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The good news is I didn't lose power at all. The bad news is there was water damage near my living room windows. The apartment building people are still trying to determine what caused the leaks – windows, a/c, upstairs/outside. I know it could have been worse. At least I’m safe and sound. But I'm a total wreck. I slept very badly last night. I'm somehow maintaining my patience with my coworkers, especially my teleworking/business as usual now types that think their emergency is mine.

I'll update as I can.

EDIT: The maintenance types came by with a high powered wetvac/etc to clean up the carpet. They pulled out the bookshelves and didn't see any damage thankfully. They only have limited fans though and many people were having issues today. All I can say is I hope it doesn't rain again anytime soon.

EDIT2: And we have our own heavy duty fan. I feel like I have a prolonged train whistle in my apartment.
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I remember when I said "long weekend" wistfully. My July 4th was more like a death march or a bad episode of Survivor. First the air conditioning conked out on the building. Not surprising, the a/c dies at the first rumble of thunder. But when it wasn't immediately reset I started to get worried. At one point, I stupidly went to the library for a quick respite. And promptly dinged my ankle while puttering around the stacks. Several friends have suggested I need a suit of armor. While practical, it'd be completely uncomfortable in summer. I actually spent the night at a very nice hotel last night -- after the temperatures climbed to 80 degrees in my building, I considered that I was not a hothouse flower. The building is waiting on a part to fix the problem, so we'll see what I go home to tonight. I hope everyone else had a better 4th.

Bright side, I did finish Gail Carriger's Soulless over the weekend. Very funny mix of steampunk and supernatural and romance... now if only the author can sort out her POV issues in later books. Maybe she was going for omniscient/Victorian style narrative, but the end result was switching POVs in literally the next paragraph. Loved the world and the characters though.
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So to update my life:

The temp assignment ended on Friday with a bit of a whimper. The holiday party was on Thursday, so the bulk of the staff didn't bother coming in on Friday, so it was just the boss and me. That worked out well for a slow and leisurely day. During the day I learned about the impending snowstorm. So I trudged to the local store on the way home to load up on the essentials. Note to people in store: saving a place for someone in line is all nice and stuff, but when they bring in a massive cart of stuff? Don't expect the people behind you to be all friendly-like.

The snows are quite impressive. The white stuff has filled up the entirety of my non-balcony outside which makes for a scary sight. No power outages, thankfully. Hopefully all the roads and airports will be cleared in a few days when I disappear from DC for a week. Going from 30s to 60s/70s is going to be so much fun this year.

I spent some of the time emptying and deleting boxes, so I can return my apartment to some form of sanity. New bookshelves will just have to wait for the New Year, if at all. The amusing thing is I decided to try switching around some of the contents of said bookshelves to see if they'd fit better. So my skating shelf has been moved to a new location and I get to look at my writing and miscellaneous books from my bedside. [livejournal.com profile] suricattus gets good company with Nick Bantock & Jasper Fforde.

The only snag in all of this is on the technological front. I put together the computer, only to lack an internet connection. I have a cable internet/router combination. I think I have the correct ethernet/modem cables I just can't figure what goes where. And my entertainment unit is *still* in shambles. I really should have written down instructions for that. For a self-proclaimed geek, dvd/vcr hookups are strange and mysterious things. Plus finding the paper for the printer and the mp3 player cables...

Writing wise, not much to report, other than Yuletide successfully written and uploaded. [livejournal.com profile] remember_wenn is having its first annual fic fest in February and are taking prompts. I've dumped in a whole bunch of prompts.

My weekend

Dec. 6th, 2009 02:14 pm
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So the DC area received its first snowstorm yesterday. A mere dusting by most people's standards, but enough to send most people scurrying. Unfortunately that delayed part of my weekend plans (bookshelves!) for another time.

The delay had one desired effect. I could curl up and watch the SEC title game. Good thing, since Bama came to play! When Saban took the ball with the coin toss, I knew it was going to be one of those games. Hello Mr. Tebow, I'd like to introduce you to a few of my big friends. Greg McElroy played absolutely out of his mind. He's taken a pounding from his critics this year, so it was kinda sweet to see. Mark Ingram is closer to getting Alabama's first Heisman Trophy. With all of our national titles, it's hard to believe we don't have one yet. (Again 1992 flashbacks, we played Miami in the title game against the Heisman Tropy winner, Gino Torretta. There were many signs "Gino Who?" at the game.)

