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So the inspectors for the county just left. All they needed to do was verify the number of rooms and bathrooms. *breathes a sigh of relief* On the bright side, the apartment is cleaner and less cluttered than it has been in ages. I still need to attack the piles of paper. It's rather disconcerting having things so neat for a change. The bulk of my clothes actually fit in the closets rather than in haphazard piles.

On the minus side, I had a dentist visit this morning. Three fillings! However many hours later, my jaw and tongue now have sensation again. I hate getting numbing injections with a passion, but I hate recovering from them even more. I also didn't work the extra days this week. I was really only annoyed I didn't find out until after I'd come all the way into work, after the nastiest morning thunderstorm I've heard in DC in a long time. We usually get the nighttime ones that spook me. And less than fifteen minutes later, it was gone. Weird!
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The permanent crown was put in today. All was fairly painless this time. Not like the time they did my front teeth and nearly needed a pair of pliers to get the temps off. They took forever adjusting the fit and checking my bite though. It'll be a few days before it feels normal.

I hit Books a Million as a treat on the way home. Their shelving system really needs work. They've separated out the mass market from hardcover and trade paperbacks in two different parts of store, so you really have to look sometimes. I asked about Jo Graham's "Black Ships" since I'd heard it recommended by several friends. They were supposed to have a copy in SF/fantasy. I even asked if it was mass market or trade. The bookseller kept saying paperback, making me wonder if he even knew there were two types of paperbacks these days. He checked the regular mass markets and assumed it wasn't there. After making my other purchases, I went over to the other sf/fantasy section and found it on the first try. Things like that make me order online, I'm sorry to say. I'm all for supporting the lowly bookstores, I love having the book in my greedy hands, but I really hate sloppy bookselling like that. *shrugs* I'm sure someone will say "But you found your book". Yes, but only because I checked again, rather than my first impulse, which was to go out the door, assuming he was right and they really didn't have it!

On the bright side, I have a half day at work tomorrow. The full job doesn't start until the 5th. But I work again. This fills me with glee. And hopefully fills my bank account with lesser amounts of glee.
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Oh, yes, I nearly the other ongoing drama for November and December. Monday was the second half of the root canal treatment, for which I say thank god for painkillers, because that hurt a bit more than the first half. Apparently my roots are very long and curved, making it doubly difficult to get out. *winces*

I've also had two visits with a TMJ doctor up in Bethesda. Lots of fun navigating strange parts of Maryland and bus routes I don't know. *clings to familiar haunts* He took a tomograph of my jaw. To our great surprise, there doesn't appear to be any bone damage. What happened is my jaw shoved a little forward, so it's out of the socket it's supposed to reside in. So I have a brand new mouth guard, since the old one couldn't cut it. And he wants me back in a few weeks, so guess who gets to do a temporary crown and then the following day chat with the TMJ dentist again? *headdesks* It's feels like a carousel of dentists here.

Couple of amusing things: I was the fourth person they'd seen with my given name that day. I hadn't realized it was that common of a name.

Elderly Chinese couple came in for a checkup. They'd just been to Shanghai for the first time in three years. Apparently they're so completely Westernized now. They could barely understand all the language changes with the new slang.

And this will amuse [livejournal.com profile] pinkpolarity since we discussed accents once: My dentist asked me where I was from and I said Virginia and he stared at me. To his ear I had no accent, certainly not one he associated with Virginia. Then at my second appointment, I used some turn of phrase that amused him (and me). "That's Philly talk" he commented. My grandfather is from Philly and my mother grew up outside there. Product of your backgrounds, yeah, right.
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The tooth hurts a bit less today. That side is still sore, but it isn't the immediate pain of yesterday.

Canada Post finally deigned to show up at my door (or mailbox) with my Loreena McKennitt cd/dvd. It shipped on Halloween and arrived yesterday -- only two weeks! Fortunately Quinlan Road offers the nifty option of a free download while you're waiting for the physical cd to arrive. That's a nice compromise if you're stuck choosing one or the other.


Nov. 14th, 2008 11:11 am
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Ow! And more ow! It's funny. The tooth didn't hurt when the anesthesia immediately wore off. Many hours later when I'm curled up trying to sleep and then it started hurting like whoa. Thank god for painkillers.
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So today was the first root canal appointment. I was really dreading the whole thing, but surprisingly the procedure was worse in my head. Maybe it was being numbed to the gills so I couldn't feel a thing. I know I'll be hurting later. I go back just before Thanksgiving to have the temporary crown put on.

Dental woes

Aug. 5th, 2008 12:47 pm
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So the molar has been dutifully filled. I had some issues keeping the jaw cracked open wide enough for their purposes. The dentist understood this and occasionally gave me chances to close my jaw for a brief respite. I have a small mouth to begin with, so trying to put in all their drills and tubes and mirrors was entertaining. The numbing agent is starting to wear off now. Ow. I will definitely want painkillers and something soft to eat when I get home.

