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So the snow did appear. It's a slushy slippery mess outside, but it's only an inch, if that. It makes for some nervous moments walking home from the Metro, but otherwise it isn't too bad. What is really worrying is if the temperature drops tonight and it promptly freezes over. That would be bad.

Bad internet news of the day: Yahoo is apparently closing down Delicious, causing much consternation amongst some fandom circles. Some of the bigger communities use Delicious as their archives. Looking at alternatives is a little depressing though. You seem to need to install Google's toolbar to use their bookmarks option. Someone recommended Diigo as an alternative in the comments. You can easily import delicious but it'll take awhile. And I can imagine they're swamped with people with exactly the same idea.
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So I finished going through and reorganizing the del.icio.us bookmarks. My god was there a lot of dead wood in there. It was rather disheartening watching over half of certain fandoms disappear into the Internet ether. Some of the sites might have new links. I haven't had the time to actually hunt those down. All told I wound up with over 800 bookmarks according to the counter. I'm not sure if those numbers include the cross posts. Again if you're curious, I'm over here. To answer everyone's questions a) yes I'm interested in that subject b) these cover several computers and too many years to count.
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I briefly stopped on TNT in the middle of episode of "The Closer" with Kyra Sedgwick. I was just listening along when the guest actress opened her mouth. I went "Wait, that's Marina Sirtis, isn't it?" And sure enough it is. She's playing Iranian wife, so it was hard to tell with the head scarf so tightly around her face.

The bookmarks are dropping like flies. It's rather depressing seeing how many of the fannish sites have disappeared outright, like Buffy and VR5. I haven't even touched the skating ones yet.
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I think I solved the problem with Firefox. I've gotten so used to making do without a mouse on the laptop that I discovered when it was really necessary -- i.e. dragging and dropping. Still a lot of links to go through...
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I had the idea to finally organize my online bookmarks this weekend. I'm pulling together several computers and several browsers, so it isn't nearly as easy as it looks. There's a lot of duplication and deadwood cluttering up the place. I'm not wild about how Firefox organizes things either. I wish I could get it to put all the folders first and then list whatever single links are left, but it doesn't seem to work that way. No matter how I drop or drag or complain, they wind up in between folders. You can sort them however you like in the manage screen, but it reverts back. Is there a bookmarks option I'm not seeing?

The misc, research, and fandom sections really need overhauling, collating and combining. It's almost as bad as looking at my tape collections or file cabinets for seeing how my interests have changed.

I've been setting "Doctor Who" to tape an extra ten minutes, but I should have added the "Pledge drive factor". You know the high probability your program will start half an hour after the plea for the cds/dvds/mugs? So I missed the end of the "Claws of Axos" know as the Lobster Claws of DOOOOOM. Sorry, it's really hard to watch some of these older episodes with a straight face.
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So it snowed last night. Very pretty. It looks like it's mostly done now, but who knows? Maybe I spoke too soon...

I spent most of last night trying to put my bookmarks back together again. Considering the two sets of imported old files, plus the old backup I had from Mozilla, there's a lot to wade through. The tv/movies section is going to take a lonng longg time. It's like visiting the graveyard of my old fandoms and taking a peek at my research interests.


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