This afternoon my uncle and cousin returned to get all the boxes out of the storage units. They also figured out how to hook up the smaller tv/vcr combination, so I could watch the Redskins against the undefeated New Orleans Saints (those are four words I never thought I'd say -- no offense [livejournal.com profile] majkia). Why do the Redskins always get those teams on their schedule? I have horrible memories of the New England shellacking we received. Worse, I like both Saints and Patriots, so it's not like it's the Giants or Cowboys.
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The carpeters showed up promptly at 9:30am. They were quite agog at all the boxes in the kitchen & bathroom. The new carpet is a biege, only a shade darker than my loveseat, also a different consistency than the previous one. I don't love the new carpet smell though. They moved all the furniture in one room into the other one while they worked. Some of the bookshelves wound up in the hallway because they couldn't fit. They were nice enough to move the big tv for me. Are flatscreens/lcd lighter?

One piece of bad news: Last year in September, we had some water damage in the apartment. We never could find the source or what it damaged. We found it today. One of my smaller window bookshelves has a rotted end. It had clearly come in through one of the corners of my living room. So I have to figure out a way to repair/replace the bookshelf. Another of those times I wish my handyman father was still living nearby, rather than 1000 miles away.

I also think the children's bookshelf is nearing its last days. It wasn't put together well in the first place. I did wind up moving it next to my bed, so it's not quite so hidden behind my dresser. That's me for you -- books before clothes.

The rest is a little like an archaeological expedition. The bathroom is now clear of boxes and bins, so I don't have to navigate a rope bridge to visit the necessary. Or worse, find an outhouse somewhere. Tune in next week to see if Mme. Hilaire Booth finds the lost treasures of the hidden world. Why did the primitives pray to the great god Hamerhill and his assistant Staples? Very exciting.

Boxed in

Nov. 21st, 2009 07:46 pm
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So my uncle and cousin have left for the second time. My kitchen is filled with boxes. The bathroom will be filled with the rest Monday. Despite my cousin getting a horrible case of food poisoning from a local pizza place, we managed to get the bulk of things done. I will be unboxing stuff until well past Judgment Day. Who knows maybe by 2012? I'm utterly exhausted. And the prospect of turning around and then unpacking all that? I don't think the building people realize how much work is involved here. I realize I own a whole ton of stuff, but I can't be the only person in the building with these issues. I wonder how they've managed. I'm just glad they didn't want the furniture moved out too. Then we would have had issues. I will be living out of a suitcase for awhile.

I'm contemplating disappearing to the Panera or Cosi tomorrow. If all else fails I can mooch their internet and follow the Dallas game there. I'll definitely be eating out for the time being, if I can afford it. This is not going to be a fun stretch.
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My family is indeed awesome. After a morning email, the older of my two uncles contacted me and said he'd be happy to help and bring some boxes. Said uncle also brought a bonus in the form of my young cousin willing to help out. He was an utter trooper taking loads of boxes down to storage. Uncle is coming back tomorrow to continue helping out. Now there is still a ton of work to get done in time, but I'm a lot more confident than I was last night. The big shelves are mostly empty. The desktop has even been packed up. Thank god for wireless, so I can have my Internet connection. I may have to rough it for a day with my aunt and uncle if we have to pile all the rest of boxes in the kitchen and bathroom. I'm prepared for that to be honest.

Anyway, I was grateful for the help I received. Sometimes despite my differences with them (and lord knows we're on opposite sides of the political fence), they do come through. Sometimes they don't, but I'm trying to remain in a positive mood here.
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The boxing continues and continues and continues. The bulk of the video tapes are done and I've started on the books, but there's still a chronic shortage of books and space and strength and patience. I am dead tired and even when I'm at full strength I don't know that I'm strong enough to deal with all these boxes. I have four days to somehow "make it work" and not a clue how. I've asked to see if either of my local uncles can help. I hate to be the sterotypical girl who needs a big strong man, but sometimes you have to admit your shortcomings. I've already broke down crying a couple times during this ordeal. Probably will happen more before this is all over.

UPS still can't find my wayward package and the boxes I ordered are way too small. The only boxes I can swing from the grocery store are those stupid egg boxes which get massively heavy from only a small load of books. Hello, not helping! My November is really sucking, y'know?

The only bright side is the appearance of Curbside Cupcakes, a brilliant pink mobile truck of cupcakey goodness. They park around in various parts of downtown DC with an array of cupcakes. I felt quite sacrilegious in preferring their vanilla over chocolate. It's just not me! I also tried their red velvet, which wasn't bad. I'd never tried that flavor before. They vary the locations every day so the best way is to follow their Facebook/Twitter updates or hope they magically appear. The cupcakes are a little pricey and on the small side, but they're a cute little pickmeup in the middle of a really lousy week.

Fifteen minutes until the finale of Project Runway and I could care less who wins this season.
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I should have looked at the calendar day. I would have known that it was going to be this bad. I don't usually take much stock in Friday the 13th, but it's shaping up to be a banner one.

