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When the weather turns to spring (if ever so briefly) and the boys start playing the national pasttime again. So my default icon is a curly W for my Nationals. Our home opener was a delight. Bryce Harper can hit as many home runs as he likes. If this season is remotely like last year I will be pleased...
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I managed a few photos of Nationals Park, but none of the Stitch N Pitch event. They’re up on my Flickr account, if you’re interested. I will add photos of the hat and my project later.

I attended my second Stitch N Pitch event last night. The Washington Nationals were hosting Baltimore Orioles in the second game of the vaunted “Battle of the Beltway”.We don't want to go to Baltimore! )
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Football has returned. The Washington Redskins played in the extra preseason game known as the Hall of Fame game in Canton, Ohio. It was sweet seeing Art Monk and Darrell Green take their places with the other greats. Coming from behind to win was even sweeter. I know preseason doesn't count for anything, but it's nice to wake up with good things to talk about with the Skins and our three quarterbacks than nothing! I'm a little worried about the run defense, but it is early.

In baseball news, longtime Braves announcer Skip Caray died in his sleep.
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So I've uploaded my batch of Stitch N Pitch photos to Flickr. Some samples (if I've mastered posting photos from Flickr):

Nats Park & the Goodie Bag )
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So now I'm moderately more awake. I did try to take a few pictures, which are here.

We need the comebacks, the rallies... )
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*keels over dead*

14 innings! 14 innings!

Needless to say, the Stitch N Pitch lived up to its hype.

More later after I'm less dead.

Oh, yes, and Go Nats!

And so I don't forget later: Fox Forest. Aren't they cute? I really don't need a new project, but they're foxes! How can I resist? Don't answer that.


Jun. 19th, 2008 10:07 pm
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Sorry, I need to do the baseball dance of joy! I had checked the schedule earlier and it looked like it'd be Millwood vs Mock, but instead the Nationals are starting Tim Redding, one of the bright spots in our rotation. I've been delivered from minor leaguer hell. I'm sure he'll be an okay starter eventually, but Mock's first start was not encouraging. Redding, on the other hand, been pretty solid so far. *crosses finger & raps wood for good measure* Now to make sure I've packed everything I need, since I'm not sure I can make it home and back to Navy Yard after work. Needles, thread, hoop, spare batteries? Oh, yes and my ticket! I'll be the one in the Nats cap. *grins*
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So my first Nationals game is Friday night at Nationals park against the Rangers, also known as the former Washington Senators. (We're preceding it with a short series against the Twins, the other former Senator franchise. Someone had fun with the schedule.) We'll be playing against a former Braves starter Kevin Millwood. I have no clue who the Nationals will be starting. I've been checking the Nats website and it's still TBA on Tuesday. They've been moving pitchers around from DL and minors for weeks now, so it could be a lesser name. I'd love it to be one of the big guns.

Health update: I saw a GP and we had fun drawing blood from me as usual. Not only do I have small veins, I have moving ones. It sounded like a bad horror novel "The Moving Vein". Anyone? They're checking the thyroid among other things. There's part of me that has liked having my 20-something metabolism back (it slowed down considerably post thirty), but I know that's probably not entirely healthy.
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So Sunday afternoon I went to my first needlework class at the Scarlet Thread. I'd wanted to take one, but could never find one in my skill bracket. Then I saw the newsletter about the upcoming biscornu class featuring a pattern inspired by "Take me Out to the Ballgame." What could be better? Combining my love of baseball and a curiosity about putting together biscornu.

What are biscornu? Near as I can figure, the term comes from the French and has various meanings. It's an oddly shaped pin cushion/ornament/fob/doo-dad created by stitching two pieces of fabric together. Instead of getting a square, you get biscornu. There's a great online tutorial translated by [livejournal.com profile] own_two_hands showing all the steps. Being one of those visual types who needs someone to show me how things work (and generally terrified by finishing/sewing techniques), this seemed like an ideal course.

The full piece is shown on the Scarlet Thread website or conversely My Ordinary Needle's blog. The instructor was Donna LeBranche. The kit came with the class and I will start tackling that before I go to the Stitch N Pitch next Friday, if only because the teacher is going, so I can ask tech support questions. She's a big baseball fan of the Red Sox persuasion. She was even interviewed by the Washington Post's Dan Steinberg at last year's Stitch N Pitch event.

Since we wouldn't have time to finish the full biscornu, the teacher created a mini version with "I Heart Baseball" on the top and a diamond eyelet on the bottom. The heart was done in a Rhodes Heart stitch. I'd never done either of the two specialty stitches. I ironically had an easier time with those than the backstitching. Except for the part where I was stitching on the back of my fabric... oops. At least I hadn't done much yet.

Then came the fun of attaching the two pieces of fabric together with a whip stitch. Once you get the hang of it, it's really easy. I can definitely see why you need the squares to be exactly the same. Otherwise, it'll never work out right.

