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Hello everybody. Isn't it a fine day? *growls* All right, enough of my Tracy Lord impersonation...

I am home! Yes, I traveled down to Florida for the holidays. It was warm for the first day and then the cold front showed up with vengeance, just as everyone else in the Northeast was buried in snow. I'm glad I prepared for a variety of weather possibilities. DC seems to have completely missed that boat, which is pretty typical for this area. I'm just glad I didn't have to fly a day earlier or later. As it was, we were delayed an hour and a half in Melbourne because they didn't have a de-icer. That cut squarely into my layover time Atlanta, so I had to make a mad dash for the Hartsfield former cylon train and hope I could get to my terminal in time -- no mean feat. At least I'm home safely. I'm slowly trying to catch up on LJ/etc. I had very little proper computer access over the holidays; I mostly made do with my phone, which is fine for twitter, but not great for anything else.

This was a quiet Christmas for my family. We're still in doctors and recovery mode to a degree. I'm a little depressed to see my father -- so vibrant and intelligent and barely able to move or concentrate for long periods.

Discovered my parents adore Top Gear (not surprising given my father's love of cars) and HGTV and several antique/pawn shop related shows. Ironically one show we found on HGTV was on this year's White House Christmas decorations -- would have loved to see that *before* I went on the tour so I'd know the significance or notice particular things.

Still need to find time to watch the Doctor Who special. I have stayed surprisingly unspoiled.
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One of the things I've loved about my trips down to Florida for the holidays have been our quirky side trips. So this year when my parents were casting around for ideas, I suggested St. Augustine. I'd read [livejournal.com profile] jordannamorgan's regular accounts of visiting it, so I was intrigued enough to see it for myself.

Walking around the Ancient City )


Dec. 27th, 2008 04:50 pm
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So after a week in sunny warm central Florida, I returned home to DC. The trip was mind boggingly problem-free. There was nearly no line to check a bag, go through security and catch a taxi home. And my bag was the second one off the baggage claim. It's like someone said "Let's go easy on her this once". Considering how bleah the Christmas turned out, it was nice. I had a good time and I enjoyed seeing my parents, but I'm glad to be home with my bed and my computer and my schedule. I came down with something over Christmas, but I'm mostly feeling better, except for the right leg that's giving me issues off and on.

After I came home, I splurged on some books at my sad and depressing little BDaltons and had a late lunch at Noodles and Company. There won't be many more occasions to do this. They're finally giving up the ghost and closing down. Once that store goes, I'll have to go over to Clarendon for books. Even stalwart local Olssons has closed down as well.
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The weather has turned even warmer and muggier here in Florida. My allergies are not liking this development. My throat woke up feeling like it was being strangled.

We had Christmas Eve dinner out at a local restaurant. We were seated next to a large family gathering which got very loud and boisterous. I think I'm developing my father's sensitivity to sound, less in the ears and more in the making my head hurt. It's hard to hear yourself think in that din.

Otherwise it's been a fairly uneventful trip thus far. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all on my list.
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So I am in Florida for the Christmas holidays. The plane trip was surprisingly uneventful, considering the horror stories I kept hearing. I landed in concourse A and took the train over to concourse. Of course they changed our gate number later. We only left about forty-five minutes late, but again not bad, at least we got there, unlike some of the people stuck in Chicago.

The weather varies between balmy and cloudy. The sun couldn't decide whether it wanted to come out today. But it's a welcome change from DC hovering in the early 40s.

Today was mostly shopping at the local mall. One of the stores was in the Christmas spirit. Instead of calling for a particular salesperson, they apparently had codenames. So we heard "Prancer and Vixen to the customer service counter..." (For some reason it makes me think of Hilary and Jeff in "Christmas in the Airwaves":

Hilary: "Oh, Jeffrey!--why every Christmas do you start acting like Santa's reindeer?"
Jeffrey {puzzled}: "Reindeer? Ah, what--like Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen?"
Hilary: "Yes. You start dashing out with some dancer and prancing around town, you vixen."

Probably not the image the store was going for...
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So tomorrow I leave for my annual trek to Florida for Christmas. I get the joy of flying through Southern Cylon HQ aka Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta. A long time ago and many Dragon Cons ago, I flew down to Atlanta and missed my flight home. But I have fond memories of the tram with the glowing red LCD that looked like the Cylon Centurions. I'm not wild about changing planes there, but maybe it'll be better than O'Hare?

