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Wonder Woman!: The Untold Story of American Superheroines: Documentary on Wonder Woman that just aired on PBS' "Independent Lens". Some of it is on Wonder Woman's history and others are more on feminism and how women are portrayed.

For the BBC Sherlock fans, Diane Duane wrote up a lengthy tumblr post on Dr. Watson's CV and what it tells us (or doesn't)
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[livejournal.com profile] neadods has been asking about podcasts lately.

I don't listen to that many. The large bulk of mine are old time radio oriented. I had to go digging yesterday to find the superheroes one for my Green Hornet fix.

I've also listened to some of Pendant Audio fan programs, particularly the Champion of Themiscyra one. They're in the middle of their latest crossover bonanza. Some of the voices flat out don't work for me. Some do.

I've listened to a couple of the comics ones, Word Balloon or FanboyRadio, if the author/artist being interviewed interests me.

In my more recent interests, I've listened to Behind the Black Mask's author interviews. They have a second podcast called "Out of the Past" reviewing films, some classic and some modern.

Crimewav: Relatively new podcast of short crime fiction. Two of the authors with stories are Vicki Hendricks and Christa Faust. All we need is Megan Abbott for the trifecta of female noir writers... (Not remotely family friendly readings I might add, if that bothers you.)
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So both my teams won this week. Bama blew out the Vols and the Skins held on for dear life against the Cardinals. We always used to have close games with them when they were still in the division. Next week is the juggernaut New England. Do not want!

I swung by the local library to return Connie Willis' "D.A" (short, unsubstantial, and disappointing) and discovered they've started a regular Graphic Novels section. They've had a comics/manga section in the Young Adult section with your Naruto and Spiderman and Xmen. The new section is small enough it's still shelved with the new books, but I brought home Will Eisner's "Best of Spirit" collection and I saw Fables and Meltzer JLA and the Complete Peanuts. I'm not sure what prompted this change, but we must encourage it, especially I see more DC represented.

Dinner with [livejournal.com profile] confettiofstars chatting about everything and anything as usual. I now am the proud owner of a Ra-Heru-akhety statue. He's guarding my desktop. Maybe he can give me guidance over the monitor.

Yes, I'm having desktop issues again, the same ones I had before. For some reason, the monitor cable keeps coming loose. I can be working on perfectly and it'll be sitting for awhile and suddenly poof, no monitor. I've restarted it twice now. I'm going to hunt the Dell site and see if they sell a monitor cable. Or would they be a simple Best Buy visit? (It's a flat screen if that helps/hurts.) I really don't want to replace the monitor again.
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Baltimore trip day 1 )
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Um, if the cover is any indication, I'll be quite happy with the "Serenity" graphic novel. Of course, comics are notorious for using one cover artist and a different interior one. According to Newsarama here, Dark Horse is publishing a three issue prequel, with the first issue out in July.
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Frank Kelly Freas, the SF/Fantasy illustrator, is dead. He did artwork for everything from pinups to Skylab to Queen album covers.

Almost on his heels, Will Eisner is dead, after recovering from quadruple bypass surgery. Neil Gaiman has a lovely memorial in his journal.
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"Birth of the Comic Book": NPR's "Talk of the Nation" interviews Gerard Jones, author of Men of Tomorrow, on the early history of comic books.

"Beowulf Writers and Dante Writers": Neal Stephenson answers questions on Slashdot about the respect accorded genre writers on question #2.

And for manga fans: there's an interesting survey on the Viz site.


Jul. 3rd, 2004 09:29 pm
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As expected, Free Comic Day was something of a bust. Hole in the Wall did not get the Del Rey manga sampler, but then, they sell very little manga anyway. None of the other titles really appealed to me. So I just picked up my usual batch, including the "Global Frequency" trade I ordered. I had some ice cream at the Stacey's Coffee parlor, the former Caffeine, now with wireless access. CD Cellar appears to have taken over part of the upstairs from the looks of it.

Then I came home to go see "Spider-man 2" with [livejournal.com profile] whytcrow and [livejournal.com profile] boffo9. Much fun was had by all. No spoilers, except I'll have a certain damn theme song stuck in my brain for the next month! They also dropped by the apartment to acquire the computer monitor, so now I have space on my floor where there wasn't before.

I will be spending my 4th with the family in Warrenton. Hopefully that will not be an ordeal.


Jul. 2nd, 2004 01:43 pm
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Something clearly disagreed with me last night, because I woke with a charming case of the runs. And I was being good and drinking water last night!

