Dec. 6th, 2010 11:37 pm
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So I've discovered Echo Bazaar twitter/facebook game due to [ profile] havocthecat/[ profile] butterflykiki's posts. It's an interesting dark Victorian/steampunk mish mash. It's a little tricky getting the hand of gameplay. I signed up under an alter ego, which may or may have been the wisest idea. You can't really invite friends if you don't follow anyone. If anyone is interested, please see selawall. If I was posting bits of my name, you'll recognize Cecilia (or "Sela" as she goes by) as my leading lady. Somehow I think I've developed a spy character... not intentional either. Oops. Fannish friends might recognize the user icon I'm using for this incarnation -- Rebecca Fogg might be more appropriate considering.
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Not much to report on a personal front. The job situation has been dire. The only library assignments I've managed to get have been short term ones -- a few days here, a few days there. Two days I helped an association prepare a couple of scientific papers for publication. And for three days I've shelved in a massive genealogical/historical library. My body is taking a beating. I need to solve the shoe/orthotic dilemma soon. My feet and tendons can't take much more before I say "No more". I may simply have to start asking my agency if the job requires being on my feet a lot. I hate turning down opportunities, but killing myself for a paltry wage is not a good option either.

On the gaming front, I've discovered I'm a stereotypical girl gamer. I love the genre of "Hidden Object" games where you go through rooms and clutter and try to pick out items and solve the mystery. My favorite so far has been the "Margrave Manor" series, although I liked the second better than the first. Of course it's on a ship, so maybe that's not so surprising. I'm also liking the Samantha Swift: Hidden Roses of Athena one. I like the historical aspect. Of course I can't afford to buy the full versions of these games (yet), so I'm mostly playing the online or free demo and taking notes on which ones I like. If anyone has favorite games, I'll be happy to add them to the list of ones to try.
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And Saturday it rained. Lord did it rain. All morning and nearly all afternoon. Fortunately dear Hanna wasn't quite as hard-hearted as her Savannah namesake and spared us some of her fury. The DC types worked pretty fast to catch bad draining streets/alleys. I stayed inside, having done my groceries on Friday, and watched the US Open's men's semi-finals. Federer managed to get in his match, but Nadal had his match switched to the smaller Armstrong stadium. They didn't finished until today. Murray just wouldn't let him get comfortable out there. Part of me is thrilled for Andy, but part of me wishes it had been Tim.

Then last night I went over to [ profile] pinkpolarity's place for a belated birthday celebration. She introduced me to the magic of the Xbox. The last time I played video games was in the arcades or with the good old days of Coleco Vision. *wistful about cracking Zaxxon* And as I tried to explain to her, most arcade games have one controller and maybe two buttons, so the Xbox controller was really hard for me to master. The whole idea of "seeing and moving" (i.e. look around first and then move) was alien to me. She tried me out on the first KOTOR game which I enjoyed. It's a very forgiving game for beginners with nice reminders throughout. Then I hit a stumbling block called Battlefront. I just couldn't master it. We tried putting me through the first Halo's tutorial to see if it would help. The world was interesting, but it's not really my type of game.

I'm gearing up for another Avengers kick. Netflix brought me the extras disk off the Emma Peel Megaset. The "Case of the Missing Corpse" promo was delightful. The real revelation were the last remaining season one episodes with Ian Hendry as Dr. David Keel. Like Doctor Who, the Avengers is sadly missing some of its history because of the masters were taped over/lost/otherwise misplaced. Only the first act of "Hot Snow" remains and "Girl on a Trapeze" and "Frighteners" were complete. I actually quite liked "Girl on a Trapeze" more than "Frighteners", even though the former lacked Patrick Macnee as Steed. (I also liked Nurse Carol better than Keel's actual fiancee. She came off as smarter. Oh well.)