At least I'll get a short break before I have to deal with work stuff.

Is it 2008 yet?
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The Teaching Company has two complimentary lectures both on celebrating Christmas in the 19th century. Unlike the Halloween one, these don't appear to be taken from an existing course. They're both available until the end of January, either as MP3 or streaming.
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Well, it wouldn't be Christmas without some excitement.

The weather front with all those rain and tornadoes blew through here. Fortunately we appear to have missed the worst of it. Some of the other Florida counties were not so lucky. My parents have a skylight and the rain against that makes a horrible racket. And I was only here for a mild storm by Florida standards. Tomorrow it'll cool down right as I'm leaving. Hopefully the rain will clear out of D.C.

The Christmas loot was the usual variety of clothes. I miss the fun gifts. Christmas has lost a lot of spontaneity, especially now that I ask what they want ahead of time. I managed to score "Bones" and "Supernatural" season dvds courtesy of Circuit City's little sale, so all is not completely lost. I suspect my Dell DJ is going to acquire more classic rock in the near future.

Hope everyone had a safe and pleasant holidays.
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I do always seem to have interesting cultural excursions when I visit my parents. This year we went down to West Palm Beach to the Norton Museum for an exhibition on Impressionists from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. I must still be an old fogey when it comes to art. Like the Philadelphia trip, I found myself not liking the modern art parts of the museum that much. They do have a relatively nice Chinese and older European collection upstairs.

Tomorrow will be Christmas Eve football. I'll probably be stuck with whatever Florida team they're showing, but my heart will be at Fedex Field.
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So I'm in Florida. The temperatures are only in the 60s. Since I left Virginia hovering around the freezing mark, I'll take what I can get. The flight was fairly uneventful. No screaming banshees behind me this time around.

I had dinner at Legal Sea Food at the airport. The security gate was right there, so I could get in line afterwards. Next door the Olssons book store was having a signing by Eleanor Herman, author of Sex with Kings. She dresses up for all of her signings, so she was in a beautiful red 16th century gown with a gliterring snood. Absolutely stunning dress.
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And lo and behold cries rang out throughout the DC Metro area - "We want Dallas". Sometimes Sundays are just lovely to behold. I couldn't have asked for a better game, unless there was a shutout to boot.

Speaking of the boot, the aircast is officially gone. I'm wearing the lighter shoe now and will switch completely to two sneakers next week. I still think my toes are going to freeze in this thing. As long as it doesn't snow or rain...

I leave for my annual holiday pilgrimmage to Florida on Wednesday night and will return Monday. I'll have occasional access to my email and LJ, but not in the "Did someone update?" way I normally am.

Wanted to show off one of the two new icons. [livejournal.com profile] glimglamoury has done several lovely sets of icons based on BPAL (Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs) fragrances. I think she's taking requests if you have a particular fragrance you like.
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"The party has started over in Legal..." I feel like "Desk Set" with the rolling holiday parties around here. Every other day I'm getting emails about some division's party. I need to have my holiday viewing of "Desk Set" at some point. It's a tradition, not quite of the Snoopy dance variety, but a small tradition nonetheless. My division had their party today. I nearly forgot all about it, but my boss came to whisk me away. Since my desk is elsewhere, I've been rather isolated from the rest of the group, so it was good to meet everyone. I also discovered my work has yielded results. Someone actually checked out one of the tapes I catalogued. That improved my mood considerably.

I'll use my brand new fox icon in the hopes of warding off the snow we're supposed to get tomorrow/Friday. We seem to be back to our Thursday weather patterns.
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I didn't take any pictures this year in Florida. I really need to finish off some of my old throwaway cameras and get them developed. While there, though, my parents took me by this place, although never at night. Someone had literally redone his entire house and lawn as a gingerbread house.

The Gingerbread House )


Dec. 22nd, 2004 11:28 am
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I'm here in Central Florida visiting my parents for the holidays. I've gone from the highs in the 20s to highs in the 60s/70s, so it feels like heaven. The humidity doesn't, but at least it's moderate.

