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Has anyone installed Office 2007 in Vista? I was having issues with a security update so Microsoft suggested I reinstall Word. Okay, fine, I found the dvd and tried to reinstall it today, figuring it'd be a simple fix. But setup.exe keeps crashing on every attempt. From what I've read it's some sort of Data Exception Protection issue with Vista, but I can't get around it. Suggestions?
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DC is looking to the skies anxiously tonight. We're supposed to get a ton of snow tomorrow through Saturday. I went ahead and did a grocery run on Thursday for necessaries. Work has shortened my little return assignment sadly with the possibility of coming back sometime next week.

That sums up the bad news. The good news is several fold: The foot doctor says I can switch over to two shoes, if I take it easy and do some calf stretches. I seem to have solved the computer issues last night with Windows Update & Chkdsk utility. One of those things did the trick, because I'm back to my usual browsing and writing and working. Safe mode was going to drive me nuts especially not having sound. Taxes are done and refunds are coming my way.

Curious news (if you know me -- I do not take after my namesake Ms Child): I have attempted boiling red potatoes and haven't killed myself that I can tell...

And the sad news today: Days of Our Lives' great matriarch Frances Reid died at the age of 95. She played the serene Alice Horton, everyone's favorite grandmother. I watched Days back in college. I remember when MacDonald Carey died in 1994 and they took out the second half of the credits. Only he could say "Like sands through the hourglass..." And I was reminded of Douglass Watson's death in 1989. He was already gone by the time I started watching AW so seeing the SoapNet reruns was like a revelation. And I remember what a hammer hearing him toast Thanksgiving in that 1988 rerun saying "I give you life!" knowing he'd be gone all too soon. We joke so often about death in soaps, but this... *cries*
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I've been having my share of computer problems this month. My desktop needs more memory like whoa, so it barely runs anything right now. At first I thought my laptop problems were limited to needing a new a/c adapter, because of all the error messages I was getting when it was plugged in. And then Saturday in the middle of a mindless chocolate making game, the computer froze and crashed spectacularly. It splits between two stages. I can either get it to work in safe mode and *only* safe mode. I pulled off all my documents but not music or pictures. Or it can't find the hard drive at all and suggests I "reseat it". Has it become loose or something?

Needless to say, I'm utterly terrified. Software I can troubleshoot, hardware is another story.
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Found the mp3 cables. Still haven't figured out where I stashed the printer paper.

Found the ethernet cable I was missing from the desktop. Located the silly network connection -- plugged everything in and voila we have achieved main internet connection for the poor desktop. Poor desktop still needs memory like whoa and thinks I'm a crazy woman for trying to run several updates at once. Not my fault you've been shut down for several weeks.

My entertainment center seems to confuse even the Comcast support person. The earliest they can send someone out is Tuesday which is the day before I leave for Florida. I think I'd rather wait until after I come home, if I can't figure it out myself before then.
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So to update my life:

The temp assignment ended on Friday with a bit of a whimper. The holiday party was on Thursday, so the bulk of the staff didn't bother coming in on Friday, so it was just the boss and me. That worked out well for a slow and leisurely day. During the day I learned about the impending snowstorm. So I trudged to the local store on the way home to load up on the essentials. Note to people in store: saving a place for someone in line is all nice and stuff, but when they bring in a massive cart of stuff? Don't expect the people behind you to be all friendly-like.

The snows are quite impressive. The white stuff has filled up the entirety of my non-balcony outside which makes for a scary sight. No power outages, thankfully. Hopefully all the roads and airports will be cleared in a few days when I disappear from DC for a week. Going from 30s to 60s/70s is going to be so much fun this year.

I spent some of the time emptying and deleting boxes, so I can return my apartment to some form of sanity. New bookshelves will just have to wait for the New Year, if at all. The amusing thing is I decided to try switching around some of the contents of said bookshelves to see if they'd fit better. So my skating shelf has been moved to a new location and I get to look at my writing and miscellaneous books from my bedside. [livejournal.com profile] suricattus gets good company with Nick Bantock & Jasper Fforde.

