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Apr. 7th, 2017 07:38 pm
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It's been awhile, hasn't it? I was plain "hildy" over on LJ but someone had that username named. I have imported over this journal from livejournal. The only things that haven't come over yet are the comments, but I imagine they're caught in the LJ-DW logjam. I'm toying with folding in other LJ accounts into this account or others, so I have fewer to keep track of.
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Does it only work with one LJ account?
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[ profile] annef is a dear old fiend from my old vampyres@guvm days who has joined LJ. Welcome to the fold. We hope you will not flee in terror.
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So LJ has created these tags. They're useful little critters, but mostly I wish there was a way to specify where they appear in your layout. I like how they appear right under the subject in the Generator format, nice and easy to find. On my other journal, which underwent a spring redo, they appear below the text, so they just look like another link. Of course, if you aren't willing to switch to S2 styles, you won't see them anywhere.
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Amazing what the "right" music will do for someone's mood. I was feeling mopey and stressed out. I looked over at my forlorn music system. I'm more likely to use the Walkman these days. So I stuffed in one of my Big Band "Greatest Hits" cassettes into the tape deck. I felt so much better after "Stardust" and "In the Mood". With apologies to the late Mr. Shaw, I am the type who likes the same old songs.

The good news is my throat culture was normal, so no strep. I am feeling better, so hopefully I'll make the writer's group. I will not have a submission ready as I'd planned, but I guess that gives me time to think of a proper challenge response. I also hope to get back to exercising tomorrow. At least that isn't dependent on the weather.

For those who missed the news, Livejournal has been bought by Six Apart. They're responsible for Moveable Type and Typepad. I'm encouraged that the old LJ staff is staying on, but nervous about the rewriting of the policies and TOS to appease the lawyers.

Librarians reviewed and commented on "The Librarian: Quest for the Spear".
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LJ added latest posts to their other odd cosmetic changes, like the userpics are side by side, rather than one line. Rather frightening how many posts are sent to LJ every minute and every hour. I was able to sort out the custom friends lists. As useful as belonging to [ profile] community_promo may be, it posts a *lot* to keep up. So I have a seperate group for my friends and my less-watched communities. Of course that only works if I remember to login...

The AC was out this morning. They're doing boiler inspections today, but they *claimed* AC would be back at noon. I'm still experiencing the humidity issues with no solution in sight short of waiting out the fall.

Listening to Mediaeval Baebes as my Metro music. Amused by the one reviewer who described the arrangement for "Ecce Mundi Gaudium" as sounding more like a pagan circle song than a church hall, especially since the song is celebrating the Virgin Mary. Certainly does give that a different slant.
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*whap* Sorry about that. My friends list has been corrected, thanks to an explanation from the LJ support team. Everyone please be careful when posting those quiz answers to your LJ in the future. Some of them have badly formatted HTML which doesn't play well with Livejournal apparently. As a consequence you get psycho-tables.

I received a call from my temp agency. They're sending my resume to yet another govt agency. This one would be another serials check-in type job at Judiciary Square, which is about as far as my previous position out at Capitol South. They'll probably want an interview. The hours worry me a little, being the "early shift" from 6am to 4pm, but at least a job is better than none. And at least I'd theoretically get home earlier.

My favorite cafe reopened today after their summer holiday. Cafe Tirolo mixed Italian and Austrian cuisine and make lovely pizzas as well. They decided to take the fine European custom of closing down during August, so no birthday dinner there for me alas.


Sep. 10th, 2002 02:48 pm
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Okkkay.... does anyone notice anything odd about my "friends" page right now? Is someone playing with the defaults and not telling me? I haven't changed *anything* in the settings today.

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Jun. 21st, 2002 09:20 am
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Welcome to my new Live Journal, covering whatever topic I'm thinking about at the moment. I hope to be updating this on a regular basis, but who knows what the wind will bring?


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