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Aug. 5th, 2013 12:14 am
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It seems like only yesterday I was joining the Internet in freaking out over Matt Smith's casting. The age, the hair, then "Ooh, what is he doing with his hands?" and "Wow he talks fast" and then the evitable "But.. but... I liked him!" Smith hasn't quite worn the tread off the tires the way Tennant did for me. I watched end of "End of Time" before the Big Announcement on BBC America and I swear it was a special form of torture. (I may have giggled inappropriately at Anneke Wills referring to 8 as the "prettiest Doctor". No argument from me, Polly.)

The new Doctor casting pleases me greatly. (Also I saw the rumor earlier and I said "Oh. Oh yes." Not least because I just finished watching BBC's The Hour and he was one of my favorite characters. I'm glad to see an older Doctor, but I'm curious which direction they'll go. Ornery and crotchety or serious and edgy? Or neither? Matt Smith's first promo pic screamed Twilight gothy and he turned out quite madcap. I can't wait!

I am debating whether to indulge in Big Finish's sale/discount on the early releases. There's even a special "Early Years" subscription option that's really tempting if I can figure out which chunk I'd want -- the ones in between Storm Warning and Chimes of Midnight are the current option, but oof, there are some I really haven't liked.

Liz Shaw

Jul. 12th, 2012 09:30 pm
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So yes, I haven't been updating here as much as I used to. I'd like to blame my health, the weather, and possibly my job, but truth is, I haven't been updating much elsewhere either, other than twitter and occasionally other LJ. I nattered a bit on ballet again, blame CW and other odd sources. I think it's taken the place of LJ for my instant reactions for things, so I sometimes forget people won't see it. I have dabbled back into needlework and I'm hoping to finish the Celtic Mystery SAL/Book of Ink Circles before the Olympics start, so I can focus on new and different projects. LJ may force me to reevaluate how I store my needlework progress photos though. The Scrapbook upgrade basically made it next to useless, since I can't rename folders or move pictures to their right location.

Doctor Who has left me a little depressed lately with the passing of Caroline John aka Elizabeth Shaw. She had a brief run as the Doctor's companion/assistant, but I loved her anyway for her combination of style and smarts.

[ profile] lost_spook posted a lovely collection of Liz Shaw tribute with fanfiction recs and icons.

[ profile] dw_straybunnies is hosting Liz Shaw prompt month, leaving me pondering ideas. I still need to finish that one crossover with her and Harriet Jones. Bless SJA for giving me the out on the book canon I wanted to pretend never happened. I would like to listen to the Big Finish Companion Chronicles, although I had an iffy reaction to "Blue Tooth".


Jan. 3rd, 2009 02:31 pm
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Doctor Who casting reaction )

Reading [ profile] paulcornell2's lovely post on waiting for the news, I thought about how Doctor Who has intersected my life. The first regeneration I remember was Six to Seven and mostly I remember everyone loving McCoy but not too fond of his early companion. I think I was at a MediaWest when I heard about both Eight and Nine, mostly as a picture on the Tardis door and notices about showing their older works in the video room. Somewhere in there, the fandom exploded, because the first I remember talking about Who in panels, we were at Idiot's Lantern. I don't remember talking about it the year before or did we? I know I heard the news on Ten off the BBC website and livejournal, because everyone reacted to the initial photos with the coat and the trainers. In retrospect maybe they should have added the glasses. I can't imagine Tennant's Ten without them.
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The British Cross Stitcher magazine issue #203 has John Barrowman featured as their "Stitch a Star". It's now available in the US bookstore; we're usually a month behind the Brits or so. The pattern is very small and the colors are similar sepia brown tones as the David Tennant one. I'm tempted to do the Barrowman in similar fabric.

And the David Tennant one is now downloadable from their website as a free pdf.
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[ profile] ficfinishing wasn't quite a success. I did work on the story some, but I haven't finished it yet. Bad me. But I'm more encouraged about the story, so it isn't a total loss.

For the cross stitching fans in the US, the British Cross Stitcher magazine has two "Doctor Who" patterns upcoming. The current issue #202 has a Dalek and the next one features a John Barrowman pattern. [ profile] anejo has posted her finished Dalek. The Barrowman pattern is similar to the Tennant one I stitched awhile back.

The Ink Circles mystery has a new part uploaded. This one may take a little longer to complete. I fear I have run out of my favorite green. I'm beginning to think I didn't calculate the amount of silk correctly.