The only snag in all of this is on the technological front. I put together the computer, only to lack an internet connection. I have a cable internet/router combination. I think I have the correct ethernet/modem cables I just can't figure what goes where. And my entertainment unit is *still* in shambles. I really should have written down instructions for that. For a self-proclaimed geek, dvd/vcr hookups are strange and mysterious things. Plus finding the paper for the printer and the mp3 player cables...

Writing wise, not much to report, other than Yuletide successfully written and uploaded. [livejournal.com profile] remember_wenn is having its first annual fic fest in February and are taking prompts. I've dumped in a whole bunch of prompts.
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So I had an interview this morning at one of my previous assignments. None of the people were the same, so no one remembered me. The place was completely the same. As was the job. We'll see how that goes.

I have a couple of computer-related questions:

1. How hard is it to install more memory (i.e. RAM) in a desktop? The hard drive space is fine, but my Dell desktop is really disliking having even two programs open at the same time. Last night I tried to print three documents and I had to get all the system updates out of the way before it'd even *let* me try.

2. So I have wireless router all connected and working. Is there a way to connect the laptop to the printer or do I need one of those wireless printers? I'd love to avoid last night's disaster if I can help.


Oct. 10th, 2008 12:35 pm
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The new Dell laptop is here. He is a matte finished ruby red Inspiron and so far the learning curve isn't quite as steep as I expected. Occasionally I need to hunt to figure out where Vista has hid things, like downloads, but otherwise it isn't too bad. Because the router was all set up (yes, it's locked down), all I had to do was use my password to access wireless. I still haven't gotten used to the Mac-like desktop with the big buttons on the desktop.

But I have Firefox installed and Rough Draft 3 appears to work in Vista, so we're all go for Nano in November. I've also reclaimed my ljlogin plugin, which is a nice godsend, unless you have to upload anything to scrapbook.

I had an interview yesterday in Chevy Chase for a potentially long term assignment. I'm still waiting to hear how that went. Then tomorrow I head off to the City of Brotherly Love for a vacation with my parents. (It's also a scouting/research trip for the upcoming Nano, but don't tell them that.)
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On the bright side, I have the data from my laptop now. On the minus side, I had to burn nearly an entire day in Alexandria waiting around for it to be finished, but it's done. They also bought the laptop off me, so I don't have to figure out how to recycle it.

Bright shiny new laptop should be here after Columbus Day. I went for the laptop equivalent of the midlife crisis -- ruby red with a hatch. *grins*
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*plays Taps*

The Dell laptop has a defective motherboard. As a five year laptop, it's simply not cost effective to fix him, so tech support will be getting back my data (all my writing files! *wails*) and I will go laptop shopping. Oye. Not what I wanted to do this year at all.

Can someone wake me when it's 2009? That has to be a better year.


Sep. 27th, 2008 06:07 pm
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Local tech support have taken away the laptop. I should know Monday or Tuesday what they'll need to do to fix him. So far it's looking like a tossup between a jack or motherboard issue. I'm hoping for the one. Apparently one of the usb ports was messed up too. I'd had issues with it, but I hadn't realized it was because the port itself was the issue.

Off to have dinner and kill some time before the Bama-Georgia game.
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The job is a job. Thank god it's short term.

The new laptop battery is here. To borrow a Tim Gunn expression, I'm concerned. Occasionally there will be LED light blink, but mostly everything looks dark. Is there anyway to tell if it's the a/c adapter that's gone? I don't have a spare one around, aside from the ancient Toshiba one and I'd be frankly scared to hook that up into the relatively newer Dell. Should I be? I'm hoping that all it needs is a new juice maker and not a fried motherboard. I haven't had a chance to back up all those files yet. I don't want to send him off to Dell and have nothing left!

*pats pats* I'm okay, really.


Sep. 20th, 2008 01:39 pm
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We have Internet again.

Apparently someone at Comcast swapped out my cable modem and router, so my base Internet wasn't in the system anymore. So after jiggering stuff from their end, everything finally worked. Thank god. Now I can curl up with the laptop on the couch and catch up on the friendslist.

