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So I just talked to HIS. They're about to send out another batch of reservations because some rooms opened up, so if you haven't heard anything and you have a low number, you may be in luck. I didn't do too well with the lottery, so I may be back at Super 8 for the first time in years. *swears at waiting list*
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Media West signups are online here. I see a few things calling my name, including a few new suspects. (Please let me not kill the airlines this year?) I still haven't heard word one from the con hotel whether I'm in or out. I may dig out my ticket and call them up and see where I stand. I really really don't like the alternatives.

There is a small MWC community: [livejournal.com profile] mwcontripdiary
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All my Media West con reports:

Friday & Saturday
Fannish recap

Oh, that unofficial Media West lj community is [livejournal.com profile] mwcontripdiary. Still a fairly small community, mostly for con reports and occasional bit of news, like the status of HIS this year.

I think I forgot to mention an impromptu BPAL sniffing party. I was on the "Made in Canada" panel opposite it, so [livejournal.com profile] suzy_queue brought out her box of imps and bottles. The Yule scents are particularly lovely. I was a few doors down from the Celtic Perfumery and I think my sinuses were none too thrilled with that.
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I am writing from the lobby of the Media West hotel in Lansing, using their wireless to catch up on two days of email and LJ. I had good intentions of updating on a regular basis like last year, but nothing works out the way you expect it to.

It must be Thursday or They don't want me to leave Chicago, do they? )
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I'm so ready for a vacation.

I realized last night while talking to my parents that I'm switching in and out of time zones on the trip to Lansing. That's going to be weird. Not nearly as weird as the train trip from Virginia to Alabama where we were several hours late to begin with, switched time zones, and then also got the daylight savings "Spring Forward" as an added bonus. I had no clue what time it was by the time I arrived in Tuscaloosa. Oh, the things I miss from those days... and don't miss.

At least I won't have Dad's enjoyment of O'Hare at like 3 a.m. many years ago. There is that.
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Oh sorry, I just had a Janine moment.

I just received my HIS confirmation in the mail. Now I can actually start worrying about flights. I was this close to canceling my membership for MediaWest this year, because it just wasn't worth the hassle. But if I get to see some of my friends, it will be. Should I plan a door? And what should it be? My fandoms have shifted again. It's really hard to put up an Atlantis door, other than a "This is my Atlantis, not the one we see on tv." Needs thinking.

TCM is being nice to me. Now that I'm back into the OTR frame of mind, they're showing the Chester Morris Boston Blackie movies as part of their "Watching the Detectives" series this month. I'll have to remember they're on.

Other reasons I'm particularly frazzled I won't go into. Suffice it to say it's one more push towards direct deposit...

MWC fears

Mar. 2nd, 2007 09:37 am
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Don't get excited. I haven't heard from HIS yet. But I need to dig out my ticket number fast, because with all my purse fiasco last year, my credit card number changed. I'm hoping they'll contact me first if there's an issue like that, but I'm more afraid they'll send me straight to the waiting list. I think the last time I planned Media West this late in the game was that first spur of the moment year.

Nashville Star is over again. 29 year old Angela Hacker from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, was the victor, beating her brother Zac. She has a big soulful voice that'll remind you of Bonnie Raitt. On a random alumni note, she won me over completely last night when during the finale rendition of "Sweet Home Alabama", she added in "Roll Tide Roll!" Many thoughts and good wishes to that corner of the South after all the storms and tornadoes. That is the part I don't miss about Alabama at all.

ETA: Panicked over nothing. They don't charge the card when they process the application. That's a load off my mind. I still need to find the membership anyway and scowl at the mail if it brings me a waiting list notice.
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"It's 90 degrees, have mercy, John please..."

Sorry I'll stop singing. (Be glad it isn't Nelly!) But it's really really hot out there, which I'm sure is not news to anyone. Ironically my apartment felt fine when I came home. Alas the humidity crawled in over night and made it unbearable.

One last follow-up from this year's Media West. The last t-shirt I ordered finally arrived, so I can celebrate the new Stargate seasons in style. Unfortunately it's too hot for me to wear them. Oh well, at least I won't be able to bemoan the lack of fannish t-shirts for next year's con.

I signed up for a writing submission slot in August. I'm contemplating rewriting the first couple of chapters for "Where or When". It'll be the first time I've submitted any of my Nano related material. I'm hoping it'll help me jump start finishing the damn thing.

