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Not much to report on a personal front. The job situation has been dire. The only library assignments I've managed to get have been short term ones -- a few days here, a few days there. Two days I helped an association prepare a couple of scientific papers for publication. And for three days I've shelved in a massive genealogical/historical library. My body is taking a beating. I need to solve the shoe/orthotic dilemma soon. My feet and tendons can't take much more before I say "No more". I may simply have to start asking my agency if the job requires being on my feet a lot. I hate turning down opportunities, but killing myself for a paltry wage is not a good option either.

On the gaming front, I've discovered I'm a stereotypical girl gamer. I love the genre of "Hidden Object" games where you go through rooms and clutter and try to pick out items and solve the mystery. My favorite so far has been the "Margrave Manor" series, although I liked the second better than the first. Of course it's on a ship, so maybe that's not so surprising. I'm also liking the Samantha Swift: Hidden Roses of Athena one. I like the historical aspect. Of course I can't afford to buy the full versions of these games (yet), so I'm mostly playing the online or free demo and taking notes on which ones I like. If anyone has favorite games, I'll be happy to add them to the list of ones to try.
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Not quite but close enough. Tonight was the opening of the spring book sale at the local library. I've never gone to the Thursday/Friday openings because I was either working or wasn't a member of the Friends of the Library. They were selling memberships at the door, so I thought it'd be nice to see what treasures I miss by going on Saturday or Sunday. Wow. Wow. I'd forgotten how crowded and cutthroat these events can be. One person grumpily asked why some guy was taking all the science fiction paperbacks and basically "because I want them" was the response. I brought a tote bag. Other people brought massive wheelie carts, boxes, you name it. I relied on my fine old memory, because I'm not used to actually finding what I'm looking for. Others looked through the piles with iPhones/pdas/lists in hand. I came home with a full bag of books for a little over $30, including over a dozen Margery Allingham books. I was a little nervous when I found that motherload, since I knew the titles sometimes vary between American & British editions, but I only wound up with one duplicate. I'll need to have that list with me the *next* time I go hunting for more Campion. They've expanded into nearly every format imaginable including cds,dvds, books on tape, and graphic novels.

Now I just have to decide what to read next.


Sep. 26th, 2008 08:19 pm
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The new job is a job. My mother used to words "unchallenging". Not a good sign when my smart mouth wants to quote Missy in "Bring it On" -- "What about doing something that actually requires neurons?" I don't think that would be terribly popular. A lot of library tech work is just that, very basic day-to-day stuff, especially when you're moving/expanding/shifting a collection, existing or otherwise. If I had any good advice for people who want to work in libraries: infinite patience (in infinite possibilities), strong back, and good shoes. I'm grateful for the job, but lord is it going to be a long stretch until Columbus Day.

Security is a little tight, so sadly I haven't really enjoyed the nearby Ronald Reagan Building. I was however treated to a free concert at Woodrow Wilson Plaza. That was a weird twist on "name that tune" or as my mother and I used to call the game "But can you skate to that?" The performer was Chuck Brown, the so-called Godfather of Go-Go music, lots of loud heavy beats and rhythms combined with guitar and clarinet and maybe another instrument. They maxed out their decibels. They were performing a fairly bumping piece that had quite a few people swaying their hips. The melody was strangely familiar. I couldn't place it though. For a minute, I thought it was a classical music piece like "Bolero" or something like "Kismet". Then I closed my eyes and I could see Philippe Candeloro landing a jump at the end of a phrase. Yes, it was the "Love Theme" from the "Godfather". That I recognized it through skating and not from seeing the movie says something about me. Not sure what.

The laptop is still hosed. I tried replacing the a/c adapter and the connection is just too loose to hold. It's really frustrating. So I get to talk to tech support. This can only end in tears.
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I am so tired. If I ever see another box, it will be too soon.

The project is nearing the end of line, so I'm seriously under the gun.