I skimmed through the new Yen Plus magazine. Half of the book is in flipped format and the other half is unflipped. I quite liked Svetlana Chmakova's "Nightschool", but the others really didn't grab me.
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After posting a snippet of "Having a Word" for [ profile] ficfinishing, I realized how drab and prosaic my description of Nine was, compared to Ten. Not Nine's fault, more mine because I haven't watched the first season in ages. So I rewatched "Aliens of London" and "World War III" last night. While I loved Nine and Harriet Jones, I don't particularly like the Slitheen. (And now I really see Billie's accent shift/drop. At least she doesn't sound like she has marbles in her mouth.) Before going to bed last night, I realized all my aliens in this story have S names -- Silurians, Slitheen, and Sycorax. Not sure what if anything to make of that.
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So I've signed up for [ profile] ficfinishing. They're allowing Doctor Who as a fandom and I have two rather stubborn ficlets that don't want to be finished. One just doesn't want to be revised, which is more my hangup with following up after critiques. Does anyone else have trouble going back and making those revisions? It's a real block for me sometimes.

The other one was intended for [ profile] whofest about the meeting of Liz Shaw and Harriet Jones. The first I started was post-"Christmas Invasion" but before Harriet is forced out. Is that timeline even plausible? Do we know how long she lasted? She was gone by the time of "Runaway Bride". When was Saxon elected?

The second thought I had Spoilers for Stolen Earth )

[ profile] selenak has written "Patterns", focusing on similar issues of the Silurians/Christmas Invasion.
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Meme from nearly everyone:
When you see this quote Doctor Who:

MIKE YATES: Yes, but, but, Doctor - a planet's a big place.
DOCTOR: Yes, well, I always leave the actual landing to the TARDIS herself. She's no fool, you know?
MIKE YATES: You speak as if she were alive?
DOCTOR: (Smiles.) Yes...yes, I do, don't I? Bye, Mike.
-- from "Planet of Spiders", Pertwee's swan song
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Anyone who is terribly surprised by my result goes to the back of the class. *sighs* Much as I love Liz, truthfully I'd make a better Sarah Jane. I guess I'm living up to the other Hildy.

Which member of Unit am I? )
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I noticed a license plate when I was walking to lunch today: BOYK9S

So there are girl K9s somewhere?

Of course, I had Willow's "Was it a boy demon?" in my head, too.

[ profile] bigfinishlove has posted the masterlist for the Big Finish Audio Ficathon along with the unused prompts. I received "Neither Enemies Nor Allies" showcasing two of my favorite characters from the "Gallifrey" spin-off Brax and Narwin. It also nicely integrates bits of other canon. So many audios to listen to, not nearly enough time.
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Author: [ profile] hildy
Recipient & Prompt: [ profile] teghrannah; Eight, Charley, "Kill me"
Title: Because I Would Not Stop for Death
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Spoilers: "Neverland"/"Zagreus"/"Scherzo"
Summary: She'd pleaded with him, but he couldn't. He'd asked the same of her, but she couldn't.
Author's Note: Written for the [ profile] bigfinishlove Audio Ficathon. The title comes from an Emily Dickinson poem of the same name; Thanks to [ profile] sarajlarson for a quick read-through.

Because I Would Not Stop for Death
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So I've been listening to a bunch of Big Finish audios recently. Most of them are Eight's continuing adventures with Charley, but there are a few oddball ones in there too.

I do always find it ironic whenever someone says how popular Tom Baker was in America as the Doctor, because he was certainly never my Doctor. If I saw the series on PBS, it was always Colin Baker or later Sylvester McCoy. Likewise, I knew Peter Davison mostly for his role in the Campion series, not for the Doctor or the "All Creatures Great and Small". (This will be relevant, really.)

Companion Chronicles: Beautiful People )

Other Lives )

Neverland (revisited) )

Seasons of Fear )

Zagreus )

Scherzo )

Winter for the Adept )

I'll wait to cover the Gallifrey series after I get through the first series.
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So I've had a longer week than intended. My parents came into town for their usual round of doctor appointments and catching up with family. Then Friday I came down with a dreadful cold/allergy attack that sapped all my energy over the weekend.

What did I do with my "free time"? I watched two movies. One was Dirigible, a 1931 movie directed by Frank Capra and starring Fay Wray, both prior to their rise to fame. I was more interested in the pretty airship scenes than the Hollywood love triangle. So much for being a romantic at heart. I also finally watched "Casino Royale" with Daniel Craig. I quite liked this incarnation. Sauve, but lethal. It was hard getting attached to the romance, though, knowing the original story.

It's October, so I've signed up for another round of Nano. Friends of mine can sigh dramatically "Of course you did". The Nano journal is over at [ profile] nanonano. Most years it's just me talking about the writing process and updates with the occasional friendslocked excerpt. Last year I did [ profile] mini_nanowrimo, so who knows.