Some of it isn't bad luck unfortunately. This morning I confirmed with the building manager that everything needed to be packed for the carpets. She did manage to get me two storage units downstairs to cover things. Even the large ones are smallish. There are lower and upper units. Unfortunately none of the lower ones were available, so I'd better make those boxes light. So I scrounged around today trying to find padlocks, rather than combination locks. I could barely do combination locks when I was in high school, I can't imagine trying now!

Then I came home to a nightmare situation. I had ordered a pair of New Balance shoes to replace the ones that had fallen apart. They were supposed to arrive today. I was annoyed, so I checked the tracking service. The box did show up. It even says it was left at my front door. That must be a different front door, because it's nowhere in sight. I'm hoping it was misdelivered or something equally innocent. I did have that nearly happen once, but the delivery guy caught it fast. I'm not liking the other alternatives. We did have issues with people stealing packages. I can't check with the manager until Monday.

I'm so f-ing tired of this year. I want it over. I want to start over.


Nov. 8th, 2009 04:26 pm
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Work continues apace. I am certainly learning more than I ever wanted to know about Word and tables and Pubmed and citations.

That's the good news. The bad news is that my apartment building has decided to install new carpet in the apartments. It's mandatory so I can't get out of it. Much as I'd love new carpet, my apartment is nearly wall to wall with bookshelves, furniture and stuff. I don't look forward to getting ready for this at all. Fortunately my building manager is somewhat sympathetic and helping me out with additional storage. I have a couple of weeks to find boxes and get all of it done. It's just... a lot. Who knows? I may look around everything is boxed up and decide I don't need half of it.

Has anyone had carpet installed in a similar situation? I can't get a straight answer about whether I need to box up *all* the books/tapes/etc or just the ones that aren't on shelves.

And oh yes the Redskins lost again. But at least Bama beat LSU. There's something.


Jun. 20th, 2009 02:47 am
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I hate this weather. My apartment becomes unbearable in this humidity. And the dehumidifier doesn't seem to put a dent in it. So I can't sleep. From the looks of the weather forecast, it doesn't look it'll clear out until Monday at the earliest.
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So the inspectors for the county just left. All they needed to do was verify the number of rooms and bathrooms. *breathes a sigh of relief* On the bright side, the apartment is cleaner and less cluttered than it has been in ages. I still need to attack the piles of paper. It's rather disconcerting having things so neat for a change. The bulk of my clothes actually fit in the closets rather than in haphazard piles.

On the minus side, I had a dentist visit this morning. Three fillings! However many hours later, my jaw and tongue now have sensation again. I hate getting numbing injections with a passion, but I hate recovering from them even more. I also didn't work the extra days this week. I was really only annoyed I didn't find out until after I'd come all the way into work, after the nastiest morning thunderstorm I've heard in DC in a long time. We usually get the nighttime ones that spook me. And less than fifteen minutes later, it was gone. Weird!
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Oops, I haven't updated the personal lj in awhile. Not that there's a lot to say. I'm still employed for another two months or thereabouts. I had a surreal lunch hour Friday. First I sat behind a threesome of DC MPD officers in flak jackets. The nosy visiting New Yorker sitting next to me asked who they were, which prompted an interesting discussion of Metro's police force. None too complimentary either. Then I came back to the office to discover Mayor Fenty giving a press conference on the city's disability services dept. I don't know whether they were honoring someone or what. Fenty was pretty unimpressive in person, but maybe it was the hat.

The weather is so typical for DC. We get hit with a massive snowstorm on Monday, but by Saturday the temperatures are hovering around 70. Could we please make up our minds? One of my least favorite memories involved a March snowstorm -- I was a junior bridesmaid in one uncle's wedding. The bride decided to make these pretty little patterned sundresses with virtually no sleeves. To say I froze to death is being kind. The other uncle had his wedding in December and I wore a sensible psuedo velvet dress.

I am on something of a mission to make this apartment livable. I just donated two boxes of books to the library for their book sale. Attendees of the DC WFC may recognize some of those books sadly. I've shifted around some drawers to see if I can find some extra space for clothes, but really I need to dump a bunch of stuff. Much as I love Goodwill, I'm tempted to find a charity that does pickups instead. Any trustworthy places people trust? Living alone and without a car really hampers all my attempts. I have my own self to blame for some of this. That's just fact.

I am on Goodreads and Twitter both as mizzelle. I'll spare you the twitter crossposts. Most of it is comics chatter and the occasional backchatter. Nothing remarkable. If you go by reading habits, you'll probably think I'm the slowest reader on the face of the earth. And maybe you're right.


Oct. 18th, 2008 10:34 pm
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I was nearly awoken by the sound of music. Not the dulcet sounds of the radio, but the blaring of the high school marching band. They were having one last practice session before going off to some competition. I could do without hearing "West Side Story" again.