Unfortunately my birthday will land right before this insanity finally ends. I have no idea how I will celebrate it this year. But I will find a way.
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It's July in DC. Nuff said. The humidity is enough to drive me out of the apartment to send me in search of some cool quiet corner to write in. Unfortunately everyone else has the same idea. I couldn't find a seat at the library. I could however find Nathan Gunn's "American Anthem" and the "X-men: Last Stand" dvd. I should feel guilty for nabbing the Young Adult copy and then I remember it's "Last Stand" and then I don't feel so guilty. I'm mostly watching it for a few scenes and the extras. After that, it goes back, never to be spoken of again. (And can I say it's just as bad as I remembered? And the deleted/extra scenes are nothing to write home about. Surprise, surprise. So ignoring X3 in my universe...)
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While most of my friends are having fun at MediaWest, I will be gainfully employed. Don't everyone die of shock all at once. I'm just as surprised as anyone else. I knew I'd be downtown on Thursday because my law firm boss will be in town to see how things are coming along. But I hadn't expected the call this morning asking if I'd be interested in an interview (yes, of course!) with the potential start time of tomorrow (squeee!). I ran around the room, panicking over what to wear. The interview went fine. The independence of the job scares me a little, but hey, I've worked in dungeons before, I think I can manage. I'm finally back working on a "real" library program, instead of databases made to be library catalogs. Even for a lowly tech, it's a world of difference. It's a fairly short term assignment, but it's work! And mine! ("That's me, Super Temp!" Bless you, Donna, for proving paperwork or lack thereof is just as suspicious as alien tech.)

On the way home, I went through Union Station. The lure of the "train to anywhere" is still very strong. (I was also reminded they have a movie theater showing "Iron Man". A useful thing, since otherwise I have to go to Court House, which isn't my favorite theater, unless they've refurbished it.) BDaltons is slightly less disorganized than it once was. I stared at the YA fiction and wondered where the blazes all the sf/fantasy YA fiction was when I was growing up? The comics store is new, but they don't carry a lot of copies of the new books. So I treated myself downstairs to a slice of chocolate cannoli cake at the little Vaccaros stall for a little slice of Baltimore.
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So both my teams won this week. Bama blew out the Vols and the Skins held on for dear life against the Cardinals. We always used to have close games with them when they were still in the division. Next week is the juggernaut New England. Do not want!

I swung by the local library to return Connie Willis' "D.A" (short, unsubstantial, and disappointing) and discovered they've started a regular Graphic Novels section. They've had a comics/manga section in the Young Adult section with your Naruto and Spiderman and Xmen. The new section is small enough it's still shelved with the new books, but I brought home Will Eisner's "Best of Spirit" collection and I saw Fables and Meltzer JLA and the Complete Peanuts. I'm not sure what prompted this change, but we must encourage it, especially I see more DC represented.

Dinner with [livejournal.com profile] confettiofstars chatting about everything and anything as usual. I now am the proud owner of a Ra-Heru-akhety statue. He's guarding my desktop. Maybe he can give me guidance over the monitor.

Yes, I'm having desktop issues again, the same ones I had before. For some reason, the monitor cable keeps coming loose. I can be working on perfectly and it'll be sitting for awhile and suddenly poof, no monitor. I've restarted it twice now. I'm going to hunt the Dell site and see if they sell a monitor cable. Or would they be a simple Best Buy visit? (It's a flat screen if that helps/hurts.) I really don't want to replace the monitor again.
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The Modern Library: Barnes talks "Unshelved": Comic Book Resources chatted with Bill Barnes about the comic strip "Unshelved", how it started and so forth.
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[livejournal.com profile] amused_library has a pair of Youtube imbedded videos showing how compact shelving works and what happens if you're inside when it's moving. The second video is slightly more distressing, having heard the horror stories about our lovely system. I'm grateful I'm not a researcher.
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And a friend once told me the library scenes in "Bellwether" were unrealistic. They're happening right around the corner from me. At least Arlington sounds like it's making an effort to promote the forgotten classics, rather than discard them out of hand.
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My local library recently added free wireless access in their main branch. I hadn't had a chance to test drive it until now. Since the weather is hot and humid and my apartment is in rebellion, I decided to disappear over here for a few hours to get some writing done. My running away from home probably won't last long. There is just something appealing about multi-tasking. Here I'm focused on the computer and occasionally scanning the shelves or staring out the window. But it's harder to get up and get that drink or watch a dvd while I write. I do think I get more done that way. Less writing, but more in the general housekeeping.

