Jan. 13th, 2010 06:05 pm
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So I went to see the venerable podiatrist today. He's treated everyone in my family so he and the staff always ask about my parents and how they are. After the exam and x-rays, he determined that there were no broken bones, just some fun ligament damage. He's going to treat it as a sprained ankle. So I'll be in the cast for another three weeks. Hopefully the time off will be enough to give it time to heal properly. The first week is going to be a killer though.
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What haven't I done recently?

If you answered "hurt your foot", congratulations!

I was off to a ENT doctor appointment downtown. My allergies and I are disagreeing again, what else is new? I was slightly turned around because the office moved to a new location, so I opted for the bus, because it's cold and it was closer to the stop. So what did I do? I promptly stepped off the curb of a nearby hotel and twisted my left ankle. Ow and OW! I was more or less able to stand and walk for a bit before that shocky feeling set in. After I stopped for awhile, I asked the nice parking attendant at said hotel for directions. I should have turned a block before the hotel and walked up. But then we wouldn't be having this nice chat over an ice bag, would we?

Fortunately because I have had so many of these injuries, I have the aircast, sock, and bandages already. It pays to be prepared. So I foresee another visit with the nice podiatrist soon.

I am not a happy camper right now.
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So I went to see the podiatrist to see if my foot has improved since the last visit. Mostly good news from his end. We could see new bone growing in my x-rays and the swelling was down enough I wouldn't necessarily have to wrap it anymore, although I still have to ice and take it easy. That's one burden off me. Wrapping my ankle adds extra time in my morning routine and those self-adhesive bandages are nice, but they irritate my skin. It's become particularly irritated on the tendon across the top of my foot, which he said was an unusual injury. Why should I do anything normal? He wants me to stay in the aircast until the end of the month and then I'll start transitioning into the black orthopedic shoe. I've been through this drill before, so I know when to say when is ready. He wanted to work in the transitioning at work, but with my old building's layout that would be difficult at best. Still good news for all intents and purposes. Apparently they did a brisk business after the Valentine's day ice storm, which I can believe. They thought I was quite wise staying home and playing it safe. Yesterday I felt almost silly calling it a day, until the late afternoon when all I could see was white and it was still coming down when I would normally be coming home from work. Then I didn't feel so bad. I'm hoping the rest of March cooperates.

I should be back to normal shoes by Loreena concert in April, though I'm not sure about the Cherry Blossoms this year. That involved a lot of walking. After this is over, I may revisit the old hip injury with an orthopedic, because I'm concerned about the fact I've had two similar ankle injuries in such a short period. Something is off and/or something is compensating.

Work is buzzing along. We're going through staff at an alarming rate. I finally joined the 21st century and am getting direct deposit. March unfortunately means basketball. I have a Syracuse fan in our office, so they had the tv tuned to the game against Notre Dame, instead of our usual CSPAN or CNN. Bama already lost to Kentucky.
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I had to go by the grocery store to pick up a prescription refill. I bought a few groceries to restock after the long weekend, but not enough to need a cab home. The weather has improved outside. Maybe I can walk home without any problems. Only to discover some idjit who didn't shovel their sidewalk at all! I can understand when the county misses that little section behind the library, because I suspect they forget that's part of their property, but for god's sake, have some common decency for the rest of the pedestrians. Have you ever tried to navigate in an aircast? Have you ever tried it in not-so-easy weather? I swear it's just like rock climbing, finding foot holes here and there and praying you don't slip. After halfway through, I was officially stuck. The clearest walk was the street and I didn't like my chances with oncoming traffic!

Fortunately there was a very nice lady who saw me and came across the street to help. She held the grocery bag while I slowly made the last way through. I don't know what I would have done if she hadn't stopped to help. There are a few Good Samaritans out there.
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So I had an appointment with my podiatrist last night. Thursdays are the only times he has late hours. He examined my poor foot and determined that my incident on Saturday added some insult to an already tender injury. He lectured me about icing the darn thing again. I need to get better at that. And I have a shiny new aircast. The gait is completely different now, but it's wider in the calf than the old one, which is nice. The air points are in different places, too, including three on the side. I'm not going to enjoy turning my foot to pump those. Imagine all your pain on one side of your foot. Now imagine having to turn your foot in that exact direction to pump air into your cast and you get the picture.

