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The release date has been set for the final Harry Potter book for July 21st. It's been a wild and interesting ride, hasn't it?

Wouldn't you know that the day I decide to come back to work is the one they're predicting snow for? I was so tempted to just call it a week, but I really can't afford the time off. So far the worst of it is hitting south and east of DC.
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To quote [livejournal.com profile] dragonscholar, we have achieved Condition Weasley!

The book finally arrived. I was beginning to panic, although I calmed down after reading an article on UPS & USPS working together. Then there was a knock at the door and my mailman handed me the box and said "Have fun!"

I'm fine. Really.
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GIP! Leave it to my parents' favorite series Hitchhikers' to provide the new CVS icon. We had our usual Thursday meeting tonight with one new person. The bookstore was in countdown mode itself for the Harry Potter midnight party, rearranging parts of the upstairs area for their displays. One table was for their register and the other appeared to be "Bertie Botts" for all the snacks and goodies. (Shouldn't that be Honeydukes? Sorry, random HP moment there...) One of them was asked about the crowd to expect. The last time apparently they had around 600 people. Eep. I hope I heard that wrong, but probably not. It's hard to picture that many people in that bookstore at once. Somehow waiting for the nice postal person doesn't so bad after all.
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By some miracle, though, I did get some sleep last night. They even replaced the screens this morning. So maybe things are going to improve. But I can't help looking imploringly at the weather at St. Andrews. 60 degrees sounds so nice right now, although the winds probably aren't as inviting.

Ironically the awful weather (indoors and outdoors) has made me start writing the followup to last year's Nano. It's handwritten so I haven't had a chance to transfer it to the computer yet.

The Great Brazilian River sent me a notice about my copy of HBP for arrival sometime Saturday. I have visions of half the building lying in wait for the mailman.
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Is it just me or does "Point Pleasant" remind anyone of the early setup of "Passions"?

Knowing me, is this who you'd expect? *blinks* Not me!

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We have a release date for HP Book 6. Mark your calendars for July 16, 2005 for Half Blood Prince.

While I was packing, I finished watching PBS' "Regency House Party". I'm glad I watched. I haven't enjoyed any of the previous programs in this vein, because casting always seem to pick the whiniest most annoying group they can find. This group did whine, especially the ladies, but for some reason, I didn't mind it as much. You really had a sense of the differences in status in the house from their accomodations to their leisurely activities to marching in at dinner. The chaperones were an irritating group of snobby old married women. The hostess reminded me of an old Dame Judi Dench without any of her charm, all nails on chalkboard. If you didn't do something exactly or if you crossed them, you were in for the long one. The boys were all nice British eye candy, especially Everett and Glover. Everett reminded me of Hugh Grant with his voice and mannerisms. He was in the theater so maybe it's just an English theater affectation. I did desperately want to shake some sense into Miss Hopkins sometimes, but she settled on the "better" choice in the end. This almost makes me want to read or write a Regency romance...
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Madly packing for the trip to Florida. I picked the absolute worst day to go to Pentagon City for any last minute shopping. It was absolutely bone chilling cold outside. The Metro had two seperate incidents that shut down a good chunk of the Blue and Orange lines downtown. They were shuttling some of the downtown riders around, but if you were on the Virginia side, you basically just had to wait for the next train. I wound up taking a bus back to Ballston, because it was moderately easier.

Leaky Cauldron is announcing news from JK Rowling's website. She has apparently finished Book 6 and there will be an release date announcement in the next 24 hours. You can even sign up for the news alerts by email and text message. [livejournal.com profile] daily_snitch gives the full text and screen cap of the announcement. Knowing my luck, they will make the announcement while I'm flying over North Carolina!
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I talked with [livejournal.com profile] whytcrow over the phone this afternoon. She's sounded tired, but bearing up well, considering. Surprise hospital visits are not fun for anyone. Hopefully the second surgery will clear out the last of the problems and she can come home to family and friends. [livejournal.com profile] boffo9, thank you for keeping us updated when you can.

Then I escaped into Hogwarts and its world by finally seeing PoA. I was hoping to see it Monday away from the maddening crowds, but the paycheck beckons more.

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The Tony Awards were a very odd mix.

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Countdown madness for Book 5 is clearly starting. I've reading several articles about the boxes arriving at the various distribution centers. Did you know they can only fit 12 books in a box? Imagine the big bookstores ordering thousands and spare some thoughts for the poor booksellers. The worst I ever dealt with was the latest Tom Clancy. Aside from Book 4, I can't remember the last time there was this much fuss over a Book. I preordered mine from the local BDaltons but I will probably wait until Saturday morning to pick it up.
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The new "Harry Potter of the Order of the Phoenix" covers have been revealed, including the childrens and adult British edition.
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News from the British HP publisher that the next book will be published on June 21, 2003. At 38 chapters, it's apparently a third longer than the last one. They even include a very short snippet. But still, next book! *boing*