Free Comic Book Day is tomorrow. Nothing really stands out for me as a "must pick up" this time. Besides the regular publishers, Del Rey is supposedly doing a "Sneaks" book for Negima and xxxHolic. I picked up the second volume of xxxHolic today, which crosses over with Tsubasa. The part I read over lunch focused on alternate worlds, reminding me vaguely of the "confusing" old days of DC Comics.

No job news to speak of, alas. I hope we haven't hit another drought for library work.


Aug. 18th, 2003 10:41 am
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If anyone is vaguely interested, I created a new community [livejournal.com profile] 1602 for Neil Gaiman's mini-series for Marvel. I still need to create a icon for the community and write the official welcome type message, but it is open for members. Without spoilers, this series is a wower on many levels. Lots of little Easter eggs if you know the Marvelverse. Also very appealing to my inner Elizabethan. (The one that needed a database just to keep track of which Elizabethan books and mysteries she had found over the years...)
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(I would *love* an icon from "Go Dog Go" with that caption. I'm just silly that way.)

So it's the first weekend in May when the mind turns to grandiose hats, mint juleps and thoroughbreds bottling thunder in their legs... when everyone suddenly starts worrying about bleeders and blinkers and Charlsie Canty never picks a horse...yes, I'm a Triple Crown watcher, why do you ask?

I went to see X2 last night with my writing fans. I'm glad I bought tickets online ahead of time, because all of the showings for that theater had sold out by 4pm! In deference for a certain friend who won't see it until Monday, so no spoilers, except that X2 was much better than the first movie in some respects. For the comics fans, though, the ending will make you wish for the *next* sequel.

I spent most of the day in Falls Church, visiting Hole in the Wall for Free Comics Day, with followup of ice cream at Caffeine. "Free Comics Day" seemed slightly a misnomer, since the only freebies were the ones on display, but still a nice idea. I didn't appear to have been the only one taking advantage of the chance. Or even the only one who had seen X2 and wanted to see the comic versions. That will either utterly confuse them or bring them back for more.
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The hills are alive with shamrocks and Irish music. The local mall is hosting their Shamrock festival closing off one corner of the neighborhood. Judging by the beads and ugly hats, though, I keep thinking it's a green Mardi Gras instead. Real fun being one of normal pedastrians just trying to get *around* the party, of course. At least the weather is absolutely gorgeous! You'd never know several weeks ago we were groaning about the snow. Everyone is walking around in short sleeves.

Also discovered that the local BDaltons has a *strange* sense of displaying books. Noting the Sci Fi Channel's adaptations of the "Dune" books, I looked for the original book of the series on the shelf. They had most of the others, but not the original. That seemed strange so I asked one of the shelvers. Fortunately I found the SF person in the store. He led me straight to a book dump of the three books being adapted, hidden in an odd corner at the *other* entrance to the store which would actually be blocked from view through the windows by the other displays. Even he seemed to think that was a strange place to put the dump. One of the things I learned at my short stay at Borders was you *always* leave a book in the section, because some people do not see displays.

I also found the second Ruse graphic novel collection in a display at the front of the main store entrance I hadn't noticed coming into the store. I hadn't mentioned discovering this in a previous entry, but Ruse is published by CrossGen Comics and basically a Sherlock Holmesian style series with some supernatural/super-powers thrown in for good nature. The series only seems tangentially associated with the rest of the CrossGen universe which is one of those complex shared comics universes that I either love or hate.

Jasper Fforde's second Thursday Next book comes out at the end of the month. I'm rereading "Eyre Affair". Bizarre universe with lots of literary references.
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I am a comic book girl. I admit it. There is no shame. I was usually the lone girl visiting the comic shops or conventions. I remember certain high school friends who thought I was "cool" because I had a running subscription to Comic Buyers Guide, including the occasional enclosed posters.

I was predominantly a DC Comics fan. Wonder Woman was my heroine and Legion of the Super Heroes arguably my favorite comic group. Crisis on Infinite Earths kinda ruined some of the magic. In their attempt to gel the different versions of the super-heroes, they lost the intriguing stories. Supergirl died heroically. Huntress, the daughter of Batman and Catwoman, was suddenly a non-existant heroine without a home. Infinity Inc, children of Earth 2, struggled to regain its pre-Crisis interest.

So I wasn't a big Marvel fan. A few years ago, when I was taking a web design institute at George Washington University, my Flash instructor helped created the Stan Lee Media site, a highly graphical site with Flash animated comics and some other "cool" features. I also loved the "Make your own comic book" creator, where you could pick the background, props, hero stances, and even dialogue. I really enjoyed following "The 7th Portal" series.

Stan Lee Media seems to have gone the way most dot.coms have gone lately... into bankruptcy. However, I discovered for my fun and amusement, some has put together a site with all the 7th Portal episodes for download and viewing.



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