miserable I am when the allergy meds fail, I don't think that's too much.

Nanowrimo signups have started. The panicking can now commence. I'm still debating what to write exactly, possibly veer back to nice safe ground in sf/fantasy. I'm surrounded by the news of the real world at work, so the last thing I want to do is write about it. [livejournal.com profile] nanonano will have any updates if you want to friend that journal. Or not.
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So the test results came back from the doctor. The strep was wiped out the first time, but apparently I'm allergic to Media West. Obviously my meds weren't working that weekend. All the same, I want my throat to feel normal real soon now.

Home again

May. 30th, 2005 09:53 pm
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I'm back from Media West. There will be a full report later. Suffice to say, I had a great time. I unfortunately relapsed in my case of strep, so physically I was miserable. The smoking room was the least of my concerns. I'll be visiting the doctor again tomorrow for the Even Better Drugs.

It figures

Nov. 30th, 2004 04:24 pm
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I hate medical insurance people. I sent my check and it cleared and I hoped I could finally get my prescriptions. No, I still have to wait another week for the insurance people to actually apply the payment. So I guess I'll be stuck with Zicam as a substitute for Flonase for a little bit longer. *snarl*
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I finished up [livejournal.com profile] digne's WENN tape, so she should get the episodes she's missing soon. Watching the episodes made me so nostalgic for when this show was still on the air.

Unfortunately I can't work on any of my WENN fic ideas because I must focus on my upcoming CVS trial by fire in February. That would be nice if I knew what I would be submitting. I had thought about redoing "White Out" from that sf writing class I took, but it needs major plot help. I know what needs fixing I just don't know where to do the right kind of research. Clearly I need to change the bag on my cat, because it ain't vacuuming!

The real bad news came today at the allergist. He is recommending that I get the allergy shots. I would if I could find somewhere that does the shots locally, preferably on the weekend or evenings. I do not want to take off time from work every week to cover this. My one place doesn't do them, so I need to start searching.
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They're having a Cirque de Soleil Week which ends on Saturday with the "Varekai" premiere. In the meantime, I can tape off and actually watch the first couple episodes of "Fire Within" and all the Cirque programs I've missed.

The allergist situation ended semi-happily. After several crossed streams, I finally have my Allegra renewed. But I have to go back in for an actual appointment in July. Oh joy. The only annoyance is my lapsed health insurance, caused by my layoff and my parttime job.

In spite of posted announcements and fine weather, they did not do the windows today, unless they only did a select region of the building or something. At least the people with balconies have places to put those large screens.
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Yes, that was sarcasm, friendslist. My Allegra prescription ran out and unfortunately the doctor who prescribed the Allegra has changed practices. I tried the OTC version of Claritin this morning and it has the same bad side effects as its sister Clarinex. Oh, btw, I was researching the push for the allergy drugs towards becoming over the counter and noticed one nasty side effect by insurers who *won't* cover Allegra now, because "all allergy meds are the same." I'm living proof that that isn't the case. Plus my apartment continues to be the living summer hell. Why the blazes do you come up with a system that bases itself off the exterior temperature in an area like DC with its humidity? For some reason, I think it'd make more sense to keep the temperatures normal and constant, rather than in constant flux all the time! Because of our rain, they haven't finished with cleaning the windows so they can return our screens. So guess who can't open her windows even she wanted to? (If I remember their second rain day schedule, they should be doing the cleaning today. *hope, hope*)

This was why I was up at 2AM before a work week. I came home reasonably early after a birthday party among the gaming/writing friends. Played some Chrononauts, which was wicked time travel card game where you're collecting artifacts and effecting paradoxes. One rule is if you have 13 parodoxes(paradoxi?) on the board, the world implodes. A certain gaming husband of [livejournal.com profile] gooberfishbowl (another Adam, [livejournal.com profile] tinagilman) thought it was a fine idea to try towards this end. We also discussed various superhero campaigns both new and potential. I actually pulled together a list of the fic since the last updates for the website, so *maybe* I'll get some work done tonight.
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Well, not really, the shift in weather pattern makes my old ankle injury ache a bit. The rain has been pretty continual since this morning. Fortunately it seems to have started after I arrived at work early in the a.m. If anything the weather looks worse now... very dark and wet and windy. We could use the rain though. We didn't have any this summer which could bode bad things for the winter.

Work continues. I'm slowly adjusting to the new schedule though I feel like an internal Mom forcing myself to go to sleep. "Time to go to bed." "But I have one more email/chapter/discussion to check..." "You have to be awake at oh-my-god in the morning, remember?" *grumble, grumble, not-fair*

The dehumidifier arrived from Home Depot. I'll probably start it tonight and see if that removes the worst of the humidity problem. It'll probably be noisy, but definitely a worthwhile expenditure.

Note to self: when taping important things, like premiere night of "Buffy", check the damn sound gauge to make sure you can understand everyone.


Sep. 16th, 2002 05:03 pm
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There are times when I absolutely hate my life and my apartment. I continue to experience problems with the a/c, usually humidity issues. My allergist was pretty specific on this issue. Keep the humidity down and you won't have to worry about the mold. I can't do that. I've *tried* everything, but the humidity stays up in the 60% range. My landlady doesn't understand at all. The handyman couldn't find anything in the main part of the a/c unit, even though I pointed up at the damn flow vents between the rooms as the real culprit. They've been coated with moisture at odd times. Of course everytime they come to look, it has already evaporated. They're going to try to change the filters and see if that helps. I only hope my new job has started by then.

Oh yeah, law firm turned me down, so I've said yes to the hellish hours job. Hopefully being away from the apartment will improve my health and my emotional state.


Sep. 12th, 2002 10:28 pm
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I have two job interviews tomorrow, so wish me luck, yadda yadda. One is the govt agency my temp agency sent me around for and the other another law firm. I'm just hoping I can get *one* of them, because the whole jobless situation is eating at me.

Watched the Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets preview during WB's "Family Affair" premiere. [Horrid show, may I say, not something I'd watch normally, even for Tim Curry]. The HP preview was *great* with lots of tantalizing bits of familiar sights.

The allergist found two more allergic triggers yesterday -- ragweed and plantain. The latter is apparently some common weed that crops up a lot in lawns and yards. From my descriptions, though, it sounded more like the dust and mold were causing the worst of my misery, which will force me to be a bit more careful in cleaning the apartment. He changed me to Flonase, a nasal spray to go with Allegra.

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I hate allergies. I hate the itchy eyes. I hate feeling uncomfortable in my own apartment. I hate not being able to sleep. I hate having to wash my stuff carefully so I kill all the nasty dust mites. I hate being up at 1:30 in the freaking morning because it's bothering me so much. I thought I was coming around the bend.
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The allergist just confirmed my assertions. I had the infamous prick testing to see what I was allergic to. Dust mites, two types of mold... and dogs. No cats or trees, though. The cat lover in me is vastly amused, though it explained why I was sick after Media West and its vast array of friendly dogs. (Why hello, Xander and 'Thena!) I go back to the allergist in September to see what outdoor things and foods I'm allergic.


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