They’re talking about more snow potentially for Monday night into Tuesday, but it’s still too early to tell.
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So I managed to get an early appointment with my dear friendly podiatrist. After some x-rays, he gave me the news. Basically the ankle itself looks fine, it's everything underneath that's screwed up. When I turned my ankle, I definitely tore some ligaments. He's not sure whether I actually fractured a bone along my foot or not (is it a shadow? is it real? is it Memorex?), but we're obviously erring on the side of caution. Basically it's the bone that connects the heel bone and the rest of the ankle. Hence the reason I felt like my heel was giving me issues too. But aside from the inflammation, it's okay. Nothing protruding or deformed, thank god. He wants me to consider taking a few days off to let the pain calm down. I really didn't need the enforced vacation right now. I've barely recovered from all the time I was off with the GI issues. I just hope the rest of the winter is a mild one, because this aircast is a recipe for disaster on icy days.

My mother thinks the loveseat is out to get me. I gave it a home. What did I ever do to it?
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Ironically I was going to post a "state of me" post this weekend. For a change, my health has been pretty good. The new IBS meds have been doing what they're supposed to. And then last night happened. It was a pretty much a repeat of the previous ankle injury, except this time I was wearing tennis shoes. I was curled up watching television and finally decided to make dinner. My left foot had fallen asleep a little. When I stood up, I misstepped and felt my left ankle painfully collapse again. I was hoping it was a little "owie" that would go away. When it didn't, I dug out the venerable old aircast out of the closet. Hopefully that will stabilize it until I've had a chance to see a doctor tomorrow. As bad as it feels, I'm a little afraid I've broken something this time. I'm crossing my fingers for the best. I swear I'm the clumsiest person I know, if I can injury myself this badly by just standing up off the sofa!

The weekend hadn't started off that badly, all things considered. I had paid a few bills and spent some money at Barnes & Noble. I joke that I only become a country music fan for the two months of "Nashville Star". Not quite true, but I do seem to buy more of that music then, if only because I'm exposed to new music, like Little Big Town. I also picked up one of Alison Krauss' albums I'm missing. I also bought the first of Jim Butcher's "Dresden Files" books. Already I can see the massive differences between book and tv versions of the characters, but I'm not as attached to either versions yet.

Writing wise, there's not much to report. I left the Thursday writing group earlier in the month. It just seemed like the right time.
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I think I hurt my ankle again.

My left ankle for a change, but still... ow.

I am so not a happy camper.
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And wearing two shoes no less. The cast is officially off. I'll probably still be wrapping the ankle occasionally if it gets sore. It's very odd wearing two sneakers again. I feel like I'm on platforms compared to what I was wearing.

My flight home was yesterday afternoon. Pretty uneventful. The Christmas loot was sadly mostly clothes, but there was the occasional fun gift. I didn't buy too many books, but I brought home three more than I had when I left. I attract books obviously. I didn't get any writing done though.

Did get some archiving of the fanfic done. I haven't mentioned that here, have I? Before Christmas I managed to get Efiction running on my website, so the Wabbitseason fanfic archive is online. It's nowhere near comprehensive or complete. There are whole sections I haven't done yet. I was starting with the lighter fandoms and working my way up. I was amused to discover last night that the only FK stories I wrote were both crossovers and both featured Lacroix. I'm sure that says something nefarious...
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And lo and behold cries rang out throughout the DC Metro area - "We want Dallas". Sometimes Sundays are just lovely to behold. I couldn't have asked for a better game, unless there was a shutout to boot.

Speaking of the boot, the aircast is officially gone. I'm wearing the lighter shoe now and will switch completely to two sneakers next week. I still think my toes are going to freeze in this thing. As long as it doesn't snow or rain...

I leave for my annual holiday pilgrimmage to Florida on Wednesday night and will return Monday. I'll have occasional access to my email and LJ, but not in the "Did someone update?" way I normally am.