The cable company is coming tomorrow. My dvr/cable box is doing that weird thing where it freezes and resets completely. It's happen often enough to replace it with a new version. Hopefully that will solve the problem. I will lose whatever I've already recorded on it. I'm thinking certain shows are lost causes for me this year. If I haven't gotten around to watching them, it's probably not going to happen.

So I've been trying to make sense of my closets. I need to go through my pants and dump whatever ones don't fit anymore. I'm really missing my old long closet at my parents' house. Never mind how many clothes it could hold, the number of comics long boxes was just astounding. *grins* Why, yes, I'm a geek, can you tell?

I've also been watching old soap operas. Along with old Another World & Search for Tomorrow, AOL Video has old episodes of the half hour soap Edge of Night. I really wish I'd known about that soap when it was airing. The mystery plots would have appealed to me. It's serving to cleanse the palette of "All My Children", which is rather horrid right now. It is a little disconcerting when I recognize a familiar face. The weirdest is Denny Albee who plays a police detective on Edge. Another World fans might recognize him if his hair was shorter as the smooth and villainous Drew Marsden. Eureka fans would recognize his partner Deborah Saxon aka the delightful Frances Fisher still sporting her short red hair. Could Edge be considered an early AU? Originally it was supposed to be a daytime drama version of "Perry Mason".
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It's 1:30 am and I'm still awake. Blame the apartment. I swear everytime we have a thunderstorm it knocks out the air conditioning. And of course this would be the one weekend when August reasserted itself after those balmy 80 degree days. I only hope the apartment people can do something before Tuesday. Or the weather improves.

Speaking of weather, all my hopes, prayers and best wishes to all my friends in the path of Hurricane Gustav. My old friends in NOLA were already planning to be at Dragon Con this weekend, so this stepped up their plans, especially with relation to their two dogs. I feel better knowing they'll be out of danger.

One piece of good news: the Crimson Tide is back. They trounced the Clemson Tigers who were supposed to be a decent team. *winces* I just checked the schedule. We're up against Tulane next.
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Okay, can we do that night over again?

Newsflash everyone: Yes, DC's summers are hot and sticky and miserable. Why is this a surprise? The air conditioners must know this, because none of them are working this year. The Metro cars were the only ones with real air conditioning. My building doesn't seem to have functioning a/c in this corner either.

The apartment building's a/c broke down. They're rush ordering a part and maybe it'll show up today (*prays and crosses fingers*) or tomorrow. That estimate is far better than the initial week we started out with! I couldn't have survived a week in those conditions. So needless to say, I'm making alternative entertainment plans tonight. The current plan is to flee to Court House for the 7 pm showing of "Iron Man" and put my faith in Tony Stark. (I can't believe I just wrote that. The DC fangirl in me is horrified.)
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The filters are here.

The good news is they fit perfectly.

The bad news is it doesn't solve the problem. It was however massively hot today, so maybe it just can't handle the weather.

*throws up hands*

Can summer be over now?


Jul. 18th, 2008 03:41 pm
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*does a happy little dance around the computer*

The filters have been delivered, according to Track&Confirm.

I can have apartment again!

Ahem. Sorry.

You have your squee. I have mine.
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In the "told you so" side of the column, my dear little dentist found a cavity in one of my molars. I knew something was off about that side, but couldn't pinpoint the location. I certainly could when the cleaning tools hit it. Ow and more ow. He didn't think it was causing all my jaw problems, since it didn't look that bad on the surface, but he's only looking at externals. So I get to have a filling done in a few weeks. He's already warned me to take Advil or Tylenol beforehand since they'll need me to crank my jaw wide open. To someone with my jaw issues, ow, that's like asking someone with limited flexibility to do the splits the first time out! But I'm hoping it solves some of the problems.

If Fedex is right and they're not mocking me, I have a set of new filters on the way for the dehumidifier. (Having read online about the quality of their "Smartpost" service, I'm inclined to believe my initial idea that they're mocking me is not so far-fetched.) Under separate cover, I also have the rest of the threads for my Stitching Olympics projects. So I get to hunt noble linen this weekend.

Job is winding down. We're boxing up the last of the stuff to be scanned and then we box and barcode the rest. How fun.

[livejournal.com profile] ficfinishing is going slowly. I've rethought my entire idea and now it's sprouted a new scene or two. Time to rewatch "Christmas Invasion".
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So the dehumidifier is having issues. I don't know whether it's showing its age or what, but it WON'T SHUT OFF. It starts running the minute I plug it in, even when it's at its lowest setting. Unfortunately it's an old system. I'm not even sure Hampton Bay makes them anymore. This is one of those times I wish my father lived closer. He'd figure it out.

And we haven't even gotten to August yet.


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