Still contemplating the New York trip for my birthday. I realize late August is probably the worst time to visit the Big Apple, but the only other time will be in October for that manga convention and I may not be able to make it up to the city from there. Thoughts? Suggestions?
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The last day of the con brought the usual closing down and hugs and goodbyes. [livejournal.com profile] neadods and I wound up on the same flight to Detroit so we spent a lot of time together waiting at the airport. She let me borrow her Wurlitzer to listen to the first half of Big Finish audio "Storm Warning". Being a zeppelin/airship geek, I was amused by the way they used a historical event for their purposes. The R-101 did crash and did take a British Air Minister with it. There will probably be some burblings over the background and accuracy of said usage, possibly with pictures. I spotted a couple of things that weren't quite right. I understand why they did it, but it's still annoying.

At the Detroit airport, we went our seperate ways since she was headed to BWI and me to Reagan. The flight was uneventful, but it took forever to get our bags. I think they must have had only one working conveyer belt.

And now I'm home. The apartment doesn't seem to have fared too badly while I was gone, comparatively speaking. (When your hotel is over 60% humidity, anything is seen as a vast improvement, even it isn't really.) I'll probably set the dehumidifier to its paces anyway.

David Tennant's "Secret Smile" is playing on BBC America right now. They'll repeat it later in evening and the second part follows the next night. He was even skating. I'm now picturing him and Barrowman skating around together. Bad girl, you've come under dark influences...

For those who are just returning or need to catch up, my reports from both journals:
Media West Day 1/2
Media West Day 2
Media West Day 3
Early report
Fannish recap
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Oh dear god, it's so humid in these rooms, way beyond my tolerance levels. It'll be a relief to go home to my own apartment. At least there I have a dehumidifier that can work occasionally. It feels like a summer sauna outside.

Media West 26 Day 3 - Sharks! )
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I'm writing to you from the Media West con hotel in Lansing. They have free wireless so I'm taking complete advantage of my opportunity. This'll be the first year I've written reports at the con, rather than a massive post-con report.

Friday and Saturday at Media West )
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Only because I don't want to be singing "I don't know where I'm going to go when the volcano blows" all day...

Time to officially flail. I'm leaving for the con and while I'm mentally and emotionally ready to go, the physical packing isn't quite there yet. Thankfully I'm leaving early and will have some time before I have to be at the airport. I swear the MP3 player and various cds had it in for me last night. Usually it's easy to pull the tracks into Musicmatch and add them to the player. Every cd I picked up wouldn't trigger the automatic track listings... And I still can't figure out where I put the confirmation slip from the hotel. I'm going to call them today, if all else fails. And I would flail over the weather forecast for later today...

I posted a scan of the second Pocket Dragon pattern I'm working on, called "Scary Book". As you can see, the background is mostly what is left. I'm bringing that and one other project to the con for off moments. Waiting in line on Friday morning usually allows for a "moment of quiet reflection" as Giles would say.

The Washington Post's Book World columnist Michael Dirda weighed in on the discussion of digitizing books. He pointed out the flaws in the system where you could potentially have several different versions of a text online, so which is the "right" one? He was looking for a Thoreau quote and found three different variations. And what happens if you digitize a mistake or typo from a "bad" edition?

I did like this description of the actual art of reading a book:

All this said, I think that tactile, manual encounter with a physical object is important to reading. One needs to turn pages, mark favorite passages, scribble in margins, carry the book in your purse or pocket, reread favorite passages, stare at it on your bookshelf. It would be a great diminution of the reading experience to miss out on these.

Okay maybe only stare at it and wonder if I'd read it...
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So I have my plane tickets for Media West. I'm getting in a lot later than I'd like. I might have pulled off an earlier arrival if I wasn't so determined to keep my Detroit-Lansing connection and sticking with National rather than hailing off to Dulles or BWI. This'll make for an interesting Friday morning at registration. I opted out of any panels this year. It'll be good to just relax this time around and let other people flitter about.

I imported my old bookmarks into del.icio.us. That'll take several weeks just to go through them all. Again it's like seeing my fandoms go before my eyes.
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This has been a depressing weekend for sports. Both Bama and Redskins lost at the last minute. I know, I know, they gave a good ole try... *cries in my Sunkist*

On the bright side, I received a confirmation letter from Media West's hotel, so at least I don't have to worry about those arrangements. Instead I can plan my door. Do I want a Sheppard door or do I go with my fannish Jacks door I came up with last year? Decisions, decisions...
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I put the necklace on my scanner to see how the pictures would turn out. I'm still not wild about the colors in the scan, but it's always going be a little off. The colors are supposed to be very green and teal and black. I have one photo of the necklace by itself and one with the badge holder. Few guesses on who is on my chosen photo and the Buffy fans will probably win.

Beading photos )


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