I went to the bookstore afterwards. At least I'll have something to read on the short way home.

Off to shuffle more books to the other building...
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In the "told you so" side of the column, my dear little dentist found a cavity in one of my molars. I knew something was off about that side, but couldn't pinpoint the location. I certainly could when the cleaning tools hit it. Ow and more ow. He didn't think it was causing all my jaw problems, since it didn't look that bad on the surface, but he's only looking at externals. So I get to have a filling done in a few weeks. He's already warned me to take Advil or Tylenol beforehand since they'll need me to crank my jaw wide open. To someone with my jaw issues, ow, that's like asking someone with limited flexibility to do the splits the first time out! But I'm hoping it solves some of the problems.

If Fedex is right and they're not mocking me, I have a set of new filters on the way for the dehumidifier. (Having read online about the quality of their "Smartpost" service, I'm inclined to believe my initial idea that they're mocking me is not so far-fetched.) Under separate cover, I also have the rest of the threads for my Stitching Olympics projects. So I get to hunt noble linen this weekend.

Job is winding down. We're boxing up the last of the stuff to be scanned and then we box and barcode the rest. How fun.

[livejournal.com profile] ficfinishing is going slowly. I've rethought my entire idea and now it's sprouted a new scene or two. Time to rewatch "Christmas Invasion".
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The periodontal exam went better than expected. I need to have more cleanings, which is irritating, but doable compared to full oral surgery. They had a charming time getting me to bite down for the x-rays, since the film kept digging into my mouth, caused by the oddness of my palate.

I saw a rather amusing pillow in the needlework shop today: "Don't make me get my flying monkeys!" Alas it was needlepoint. I thought perhaps it was warn off the grandchildren, but apparently they're a big hit at work.

Back to finishing off the word count for the night.
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Hell has officially frozen over, because DC finally gets baseball! I never thought it would happen in my lifetime. Not to date myself, but the Senators left the month after I was born. So I never felt like I had a "home team" for real. Hence my loyalties to the Braves during my years at Tuscaloosa. But baseball! I'm reminded of the song from the Hexagon satire show, "We need a team in Washington", including the immortal line "We need a team that lost a hundred games every year?" Hey, they're lugs, but they'd be our lugs! Granted we'll have to make some concessions to Peter Angelos, because his poor Orioles will be so hurt by this. And we have to wait to see if they can approve the stadium, but there's hope.

I had a dentist appointment yesterday to deal with one filling. I hated waiting for the numbing injection to wear off. I have more dental woes coming later.

And the apartment sent me running around to get something signed and notarized today. I'm sure the office was impressed I did it so fast, but it's not like I'm lacking free time. At least by being with friends on Saturday, I missed the fun and games, when someone got very publicly written up for a drunk and disorderly after a party. For once it pays to have a semblance of a social life.

Merck took Vioxx off the market, because a study shows a heightened risk of heart attacks and strokes. For whatever reason, Vioxx never worked on me, so I wound up using Celebrex.
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Really lousy day. I knew this would start out that way with the dreaded dentist appointment. I thought it would just be another frustrating cleaning session, only to discover two cavities, plus they want to see a periodontal expert because my gums aren't cooperating. *bangs head on wall* Okay fine, my morning is shot quite nicely to Hades and gone, so I'll go over to the Books a Million for a needed graphic novels & manga shot in the arm. Except for some reason, they dumped their crates and bins of the incoming materials in front of that section. Obviously thinking hey, school's back in, so no one could possibly want to look there. It's one of those days I desperately want to disappear back under the covers.

Randomly, the girl behind me on the bus ride home to Ballston was knitting what looked like a Gryffindor scarf. My knitting friends will be pleased I could identify circular needles and everything.
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Why do I suddenly have the urge to sing that song from "A Chorus Line"? I couldn't sing, of course, because that kinda requires a functioning mouth and tongue.

I went back to the dentist today to have my temporary crowns removed and permanent ones put in. Since we were there anyway, they decided to do several fillings to save me a second appointment. Unlike my father, who has had crowns fall out at the drop of the hat, mine seemed to require axe and chisel to get them out. They literally have this tool they grab your teeth and tap-tap-tap trying to get it free. It might have been because there were two teeth, rather than one. At any rate, they needed to drill the two in half and then yank them out. Plus numbing up my mouth on both sides full blast for the fillings. As usual I kept falling asleep. We won't even discuss the cost.

It will be a very long night...

Oh joy

Jun. 3rd, 2003 08:23 pm
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"So Elizabeth will have to ascend the throne without me, teeth are all I'm going to see crowned for the next couple of years..."