I Rhodes Heart Baseball Biscornu )
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Stitch N Pitch: Needlearts (Crochet, knitting, needlepoint/cross-stitch) events at major and minor league baseball games. The Nationals game is the June 20th game against Texas Rangers, the former Washington Senators.
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"Where is the one place in show business where amateurs aren't out of place?"
"The starting lineup of the Pittsburgh Pirates."
-- "Who's Minding the Asylum" Remember WENN
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but lord has the last week been depressing for this Nationals baseball fan. After winning the first three, we dropped the next five, usually by only a run. Of course some commentator pointed out the last Washington team to win their first three, then lost a record thirteen. Let's hope the slump disappears real soon now?

And the Caps are in the playoffs. They're going to break my heart again. I know this. It's a time honored tradition.
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Baseball is clearly taking the place of football and tennis for stitching time. Nationals are 2-0 for the first time since 2003 as we beat my Mom's Phillies yesterday. We keep it all in the National League in my family. It was rather odd though as an old Braves fan to hear Don Sutton doing color commentary on MASN network's Nationals coverage. Who knows how long this will last, but it's kinda nice to hear good things about Washington sports teams for a change.

So I finished the Ink Circles May 2007 freebie using MLI's Needlepaints 2011/2010/2008. I'm still not sure if I picked the right shades of purple. One shade feels a little off somewhere.

Finished Ink Circles freebie )

Crossposted on [livejournal.com profile] cross_stitch and Blended Leg, my needlework journal.

Play ball!

Mar. 30th, 2008 08:49 pm
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It's that time of year again.

My loyalties are always a little torn in baseball season. I've been a Atlanta Braves fan since the early 1990s because we didn't have a team here in DC. (Baltimore did not count.) Now we do. Unfortunately they're in the same division.

Guess who the Washington Nationals are opening their new stadium against? Yep, my old Atlanta Braves team. Nationals Park looks nice. I should find a good afternoon game to go see. From the sounds of it, the upper deck seats give you some nice views of the US Capitol. Nice change from the upper tier of Redskins stadium where you see the parking garage...
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I requested some icons from my favorite football and baseball teams from [livejournal.com profile] littledupont and they're ready. So if you like the Redskins, Braves, Nationals or University of Alabama, you're in good company. Good thing I still have icon slots. They're taking requests too.
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Actually it's more like 100 and we won't even discuss the heat index involved. I'm planning on staying in for lunch. At least my co-worker is out for the bulk of the week, going to a Beyonce concert. She's usually freezing in this office, so she turns on her space heater! In August! Not what you want to feel blasting when you come into the room.

Last month or so, I was debating whether I'd do my usual birthday visit to Baltimore. But my hotel didn't have any rooms available initially, so I thought "Well, I waited too long, it is August." Yesterday rooms had opened up. So I may be visiting my wacky art deco city by the bay after all.

Barry Bonds whacked home his 756th home run to pass Hank Aaron -- a record I never thought I'd see beaten in my lifetime. I wish it was someone more... likable? I rooted so hard against him when he played for Pittsburgh. Funny thing I root even harder against him now. As I feared, he hit it against the Nationals. On the bright side, the Nats won the game and are now tied for last place with the Marlins, rather than holding the basement by themselves. Maybe things are looking up. And football is returning. It won't be summer forever.
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*whimper, whimper, whimper*

Braves lost. Oh well, baseball season is officially over for me.
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I have to gripe a little. The "pretty in pink" baseball caps for women are not any prettier in person than they look on the website. If I want a Nationals or Braves or *shudders* Yankees cap, by gosh, I want the real colors! Having my heart set on a nice blue with W cap to show my local pride, I set out for thither and yon to P City. Everyone wanted a Nationals cap. The main "Lids" store was pretty crowded, mostly asking about sizing. I found their secondary story upstairs and tried them on again. Two sales ladies nixed the blue one. "You look better in the red". The cap has no hole in the back for a ponytail, but otherwise it fits fine.

Do you know they've discontinued the smaller bags of the most popular flavors of Lindt truffles? The bigger bags sell more. *sighs*

Play ball!

Apr. 14th, 2005 09:58 pm
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The silliest things make me laugh today. Street musicians are a quirky feature of the our dear Metro, from the African-American electric guitarist singing James Taylor to the bagpipe player at Union Station. There used to be a string quartet that played at Crystal City I enjoyed listening to.

Two violinists were playing at the Metro Center stop when I left for home, playing some vaguely familiar classical music. On my way down the escalator, they started up another classic tune. It was perfect for today's pomp and circumstance -- "Take me Out to the Ball Game."

Singing along, I realized that for the first time in my life, I could actually "root root root for the home team". They even won, beating the Diamondbacks!

Now if everything worked out so well...

Red Sox!

Oct. 27th, 2004 11:44 pm
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Yahooooo! The Red Sox sweep the Cards! Bye bye Bambino!

Clearly the stars finally aligned themselves, complete with a lunar eclipse...

Part of me is sad though. I've gotten so much needlework done during the playoffs.


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