Getting to Dulles and going through security was far easier than establishing exactly where my flight was leaving from. The express bus from Rosslyn worked out great. There were two Orlando flights from Independence Air and one left from one gate and one left from another. So there was a lot of confusion from my flight about the second one. To add to that, we ran about an hour late, so the second later flight actually arrived in Orlando before we did. The flight was fine, except for a screaming child. He wailed the entire way, much to everyone's annoyance. Some other parents or guardian had one of those singing Elmo dolls for her child. Thankfully the doll only played at the airport and not on the flight.
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My weather jinx followed me this afternoon when I headed to Dunn Loring. I literally had been there only a few minutes when the dark skies descended on the area and we started having thunderstorms, complete with some charming cracks and booms. Then the temperature dropped twenty degrees and the moisture was now snow. Fittingly, I was over at [livejournal.com profile] ladyofchulak's place for Yule celebration with [livejournal.com profile] whytcrow and [livejournal.com profile] ariadnesthread. At least it made our requests to welcome the snow and ice more than just mere words. The ritual was quite lovely actually. [livejournal.com profile] boffo9 and his son enacted the duel of the Holly and Oak kings with sticks in fine fashion. I liked the tradition of going around the fire with your toasts for the coming year and the tributes to our ancestors.

I thought I'd feel less than comfortable in that surrounding. It isn't a pagan thing. It's a religious thing in general. As I mentioned at the CVS meeting, I wasn't raised in any particular religion. We went to church for weddings mostly. I still recall when my cousin was baptized in a Catholic church to the dismay of my grandmother and I didn't know the words of the Lord's Prayer. I just don't. I felt as horrified as that would-be US citizen in Helene Hanff's "Q's Legacy" who didn't know the Pledge of Allegiance. I never learned it properly. I can't mumble and come in real strong on the final lines or anything.
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Friday consisted of the traditional post-Christmas shopping. I won't bore you with my experiences at the local malls, other than to say "Yay" to boring electronics stores. Sometimes they work out better than the trendy ones with the cooler stuff.

I left for home early this morning, just as a cold snap was coming in to Florida. It seemed like Mother Nature was sending me a distinct message to return home where I expected it to be cold. I know it gets cold in Florida, but the palm trees were still messing with my head. Palm trees lit with Christmas lights were messing with my head even more so. It's one of those things your parents tell you about but you don't believe until you actually see with your own eyes.

Flight to Charlotte was uneventful. The security at Orlando looked like a disaster but the lines moved pretty well. I wound up next door to my connecting gate so I didn't have to hightail halfway across Charlotte airport. Odd thing, they didn't require photo id to board that flight, which was unusual, especially for a DC bound flight. After a long wait at baggage claim and short taxi ride down the GW Parkway, I'm home. The more I visit other places the more I appreciate what I have here. For all of its faults, it's still home.

Now comes the recovery period...


Dec. 25th, 2002 10:17 am
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I made it safely to Florida late last night. I was having my doubts after I spotted the sleet changing over to snow just before I left for the airport. Given all the horror stories I had heard about security, I was prepared for the worst. National Airport hasn't started enforcing the boarding passes at checkpoints yet so I was able to check my bag at curbside and go straight to the gate. The snow never accumulated into anything more than a light dusting. The weather delayed us a bit getting out DC because they deiced the plane, which I was grateful for. I was sitting on the wing so I could see the snow and ice on the wings. The flight attendants attempted to lighten our mood by threatening to make us sing. They apparently decided this wasn't a good idea. We had an equally nervous moment when our captain announced that we were further delayed by a storm in Orlando which closed down the airport temporarily. Finally we arrived to discover a "light rain" falling. Right. Half of the airport parking garages had large puddles of standing water from that light rain.

Christmas involved the traditional opening presents after breakfast. Usual assortment of useful and oddments, including Dumbledore's favorite gift of socks. One can never have too many after all.

It's still strange to be in a house where I'm cooled by ceiling fans not heaters. And everyone is in short sleeves still. But I guess it's better than being six feet under by snow and ice.

Merry Christmas one and all.

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The search for Ivy the Tysons reindeer is over. An anonymous caller tipped off police where she had been stashed behind a local high school. The balloon appears a little tattered in places but they'll inspect Ivy before she returns to her Route 7 perch. For a picture of the balloon, see the WRC 4 article.
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Someone stole one of the Tysons Corner reindeer balloons that sit on the entrance marquees. Their names are Irving and Ivy. The thief stole Ivy from the Route 7 entrance, cutting power and scaling the hedges apparently. Even the cable for Irving was cut suggesting he was supposed to be taken too. Is no Christmas tradition sacred?




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