My desktop however is extremely slow. Can anyone recommend a good virus/spyware checker? Adware/Spybot only seems to find miscellaneous cookies. McAfee is such a memory hog. Or can someone suggest ways to see what is running in memory? Because something is slowing everything down.
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Still logging in from the library. Comcast rescheduled the appointment for tomorrow, instead of Sunday. Apparently I'm not the only one in this building with connection problems. So maybe this will get solved. Maybe. All I know is I want my regular Internet connection back!
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So I had broken down and called Comcast about installing a wireless router. The tech support person showed up this morning. We had some brief problems where the desktop couldn't connect, but the laptop could, but he finally solved it. We thought everything was fine and he left. I sat down with my bright shiny Internet to tell everyone the good news and suddenly I had a new screen "Welcome to Comcast High Speed Internet!" on both computers. Bwaha? I've been with you folks for several years ago. What's this welcome business? I tried getting their installation package. So I went back on the phone. For some reason, the phone tech support seemed to think I *was* a new customer and needed several explanations to understand that all we added was the router. So a new support person is coming... on Sunday. That's right I will be without the internet for five days for no fault of my own. To say I am ticked off is being kind. I tried to remind myself that it isn't the tech dweeb's fault, but I would think with something like this, they'd find a way to resend the same support guy and resolve the problem! But that's logic.

So I may be periodically popping into the library. This may work to my advantage. The apartment needs cleaning. But I can't access anything else either. Not easily. *clings to my time wasting-problem solving Internets*
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New monitor from Dell arrived yesterday. It's another 15" flat screen, but appears to be a different model from the one that broke twice. Now everything is hooked up and lovely. Gosh, I can actually sit down and read email or LJ without fearing the connection would disappear. This is a Good Thing.

Now if we can work on that pesky Job thing.
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I finally called up Dell about my monitor situation. As usual, I felt like I was repeating myself and playing charades explaining the problem. We swapped power cords, we sang Kumbaya, we did everything short of offering it up to whatever Indian god he preferred. Maybe that would have worked. So I had to buy a new one. They tried to get me to buy a larger monitor, but my deskspace probably couldn't handle anything much bigger. The old one is being recycled. I can't return it to Dell apparently because it's of no use to them. *shakes head*

Dear tech support: You do not need to make the customer feel like they know nothing about computers. If they tell you, they've seen this before and they've tried nearly everything, you should listen, yes?

But at least sometime next week I might actually have a computer that works regularly. Yay me!


Jan. 9th, 2008 02:27 pm
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So I came to the library to look at their resume writing books. My resume needs a massive overhaul to reflect more of my strengths. Their wireless connection is a little spotty. I'm beginning to wonder if it's my wireless card. How do I find out what type of card was installed in my laptop? It's several years old, so I'm suspecting the wireless world has surpassed my poor old Dell. Meanwhile I need to call their tech support about the monitor. It's the power cable. For some reason, it can't seem to stay connected for too long. One minute it'll be working fine and next it'll be blinking at me.

And I want to randomly strangle the web designer for a fashion designer's site. Forms should not be the only way to contact someone -- an actual email address would be nice! Right now, the form doesn't think there's an internet connection, even though there clearly is. Never mind they probably won't answer a peon like me, but when in doubt, ask the source.
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Why does it seem like I always struggle with the same computery things? Every time I have to submit a chapter/story to CVS, I always find myself flailing with Word at the last minute to add headers and page numbers. It does not want to work tonight. I may just say screw it and have the headers on all pages. On the bright side, it's the first time I've gone back and revised one of my Nanos. Dear gods am I nervous about this one. And I haven't even gotten to complicated parts yet.
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The replacement battery was here when I came home.

Everything else has been not nearly as thrilling.
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And we have achieved curling on the work tv. No sound, but the website seems to indicate that it's US-Sweden, which explains the bright yellow uniforms.

I'm embarrassed to admit I've never replaced the battery since I bought the laptop three years ago. I've never had any problems so I thought I was fine. Then last night I used it for a little while off battery and said "Oh I need to recharge it". A couple of hours later, I checked on it and the battery light was flashing bright red. It hadn't recharged at all. Panic set in immediately.

I'm talked to Dell and ordered the replacement battery for the laptop. Theoretically it should show up tomorrow. But it's so not something I need to be spending money on right now.


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