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So my biggest needlework project in forever, Ink Circles' "Book of Ink Circles" aka Celtic Mystery SAL aka BoINK, is finished. Since reordering a few colors (and flailing a little over mismatched overdyes), I've been steadily working on it for the last week. Then the Olympics started and I needed something to work on while watching swimming heats, gymnastics, and current favorite volleyball. Fabric is 28 ct Platinum Jobelan and the colors are all Vikki Clayton's Hand Dyed Fibers silks.

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I've been slowly getting back into working on my Book of Ink Circles project. I ran out of several major colors, which slowed me down. After reordering from Vikki Clayton, I've been slowly getting parts done during the hockey playoffs. I'm still not wild about either shades of blue, especially the lighter one. The annoying thing about doing needlework while watching hockey -- I have a tendency to stop to thread a needle and someone scores! They show it again in replays but I miss some of the fun. Not the Capitals aren't bucking to break my heart yet again courtesy of the Floating Aunts of Pittsburgh. I was actually hoping to have a new project for the Stitch & Pitch. But with the closing of Scarlet Thread, I'm not sure what will happen now.

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All the parts of the Book of Ink Circles have been released now. You can see completed versions of the project on the designer Tracy Horner's website, along with downloading all the constituent parts. I have fallen massively behind in my own version. Hopefully I'll get back into it soon.

Probably not this week, unless writing gets finished faster than I anticipated.

Otherwise things have been a little crazy around here. Last week I thought I frelled up my Virginia taxes, only to discover I'd left off the withholding. No wonder the tax people I thought I was trying to gip them. I am still working. As I've joked, Google's online translation page and I will be such good friends after this project that I'll want it to take me out to dinner. Or a movie, I'm not fussy.
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[livejournal.com profile] ficfinishing wasn't quite a success. I did work on the story some, but I haven't finished it yet. Bad me. But I'm more encouraged about the story, so it isn't a total loss.

For the cross stitching fans in the US, the British Cross Stitcher magazine has two "Doctor Who" patterns upcoming. The current issue #202 has a Dalek and the next one features a John Barrowman pattern. [livejournal.com profile] anejo has posted her finished Dalek. The Barrowman pattern is similar to the Tennant one I stitched awhile back.

The Ink Circles mystery has a new part uploaded. This one may take a little longer to complete. I fear I have run out of my favorite green. I'm beginning to think I didn't calculate the amount of silk correctly.

I skimmed through the new Yen Plus magazine. Half of the book is in flipped format and the other half is unflipped. I quite liked Svetlana Chmakova's "Nightschool", but the others really didn't grab me.
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I finished the latest part of the Book of Ink Circles. Maybe it was 4th of July, but I kept quoting a certain sequence in "1776". See if you agree:

We're waiting for the egg to hatch... )

With the Olympics coming, [livejournal.com profile] cross_stitch is starting their Stitching Olympics. Basically you set goals for yourself at various gold/silver/bronze level for different types of projects. If you finish, you win! I'm debating which projects to include. Once I have fabric, I want to do Ink Circles "Quackworth" and I really want to finish my fox tote bag I started years ago. I just can't figure out who to use for the third one. "Garden Verses" is huge. I'd need nearly another four years to finish that one. I need to look through the old projects. I know I'll be visiting Scarlet Thread for one piece of fabric.
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I finished the latest part of Book of Ink Circles and I think Anya has reason to be afraid... very very afraid. Maybe they're to chase the frogs away? Or keep the cats company? Or look cute and furry and menacing?

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I haven't posted my progress on the Ink Circles Mystery SAL this month, so I thought I'd post some update pictures, along with another ongoing WIP.

Ink Circles Celtic Mystery & Mirabilia Garden Verses )

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I've gotten a ton of needlework done. I reinstalled my copy of PCStitch to see if it'd work with my XP machine. For the Stargate fans, I charted the Earth point of origin symbol for cross stitch, small enough for bookmarks.

I have also finished the first two parts of the Ink Circle Celtic Mystery. And I have to say, I'm pretty pleased with how the colors turned out. Every knot, every cat, every border is done. That gives me a few days off before the next part is released. Hopefully I won't see the green or gold anytime soon.

Celtic SAL Update )
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I found a piece of 28 ct Platinum Jobelan at Scarlet Thread in Vienna that worked well with my chosen Celtic Mystery SAL colors. I steadily got started. I've been mostly working on the black borders with a couple of detours with two of green knots. Everything was going so well.

And then I hit another snag along the way. Saturday night I discovered I was off somewhere. I couldn't figure out for the life of me where. Finally I made a plea on the SAL mailing list. The designer is very nice and posted a larger version of the first part. I found my two errors. The major error was on the big square underneath the top green knot. It was missing one stitch which threw everything else off, of course. That involved the heartbreaking frogging of the whole green knot. Thankfully needlework can be redone.