Somehow I've managed to get some reading done. I finished the latest Elizabeth Peters' mystery, Laughter of Dead Kings, the last Vicki Bliss mystery. I'll need to write up my thoughts on that one later, because some things bothered me about that book, especially compared to the earlier books in the series. I also finished the first Rogue Angel book Destiny, which is like Witchblade meets Relic Hunter, complete with Joan of Arc references. It's fluffy mindless entertainment with a fairly decent heroine. That she's nearly the only female character in the book is a little worrying. My mother must have sensed I needed a book to read. Either that or she magically senses my struggles with writing these days. She sent me Margaret Atwood's Negotiating with the Dead: A Writer on Writing.
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New Year's Eve is filled with traditions. Champagne, "Auld Lang Syne", and watching the ball drop in Times Square. For me, it's become sitting around playing board games with a few close friends. This year we played a couple of new ones. Ticket to Ride Europe is a fun game, combining my love of trains and travel and geography. You're given tickets, long and short routes, and your object is to build your route from one end to the other. And very likely someone else has the same idea, so you're jostling for position or putting in stations. One word of advice: Switzerland will be your downfall. The other thing is they're using the older spellings for some of the cities, so study the map carefully before it's covered with trains. The other game was San Juan, a card game with some odd variants. Basically build well and cleverly, using the cards at your disposal. I enjoyed both games.

I did actually watch most of the Tournament of Roses parade and the football games, but I spent most of New Year's cleaning and organizing. Mostly I focused on the paper and clutter. I need to get a strangehold on my finances this year, especially with the end of this job fast approaching. I also watched the first episode of the "Wonder Woman" tv series. Oh my stars and garters... Lynda Carter really did make that show.

I've joined [ profile] embodiment to entice myself into doing more paper journaling. I own several Moleskines, but I usually wind up with smaller "theme journals". I'm very text oriented, so seeing all the collages and art journals is both inspiring and depressing.

WoW funny

Oct. 18th, 2007 01:24 pm
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Since [ profile] confettiofstars was curious and I know there are other WoW players on my flist:

I don't play World of Warcraft, but even I knew enough about it to find this funny.
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Happy New Year everyone. For myself, I'm certainly hoping for a healthier 2007. Right now, I'm surrounded by piles of paper. I've used the four day weekend to my advantage and have been tackling cleaning the apartment. Or at least making a dent in it. (Ironically I suddenly had "Charlie & the MTA" refrain in my head "Did she ever return... no, she never returned..." Or something like that.)

On Friday, I had a pre-New Year's party with [ profile] confettiofstars, [ profile] darthblitzkrieg and [ profile] theczech consisting of dinner at the Sweetwater Tavern. Then we returned to trade sheep for roads aka Settlers of Catan. Actually I was a good Virgo and focused on earthenware aka Rock and Brick. I had my little corner all locked up, but I couldn't get enough wood or sheep to build my cities. I picked the blue because I liked the color honestly. [ profile] confettiofstars of course picked red and we had a merry old time with Dems and Reps jokes the whole way all in good fun. She also showed us the trailer for the new World of Warcraft expansion and why changing sheep was so funny. At least now I'll be prepared for that.

I spent my New Year's Eve alone watching dvds and the occasional sudoku puzzle. I have this huge pile I've culled from the Expresses and I keep hoping each time I pick one up I'll solve it. I'm hopeless that way.

Did I ever tell you about Circuit City in Florida? If you ever want a seriously good judge of a home theater environment, don't pick "Lord of the Rings" or "Star Wars", pick "Drumline". Yes, you read that right. You want a band movie. It was playing right at the challenge between the two drum lines and WOW! Was that effective or what? You could feel every beat and every rhythm.

I still can't convince my dad to buy me a DVD recorder so I may buy one on my own. (He keeps wanting to wait for the various formats to shake out. He spent 30+ years at the FCC technical/engineering dept, can you tell?) Any good brands/models would be helpful. The one I was looking at doesn't have a built in VHS, but it has the hard drive I wanted. Can you get it both ways or do I have to sacrifice the one? I have a VCR, but I was hoping to conserve some space. These tapes have to go someday. At least the Pretender ones can now be mostly be recycled.
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The weather is absolutely horrible today, gray, gloomy and rainy. I'll do groceries and errands tomorrow. But the spring cleaning continues. I've stacked the mysteries on their sides as well and now I've opened up all kinds of space on my poor bookshelves. I might actually see the shelves rather than the piles on them. I've also changed this LJ around a little with a new layout. I think the coloring goes quite well with Hilary. I'm also going back into the old entries and tagging them. I've left the tags list visible for now, but eventually I'll probably hide it.

I spent last night at a board games night playing Apples to Apples and Citadels. Citadels was a fun game where you're building districts and people take turns being King. It was good to get away for a Friday night.

My apartment application was approved yesterday, so I'll call the office on Monday to sign a lease.