I moved around some of my smaller furniture to see if I could make some space. I'm still wild about having the trunk in the front hallway, but maybe I can dress it up somehow. I acquired a bunch of stuff when my parents moved. At some point I will need to do a real inventory and get rid of stuff.

I haven't had a real chance to comment on "Serenity". I saw the screening in Norfolk after an insanely long drive from Northern Virginia with two fellow Firefly fans. We had some construction that caused backups. Even the people leaving from Richmond or Charlottesville were having problems, so we felt a little better afterward. The trip back was a lot easier. The real problem with seeing these screenings is you have some people who have seen it before. And they like to quote. We had someone doing that during Joss' introduction which really needs to be heard without kibbitzing. Fortunately the fan next to me gave him a good hearty "Shhh" and glare and he quieted down during the movie. I found someone at the movie getting rid of a spare ticket and the house manager actually asked if anyone had any spares once we were inside which was nice of him. They gave out a lovely promo booklet with info on the cast and Joss and the movie, along with a nice keychain now adorning my motley collection.

I'm still deciding what to think about the movie itself. Squee is definitely there, but also Meep and Whimper comes to mind. It's a sheer rollercoaster. I'm really glad I stayed unspoiled for this though. Some things need to be seen to get the impact. And with Joss, it's usually right between the eyes.

Library run

Jun. 8th, 2005 01:36 am
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The library has "upgraded" their catalog again. I really dislike the new interface for Acorn. They're trying to make it all flashy and neat, but it doesn't seem to work. You search a keyword and you get several pages of entries. That's fine, except that you get 404 errors for the other pages beyond the first. Even refresh doesn't seem to help. You could change from the visual flashy interface to the classic version but you still go through hurdles to find the info you need. And all because I didn't know the exact title. *sighs* On the other hand, I did come home with a couple of anthologies of WWI era poetry and a book on the 1920s. They had a lovely display upstairs. I swear I think both my unfinished Nanos are influencing my brain lately. I keep seeing or thinking of stuff to help them along. Theoretically I'm supposed to submit something next week for CVS.

I also pulled out that Remember WENN/Forever Knight crossover I started way back in the hands of time to maybe finish for our crossover challenge. My friend and Cousin Lisa tells me it's actually doable... once Eugenia dropped off the Agitato Alert, someone might conceivably take over the graveyard shift, possibly for the rival WEEP. (Did you know there is/was a WEEP station in Pittsburgh? WEEP 1080 "Weep for Joy" started out as a top 40 stations and changed several formats, until it's now a religious station apparently under another name.)
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Well, actually, that was all day yesterday. Fortunately I didn't have to be anywhere.

Today however I went on an interview for a three week clean up library assignment. I love conversions from old systems to new ones. They give me so much work! The interview went fine. I came home and relaxed for a few hours, catching up on Alias and soaps, only to get "the call".

Not only do I have one job starting on the 4th, I have another one starting tomorrow through the 1st! Talk about covering all my bases. The first assignment will mean a charming commute on the Red Line, but it's definitely a step in the right direction.
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Today was traumatic. I finally finished the majority of the inputting and the labeling. I had thought my job might run through the end of the month, if I continued plowing through the duplicate books and problems. I was half afraid it’d be even longer when someone donated three more boxes of books. But my boss decided to call an end to my assignment. In retrospect, it’s the right decision, since I’d go nuts trying to figure some of the old reports and books. So I took one last look at my dear library before I left. For once I actually like I had put together a library myself, rather than just maintaining an existing one. I almost wanted to take a picture for posterity. Ah well. At least the assignment ended well.