After a morning with the frogs, I was able to close up some sections and complete my first corner motif. I still have to work on the left side some more before the next release. The design goes pretty quickly when things are clicking, even the black border.

I've added a new album to the Scrapbook include my floss toss with the old fabric, my initial progress, and a closeup of Barfy the Cat-Owl.

That requires some explanation. On the mailing list, there's been some discussion on what animal is in that corner motif. Was it a cat? An owl? Some strange mutation thereof? Then came the observation that the cat was puking a rainbow and Barfy (Or maybe Ralph?) was born. (Someone also joked it was the original Lolcat.) My variegated orange thread has made Barfy into a very mottled calico cat, rather than a tabby, kind of orange and brown, although the glowing eyes are rather owlish too. Hence the Cat-Owl, a rare species lost in Celtic times. Or something. The rest of the color scheme with the green and purple is very Mardi Gras-esque, especially once I add the gold interior border. Pretty though.

As usual the camera (or the lighting) sucks majorly so the fabric color is probably not coming off well. I'll have to scan it in sections because it's already too big.

Celtic Mystery SAL )
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We appear to have hit a snag. Or is it a slub? Yesterday I went over to my local needlework store to see if they could match my mystery fabric. I was hoping it'd be a simple painless process. I should have known it wouldn't be nearly that easy. We went through nearly every neutral/beige/off-white fabric sample they had in the store. The closest thing was the Jobelan Lambswool and even that was way off the mark. We know it's a 28 count and we think it's an evenweave. It doesn't have the scratchy feel of a linen, so maybe it has some cotton in it. Maybe it really is like going through piles of old socks for that one off-white pair. This one's too yellow, that's one's not bright enough, that has the wrong consistency... *sighs* So I'm still looking for my dream fabric. I may see if I can visit one of the other stores in the area, either Scarlet Thread in Vienna or In Stitches in Alexandria.
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My first order arrived! I stalked the post office long distance via the tracking info. I was worried it'd get booted over the post office. Long drawn out story, suffice it say my apartment building is having issues. But the infamous white envelope is here. The colors are quite lovely and silky smooth to the touch. I'm a little torn now. The floss of the month included a very very pretty blue and I'm already thinking of replacing the dark blue I chose.

Anyway, here is the floss toss for my Celtic Mystery SAL. I hope the pictures worked out. My digital camera needs replacing.

I'm amazed the fabric color worked out so well. Unfortunately it's a stand-in piece of fabric because it's nowhere near big enough for the project. Going by my measuring tape, it appears to be 28 count. I'll need to go off to the LNS and see if they match this fellow up to its maker. It's not quite matching socks...

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I started that purple Ink Circles freebie in MLI's Needlepaints colors. I'm not wild about how it's turning out. I think either the darkest or lightest shade is off. But I'm over halfway done with that mini-project which is a Good Thing, since I went and bought some Vikki Clayton HDF silks for the Celtic Mystery SAL. I dithered over my choices for the longest time until someone posted their choices. Everyone wanted the bright bright colors and I wanted to pull it back just a little. You can earn points by ordering and participating in her forums and suddenly you'll have enough for something else. It's an icy treacherous slippery slope I walk on, because all of her colors are so lovely. But I can stop anytime, really. (In the immortal words of Miss Betty Roberts of Elkhart, Indiana -- "I admit it! I'm an addicted... addict!") They should be here any day now. I just have to lie in wait for the mailperson and find an appropriate fabric.
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So the cross stitch bug is back.

Or I have to assume so, if I'm thinking seriously about starting a new project.

I was looking at Ink Circles' new Celtic Mystery Stitchalong. A Mystery is where there's a piece of the project revealed each month. This one looks like a Celtic parchment. Loving all things Celtic, I went "Oooh, I could do that!" until I looked at the dimensions of the full piece and boggled a little. But I saved the first pdf for future reference. You never know. I'll need to do a bit of thinking for colors/fabric anyway.

Maybe I'll start a little smaller with one of their other complimentary charts. I'm eyeing the purple one for May, especially since I might have all the supplies I'd need. The only minus of this designer is they work in generalities. They feel you should be free to pick out your own colorways, rather than be hidebound by what has worked in a precise design. And while that's lovely in theory, some of us are better off letting others choose colors. Ooh, they have blackwork too...

ETA: There are a pair of color packs, both a "Rainbow Brite" and the more muted colorway chosen by the designer. I know the colors in Celtic artwork are bright, but not that bright!


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