Mar. 25th, 2004 10:57 pm
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CVS had its usual writerly meeting, critiquing one of our members. I actually wrote a scene earlier today in something other than fanfic.The piece is based off a song I heard on Natalie MacMaster's beautiful "Blueprint" album, but I need to find ways to twist it further so it isn't just a straight retelling. (For those not watching [ profile] wabbitseason, my fannish LJ, I've been writing pieces based on my user icons for friends, so far covering Babylon 5, Highlander, and Clamp's "Shirahime-Syo" manga. I still have X-men and Indy Methos/PW to write which will make my weekend interesting.)

I also talked to Jen about joining her new "Changeling" campaign, since I'm feeling the urge to do face-to-face gaming again. I listen to the current campaign and smile and nod a lot. In some ways, I'm glad not to have the emotional baggage, but another part of me feels a little left on the sidelines. I just need more data on the kith and their types. I listened to the initial descriptions. Eshu sounded interesting, but not quite where I wanted to go. Fox lover that I am, it would be too tempting to play a kitsune or its ilk. But on the other hand, I like the idea of playing a snarky noble manuevering things in the background. I'm just not sure whether I could play her in person.

Tina, was "Changeling" one you had played? Our GM is doing some tinkering, so hopefully we'll minimize the worst aspects of the game.
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[ profile] havocthecat wrote a long interesting counterpoint to an article on called Girls Don't Roleplay. She covered it more thoroughly than I could so my general reaction remains: WTF? I don't have to look any further than my writers' group for examples of female gamers and GMs. We even ran a fairly short-lived "all girls" super-hero RPG. The lions share of my online gaming experience have been female dominated. And god knows my friends list is filled by old school gamers.

TVShowsonDVD announced that the first two seasons of the 1980s cartoon JEM will be released on DVD in March.
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Yes, that was sarcasm, friendslist. My Allegra prescription ran out and unfortunately the doctor who prescribed the Allegra has changed practices. I tried the OTC version of Claritin this morning and it has the same bad side effects as its sister Clarinex. Oh, btw, I was researching the push for the allergy drugs towards becoming over the counter and noticed one nasty side effect by insurers who *won't* cover Allegra now, because "all allergy meds are the same." I'm living proof that that isn't the case. Plus my apartment continues to be the living summer hell. Why the blazes do you come up with a system that bases itself off the exterior temperature in an area like DC with its humidity? For some reason, I think it'd make more sense to keep the temperatures normal and constant, rather than in constant flux all the time! Because of our rain, they haven't finished with cleaning the windows so they can return our screens. So guess who can't open her windows even she wanted to? (If I remember their second rain day schedule, they should be doing the cleaning today. *hope, hope*)

This was why I was up at 2AM before a work week. I came home reasonably early after a birthday party among the gaming/writing friends. Played some Chrononauts, which was wicked time travel card game where you're collecting artifacts and effecting paradoxes. One rule is if you have 13 parodoxes(paradoxi?) on the board, the world implodes. A certain gaming husband of [ profile] gooberfishbowl (another Adam, [ profile] tinagilman) thought it was a fine idea to try towards this end. We also discussed various superhero campaigns both new and potential. I actually pulled together a list of the fic since the last updates for the website, so *maybe* I'll get some work done tonight.
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One day of respite and we're back to the monsoon season. So much for April showers... not that I'll be wishing for the hot August nights anytime soon, but some sun might be nice. Work continues. The weird thing about working near Union Station is I keep having the urge to take that "Anywhere" train.

My social life will speed up this week with writing group, char-gen session for superhero game, and party in rapid succession. I've completely lost track of the books we're discussing for the writing group, after doing so well earlier on. I don't know whether I'll have time to check library for a copy. The all-girl RPG should be fun. I really need to sit down with a name book and find an alter-ego for my character. I spent some time with Hero Machine to create the costumes which turned out okay. I'm still not wild about the villain I drew up. (I do have the beta for HM which I've installed. I *have* to see if you can zoom in on the interface, because I can barely read the damn thing.)