Monday will be phone calls to the various temp agencies.
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I was worn out from work today. I spend a good chunk of my day getting up and down and grabbing books for labels and then having to shift great amounts. You'd think I'd get some decent exercise out of all this. Consequently I came home and crashed immediately. The problem with is I feel like I've slept for a week and suddenly I don't want to sleep normally. (I hear someone sniggering about what constitutes "regular hours". Hmph. I had a normal sleep schedule. I think it might have been when I was ten or eleven, but still...) I just wish my sinuses/head would decide on a cease fire. Or a nice non-aggression pact on my temples. I feel like Joshua and Hal 9000 are playing global thermonuclear chess with my brain.
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My office loves a party. Any excuse is flimsy enough. New hire? Throw a cupcake party. If the office has been without water for two months while they fix it, then have a water party! It involved lots of Koolaid, watermelon, water crackers, and water colors. I felt like I was twelve again, trying to create some scene of seven or eight major colors. I drew a scene by the water with a little yellow fishy! And they pay me for this. More's the pity I'm only temporary.

The labels finally arrived, so I actually do some serious work, rather than diddling over the problem piles and duplicates. The things we have three or four copies of is amazing. I can understand the major reference works we use a lot, but the general business bestsellers are beyond me.

Interview went well. It was just a getting to know you type session with the DC office. I had already gone through the full application process with the Virginia wing. 18th/Connecticut continues to confuse me downtown.

Nationals won their first two spring training games.
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Actually moving in, but it seemed appropriate anyway.

I'd forgotten how much fun it was to move an office, especially a whole library. And the vertical files.

Fortunately I can flee to the other cubicle they've set up for me far away from the maddening crowd. Flee, flee!
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Amazing what the "right" music will do for someone's mood. I was feeling mopey and stressed out. I looked over at my forlorn music system. I'm more likely to use the Walkman these days. So I stuffed in one of my Big Band "Greatest Hits" cassettes into the tape deck. I felt so much better after "Stardust" and "In the Mood". With apologies to the late Mr. Shaw, I am the type who likes the same old songs.

The good news is my throat culture was normal, so no strep. I am feeling better, so hopefully I'll make the writer's group. I will not have a submission ready as I'd planned, but I guess that gives me time to think of a proper challenge response. I also hope to get back to exercising tomorrow. At least that isn't dependent on the weather.

For those who missed the news, Livejournal has been bought by Six Apart. They're responsible for Moveable Type and Typepad. I'm encouraged that the old LJ staff is staying on, but nervous about the rewriting of the policies and TOS to appease the lawyers.

Librarians reviewed and commented on "The Librarian: Quest for the Spear".
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Not Tinkers to Evers to Chance, but Frances to Ivan to Jeanne... Thinking very good thoughts towards the Florida coast and maybe farther up. The positively last thing the East Coast needs is yet another hurricane.

Finally got around to finish watching the ESPN's Poker shootout with the top ten players. Fascinating to watch a table with just the big guns, not any Internet players or amateurs mucking up the works. They certainly knew each other's quirks and ragged each other mercilessly. Phil Hellmuth should be "Hellmouth", given his penchant for mouthing off after he's been outplayed and outmaneuvered. Annie Duke knocked out her older brother again, and then proceeded to shock me by winning the whole thing. I kept thinking "Please let the girl not be the first one out". Instead it was the mostly unknown guy whose specialty was the big cash games.

CVS meeting went well. I was the only one who submitted a research report. I chose the Russian female fighter pilots in WWII, a topic I've been interested in for a number of years after stumbling over a book on the subject on one of my library assignments. I still haven't used the information for story ideas yet, although the bunnies have been lurking around the fringes. [livejournal.com profile] ladyofchulak survived her first critique session without incident. It doesn't get any less nerve wracking sadly. We had a long dinner afterwards to discuss a community idea we had, which prompted some interesting, maybe scary, plot noodling. I handed myself a crossover from hell that I'll be curious to see if I can write, both fandoms I've never attempted before.

Overdue: Library humor. Flash movie. Very silly.


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