Wanted to show off one of the two new icons. [livejournal.com profile] glimglamoury has done several lovely sets of icons based on BPAL (Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs) fragrances. I think she's taking requests if you have a particular fragrance you like.
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So I had my hopefully last doctor's appointment today about the foot. New bone growth can be seen in the latest batch of x-rays, healing the chip fracture, so the foot is coming along very nicely, thank you. I will have to go through a transition period from the big aircast to the smaller black orthopedic shoe and eventually to two shoes! I haven't worn two shoes since October. Theoretically I won't have to travel with the aircast, which was my main concern. I'll have to wait until January to wear boots though, so I'm hoping we don't get socked with any real winter storms.
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Two steps forward, five steps back. Yesterday was the first time my foot has really hurt. Actually it was my entire leg up through the hip connection. I hurt my hip a few years back and it comes and goes, but it's been fine until recently. I think the weight of the cast may be affecting the knee and hip. I did finally replace the sneakers, so hopefully that will help somewhat. I felt fine last night until I stood up. All I felt was pain. I was terrified I wouldn't be able to able to walk. I feel a little better today, but I'm definitely going to take it easy this weekend.

Then I had my other excitement for the night. I came home and couldn't find my keys in my usual places. I even wound up going all the way back to work to check the office. While rummaging, I discovered that my winter coat has many pockets, one of which I'd forgotten. Lo and behold, there are the keys! I felt quite silly. But still cold and tired. I'm going to curl up with something,

The foot

Nov. 14th, 2005 11:38 am
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I had my three week appointment with the foot doctor this morning. The foot appears to be healing somewhat, but I'll still be in the aircast for another four week at least. When I asked about Christmas, he cautioned that I'll have a transition between the aircast and the orthopedic shoe. He had no suggestions on how to alleviate some of knee pain I've been experiencing, other than trying prop my one foot up so there's more balance. I don't remember the knee issues being this bad before.

I was supremely virtuous though and wrote a thousand words before I went out the door. I'm ever so slightly behind on Nano, despite the long weekend, but I think it's doable.
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A side effect of hurting my ankle is that it aches whenever the weather changes. It's aching up a storm right now. I'd forgotten just how much it hurts, especially stuck within the aircast. Can I just curl up in a corner somewhere?
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Chip fracture in the cuboid. Slow bugger to heal properly. 6-8 weeks in the aircast.

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Trouble comes in pairs around here. I am down with another throat infection. I'll be out for the rest of the week. Theoretically I can get some writing done, if I feel up to it. The lethargy suggests it really is strep this time around. But I have been wrong on countless occasions.

I also went to see the podiatrist about my aching left foot. Dr. P did his usual painful poking and prodding and "Does this hurt?" and x-rays, determining that there was definitely something wrong with the third and fourth metatarsal bones of my left foot. Those are the next big bones down from your toes if that helps. The X-rays weren't conclusive but there were shadowy signs of a possible stress fracture starting, so they are taking precautions by putting me in the ugly black orthopedic shoe and telling me to stay off it as much as possible. Guess I'm glad it's a long weekend now.

But I really really didn't need this.


Feb. 10th, 2003 07:46 pm
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I hate my feet with a vengeance. They are always the first part of my anatomy to physically back up on me. I have had a stress fracture on one foot and a sprained ankle on the other. Both make certain weather patterns very interesting indeed. Because of the weather lately, cold and snow, I have been wearing the old boots regularly. Bad bad idea. My left foot has been throbbing since Friday. I have now switched back to sneakers and hopefully no one at work will comment or complain. Yes, I'm icing and elevating and trying to rest. Unfortunately we have a temporary shelver who has to ask me questions which mean I have to get up and physically show him on the shelf where something is located. Have I mentioned I hate my feet? My ultra narrow gotta hurt like hell feet?
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My parents came back to town today. On the weekend, I'm catching a plane for Pacific Northwest for a family wedding and some long overdue vacation. It'll be nice to go away for longer than a con or a holiday.

I picked up my orthotics from the podiatrist today. The inserts will take some getting used to. Even with my skinny feet, I'm just not used to feeling something else against my feet besides the standard shoe inserts.

Oh, and I wrote a short little WENN drabble called "Blackout". Yeah me.


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