Also want to spend some time with icons for WENN using [ profile] gpsysngbrd's bases, if I can find some decent smaller fonts. Maybe this will spur me into action for the WENN bunnies, like the time travel story or even the "Private Lives" ripoff. My Scott muse clearly knew what he was talking about when he was insisting that *he* was married to Hilary. Do I *ever* write straight Hilary/Jeff stories?
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This afternoon I escaped from the deluge of thunderstorms that seem to be coming in great waves through our region by seeing X2 again by myself. Having now seen it twice, I've caught some more in-references during the scene with Mystique and Stryker's computer. My main annoyance was the movie theater opted not to staff the upstairs concessions stands and only start seating very shortly before the movie actually started. Fortunately I had put my jacket down to save a place. I only came in during the commercials before the previews. Still want to see Matrix Reloaded after I rewatch the first movie.

I had an absolute blast last night celebrating the various birthdays of my writing related friends with a bunch of their gaming buddies.

Gaming stuff )
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My parents came back from a three day stay in Annapolis where they were in town at the same time as a major boat show. Everyone thought they were there for that event.

While my father stayed in my apartment watching football and eating sushi, we did one of the local indoor malls to do some shopping. Less said about the actual shopping the better. How is it that I always find something I *like* that goes out of style? How do I always find the shoe that fits perfectly only to have them change it just a little? (With me, that's a big deal. I have very narrow feet and suddenly a shoe that fit before may not anymore. Nordstroms was a having "hard to fit" sale for sizes 4 and sizes 9 plus. Length isn't the problem -- width is the problem! Find me shoes that aren't gunboats or don't cost a fortune! I could find shoes but they'd be expensive Italian numbers and usually highly impractical for being on my feet.)

Downstairs in the ground floor, a large display was set up of gaming venues. (My mother looked at the greenery and asked where do you set up the trains. They looked like something you'd wind up train tracks around.) At first I thought the local game store was having a tournament until I saw a "Lord of the Rings" banner. Games Workshop puts together a tabletop wargaming based on the LOTR universe, a game for each book/movie. They had set up the main battle sequence from the prologue of the "Fellowship of the Ring", showing Sauron's forces against the elves and humans. Other smaller battles were set up as well, including previews of the Two Towers game. The guy I talked to was quite nice and knowledgable and didn't seem at all fazed by a woman asking about the games. He continually tried to make the comparison with chess, but I saw it as a more freeform version of say the old Stratego game, except there weren't any squares. Apparently each little figure had different skill levels, so a Elven archer could shoot a certain range and a soldier move a certain distance. I thought the whole game looked quite well done. Although as I pointed out, you could wind up rewriting the book if you weren't a good enough gamer... or a skilled general could switch the outcome. Looks fun as hell, but not a lot of fun alone.
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Inspired by friend and keeper of the dreaded quotelists, [ profile] tinagilman, I went back and put together a scary list of my roleplaying gaming history. I didn't start gaming until I was in college. I discovered the local sf/gaming group on campus and later the local SCA chapter who also gamed after the meeting. Until I met the SCA group, I was usually the token female, although not always the only female character. You will notice a tendency towards different games, ones that may not be as familiar as AD&D and the White Wolf crowd. I tended to play "oddball" characters. I haven't gamed tabletop style since I came back to Virginia, although I have done several online games.

Games I have played:

Advanced Dungeon & Dragons: My intro to gaming. Usually played a cleric. *Very* low level of actual roleplaying involved, mostly hack and slash style gaming. And run away and flee the monster, but actually survive, which was my one success story.

Rolemaster: my first introduction to Tolkein's Middle Earth, other than the "Hobbit" animated movie. I played a bunch of characters. Since I was on a Mercedes Lackey kick at the time, some of the characters have familiar names, like the seeress named Selenay.

Champions: The superhero RPG. The main character I played was a Champions system version of Queen Projectra/Sensor Girl from the Legion of Super Heroes, known for creating illusions.

GURPS: Think this campaign was similar to Champions, though more conspiracy geared.

Shadowrun: The ultimate cyberpunk game, combined with a little magic for spice. Long running campaign that proved that picking an oddball character can give dividends.

Justice Inc: A pulp hero roleplaying game. Fun game, wish it had lasted a bit longer.

Timelords: A cool timetravel game which allows you to play yourself or even an alternate self. The only game I was actually brave enough to run myself a few times.

Vampire: Masquerade: probably 2nd edition. This was *way* before the other White Wolf games came out. Very very short existence as a Gangrel.

Star Trek: Even though I'm not a Trek fan, I found this game an interesting challenge. A *lot* of roleplaying in this game. I wound up playing the Communications officer, who through some *slight* problems along the way, wound up the first officer. *gulp* There's a button that explains it nicely: "Who died and made you Captain?"


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