Yes, the dreaded dentist appointment snuck up on me, so I had to go hum with the airhoses again. It wasn't the "Midas Touch" or even "Simple Little System", more like that awful sea-shanty "Anyone want more fillings?" At least I didn't have my usual lecturing dental hygienist. For added enjoyment, the rain returned to look like every other day for the past month. Not that I'm bitter or anything...
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I still don't like dentists. I still don't like little needles stuck into my upper mouth. I still don't like little buzzsaws whirring around in my mouth. I don't like waiting a frigging hour and a half for the stuff to wear off completely so I can have dinner. But at least the worst is over. I'll be going for normal cleanings, but the numbings and fillings should be done.

I also don't like holidays because they mess up the bus schedules so much. Holidays mean modified Saturday schedule which is fine if your bus runs normally on a Saturday. I opted for a cab and nearly got lost on the way back. And had to listen to cab driver complain how terrible my home town was... listen buddy, I was born and raised here, I know it isn't great!


Dec. 23rd, 2002 06:48 pm
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I hate packing for trips. It's even stranger this year because I'm going to see my parents. Except I'm not coming from school to home like those years in Alabama. I'm not really "going home". I'm just visiting my parents for the holidays. It's very bizarre.

Reading the trip preparation stuff from TSA is frustrating as hell. I'm glad I opted to ship my orders directly to my parents. They want you to keep your presents unwrapped if they need to be checked, assuming you'll have ample time to wrap stuff when you get there. They also want you to leave your suitcase unlocked for security checks. They'll be providing security seals eventually. Forgive me for not being terribly trusting of airport workers.

And I'm still not sure about getting to the airport. I had been delighted when the government was supposed to give their workers an extra four hours. Guess who that doesn't apply to? Hopefully I'll get lucky and they'll close things down at 1pm so I can home to get ready rather than rushing for the airport. This is not my ideal traveling conditions, especially if the weather acts up.

Another trip to the dentist for another cleaning/scale root thing on my upper right of my mouth. One of those things they don't tell you about the numbing injections. They only have to give you one for the bottom part of your mouth. For the top, they have to do each individual frigging tooth. I'm glad I still opted for one part of my mouth rather than gamely doing the whole top. I'm not that much of a masochist!

I met and trained the person who will cover for me while I'm away on vacation. I hope I explained everything all right. With my memory being what it is, I tend to do things by second nature, which means I have to slow myself down to explain how to do things. Some names and departments and newspapers I just remember -- there's no logic. Not much I can do about it though, except print out all the slips for her ahead of time and hope all goes well.

Life in general sucks though. I just want the year to be over. I just want a lot of things to be over. It may be coming on Christmas, but there isn't a damn river big enough for me to skate away on...
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No, not novacaine, I discovered today, when I was feeling curious at the dentist, that novacaine caused too many allergic reactions so they had to replace it with various other numbing agents. Lidocaine seems to be one of choice for me. I continue to catch some sleep during the procedures, cleaning and filling, but I have to be prodded to open my mouth a little wider. The only unfortunate is that I have to wait until the numbness has worn off before I can have dinner. Can we say that lunch was a long time ago?

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with the sounds of high school football! Yes, the local high school is clearly playing at home again. I can hear the marching band and I can occasionally hear the announcer... now it seems almost normal around here.

Almost makes up for the rest of the day.

I came in at my normal time today in protest, since I had a dentist appointment that morning and had intended to take the full day off. I guess because it was last minute they indicated to me through my temp agency that they didn't have someone to cover for me. So I adjusted my appointment a half an hour to accomodate them. Only to bump into my "backup" coming downstairs as I was leaving who thought she'd be doing the newspapers and they'd be a little late going out. She was as surprised as I was. The agency has said that I should tell them ahead of time so they can plan for something like this. My own worry is: okay, what if I'm sick? What if it's weekend? There are all kinds of permutations of last minute disasters they're not taking into account here. I really have to talk to them about this issue because coming in for the sole purpose of doing the newspapers just to leave seems ludricrous.

I went to bed last night without checking the local news. Given the election stuff, I figured I wouldn't miss too much and I could catch up reading the headlines. Went into the work to discover we no longer had a chairman. Harvey is now the invisible rabbit. Then again, I look at my parents' careers and think how many chairmen/administrators they went through... not usually front page news on every blessed business newspaper.

The winds were whipping up a storm outside earlier and the skies are clear. Guess it's autumn, if the multi-colored leaves I can see from the window aren't indicator enough.

The dentist appointment went reasonably well. Dr. D offered me some advice about my front teeth problem. I'm opting for the cheap solution which is filling and bonding that cavity so it looks better. He added the other two alternatives were crowns or orthodontics again to handle the spacing. And he nicely suggested that a regular cleaning checkup or two wouldn't hurt my cause. He didn't lecture thankfully. So I'm getting bonded. I'm sure there's a joke there somewhere. The appointment is in the afternoon so that shouldn't interfere with the papers. God forbid anything should keep people from their morning headlines!


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