I also signed up for [ profile] bigfinishlove's Doctor Who Audio Ficathon, so I spent some of this weekend lining up my ducks on what canon I'd require. (I actually like the "Recommended canon" section of the signups. While it may seem narrow, it does let you know what your requester was thinking when they signed up. Not sure if that'd work or hurt for other ficathons.)
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Having a "late game" on Sunday has some good side effects. I duped the last two Boston Blackie movies off the dvr onto tape. I'll have to keep a weather eye on TCM to see if they ever reair "Alias Boston Blackie". I didn't find this batch as interesting as the "Watching the Detectives" group, but mostly these were from the later years of the Columbia series. I still haven't duped off "Dirigible", a 1931 Frank Capra movie with pre-King Kong Fay Wray.

As a fan of the Big Finish audios, it's nice to see the [ profile] bigfinishlove community. They're running an Big Finish DW audio ficathon. I'm debating whether to sign up for that. I'm leaning in favor of it now, but we'll see.

I've mentioned that 1980 era "Another World" is on AOL Video. In a weird surprise, I've discovered Kevin Conroy (better known as the animated voice of Batman) playing on two of the Proctor & Gamble soaps, "AW" and "Search for Tomorrow" in diametrically opposite roles. If you're a soap fan (or even play the spot the star game), SFT is a trippy trippy experience. I've only watched two episodes from 1984 or thereabouts, and besides Kevin, I've seen Jane Krakowski, Malachy McCourt, Lisa Peluso and Matthew Ashford. If you've watched AW, you'll also recognize long time regular Larry Haines. He briefly played Ada's 1940s era sweetheart & master chef Sidney Sugarman.
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[ profile] confettiofstars watched her first episode of "Doctor Who" with the "Lazarus Experiment". Unfortunately the monster squicked her a little too much. She wants to know if it's typical for the series or whether she just picked a bad episode. I could answer most of her other questions. I do remember "Blink" scaring people, but I don't remember which others caused problems. Anyone help?
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Slightly dumb Dr. Who question. Are Companions actually called Companions on screen ever? Aside from the Master's "my faithful Companion" line, I'm not coming up with anything immediately. Is Martha?
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Here is the finished version of the David Tennant piece from UK Cross Stitcher magazine, using 28ct linen. After seeing several finished versions, I was worried about using something other than white for the background, but actually it makes a good contrast. I suspect it would have stitched up even quicker on aida.

David Tennant cross stitch )

cross-posted to [ profile] cross_stitch
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[ profile] audiography's new topic is Washington DC. For all that I've lived in this area all my life, I'm having a hard time thinking of related songs, aside from Tori Amos' "Gold Dust" and the couple of Arlington songs. Pity none of my Hexagon stuff is on cd, so I could share political satire.

Still having a lot of sinus issues, mostly hanging around my ears. I have a feeling if I could get them unclogged the rest of my sinuses would follow.

After a trip to the Falls Church needlework & comics store over the weekend, I randomly have a new needlework project. I haven't done cross stitch in awhile. I managed to get a copy of the David Tennant pattern from the UK Cross Stitcher magazine, so I've started on it. The pattern isn't the greatest, just a very basic side face shot, no back stitching involved with about seven or eight colors. I fussed over choosing the fabrics forever at the store, finally enlisting some help from the shop owner. I really didn't want to use white. I'm not wild about the natural linen shades either, but I thought it gave it a little more zing. Only to discover there were unstitched parts of the pattern, so we'll see how it works as a background. Yes, I will post updates eventually when there's enough progress. Cross Stitcher has already posted a picture of someone's completed version to show how it'd look finished and in white. And a British fan adds her finished version in antique white aida.
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Big Finish is doing their summer sale ending July 31st. Alas no good deals on the monthly releases. Mostly focuses on the various spin-offs for the Doctor Who crowd, including the UNIT, Dalek Empire, Sarah Jane and Gallifrey series. A pity they hadn't included the "Dark Shadows" or "Sapphire and Steel" ones.
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I wish I could claim I was feeling better. I get brief bursts of relief, eclipsed by sheer torture. I bit the bullet and switched back to the brand name Flonase. Generics shouldn't be this different. Even if it isn't the difference, at least I know how I react to the brand name version.

I watched a lot of golf this weekend. Next week the green grasses of Wimbledon will beckon and take up vast amounts of time. I swear I think I spend as much time on the BBC website during that last week in June as when Who is airing, probably less because of the potential for spoilers. I don't hold out a lot of hope for any of my favorites. Henman has been bounced out his last umpteen tournaments in the first round. Federer is turning into the Sampras of this generation -- beautiful to watch and damn near unbeatable on grass, but looks actually human on clay. Maybe someone will surprise us.

Despite being very behind in my Who viewing this season, I did break down and watch "Utopia". I knew the squeeing would be hard to ignore. I'm glad I did. Like most people have said in other reviews, the BBC can't keep some bits secrets if they tried. On the other hand, the best part, they had me completely fooled until the moment it happened. Very good use of distraction. Make a lot of noise over here, but pay no attention to that man behind the curtain...

Utopia spoilers )


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