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Sigh, the Leaky Cauldron's bid didn't win the JK Rowling card from Sothebys. On the plus side, they raised almost $24,000, a mind-boggling amount for the short period they raised money. They reported emails from parents whose kids had offered their pocket money to help the cause. The money raised will still be donated to Book Aid. The actual amount paid for the card was 28,680 British pounds or $38,000. According to reports, the winner is an anonymous American bidder, exactly the type they were worried about, buying the card for their kid or themselves and possibly never letting it be seen by anyone else. Still, the fans did come through in an amazing way. I'm glad to see that for all the diviseness of fandom, especially one with such a diverse audience as the Potter books.
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The good thing about Nanowrimo ending is I can finally have some normalcy in my domestic life. I'm forcing myself to spend a good portion of this weekend cleaning the apartment. I don't feel like I *have* to write every night, though my muse does appear to be sticking around for awhile. I'm busy printing out all the lectures and homework assignments from my sf class. I feel very very guilty about not participating nearly enough. Even my last booth piece was an awful effort by my standards which admittedly are quite high.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) for those reading [livejournal.com profile] wabbitseason, my muse seems to have taken the Hogwarts Express and doesn't want to leave! I've written a bunch of longer HP drabbles now. I don't know whether to be thrilled or scared.

I visited the local library today. They've unveiled all the changes in the downstairs with new areas for everything from audio/video to new books to photocopies and sale books. I'm not liking the mixing of the audio/video and new books -- I can't find anything! Everything is in different places now.

Back to laundry and cleaning I go.


Dec. 3rd, 2002 05:37 pm
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Okay, in looking for HP icons, I've discovered another "odd" corner of fandom I wasn't really familiar with. Vanessa's Harry Potter LJ icons showed a full set of the Harry Potter characters in manga style, drawn extremely well, I might add. So I inquired politely where the sources for those icons came from. The response was Doujinshi, a type of manga fanfiction. I think I was aware from mailing lists that manga fans create their own comics. I wasn't aware how many HP doujinshi comics were out there. One site, Doujinshi Alley, includes scans of sample pages and descriptions of the comics/gags/etc included. Some of them are strange... some of the character portrayals are a little off... one Snape portrayal made me go "Huh?" just because the hair is so long. Given the owl on the shoulder, I halfway wondered if it was an older Harry sans glasses.
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Today was "let's treat myself" Sunday. My local needlework shop was having their Open House event with 25% off all in-stock merchandise. Since they're predominantly a needlepoint shop, they didn't really have many cross-stitch charts I was interested in, but I was able to find some nice small Celtic card kits for the trip down to Florida. Also found a cool clear bag to carry stuff, though I wish they had a smaller version. Also bought some more Petite Treasure Braid for the never-ending Mirabilia project "Garden Verses". Now that I'm done with Nanowrimo madness, I can concentrate on other projects, writing and otherwise. The book will probably stay submerged for awhile until I have more time to look it over.

I also treated myself to a third viewing of "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets", noticing a few more details people have commented on in the message boards. A line here, an interaction there, and a major start of a spell... not sure how many of those add-ons were intentional, but they make for interesting musings. I'm still not happy with the ending with Hagrid, but I'll take what I can get. Nor am I happy with the way they portrayed Ron, but I'm increasingly wondering if they gave the knowledge to Hermione because her voice wasn't cracking at odd times. Sorry, Rupert, but Daniel's voice breaks but it's a lot less noticeable!


Nov. 26th, 2002 08:58 pm
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Okay, I *should* be working on my Nano novel since I'm so close to finishing or packing for the Thanksgiving holiday. So what am I doing? Playing with the silly Harry Potter DVD. And I agree with my friends who suggested there should a regular version of the DVD geared towards adults who just want to see the interviews and extra scenes such as they were. Some of the scenes were tiny little bits, others helped explain later things better. Unless you have a guide, which I borrowed from online, you wouldn't know which place to go or which order or anything. Very badly done DVD for the extras perspective. But then, my vision is considerably colored by the joys that are the Fellowship of the Rings DVDs, both regular and extended. Can we say "Wow"? Not just wow, but "oh my god wow"!


Sep. 12th, 2002 10:28 pm
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I have two job interviews tomorrow, so wish me luck, yadda yadda. One is the govt agency my temp agency sent me around for and the other another law firm. I'm just hoping I can get *one* of them, because the whole jobless situation is eating at me.

Watched the Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets preview during WB's "Family Affair" premiere. [Horrid show, may I say, not something I'd watch normally, even for Tim Curry]. The HP preview was *great* with lots of tantalizing bits of familiar sights.

The allergist found two more allergic triggers yesterday -- ragweed and plantain. The latter is apparently some common weed that crops up a lot in lawns and yards. From my descriptions, though, it sounded more like the dust and mold were causing the worst of my misery, which will force me to be a bit more careful in cleaning the apartment. He changed me to Flonase, a nasal spray to go with Allegra.


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