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So my biggest needlework project in forever, Ink Circles' "Book of Ink Circles" aka Celtic Mystery SAL aka BoINK, is finished. Since reordering a few colors (and flailing a little over mismatched overdyes), I've been steadily working on it for the last week. Then the Olympics started and I needed something to work on while watching swimming heats, gymnastics, and current favorite volleyball. Fabric is 28 ct Platinum Jobelan and the colors are all Vikki Clayton's Hand Dyed Fibers silks.

Finished Book of Ink Circles photos )
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I managed a few photos of Nationals Park, but none of the Stitch N Pitch event. They’re up on my Flickr account, if you’re interested. I will add photos of the hat and my project later.

I attended my second Stitch N Pitch event last night. The Washington Nationals were hosting Baltimore Orioles in the second game of the vaunted “Battle of the Beltway”.We don't want to go to Baltimore! )
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I've been slowly getting back into working on my Book of Ink Circles project. I ran out of several major colors, which slowed me down. After reordering from Vikki Clayton, I've been slowly getting parts done during the hockey playoffs. I'm still not wild about either shades of blue, especially the lighter one. The annoying thing about doing needlework while watching hockey -- I have a tendency to stop to thread a needle and someone scores! They show it again in replays but I miss some of the fun. Not the Capitals aren't bucking to break my heart yet again courtesy of the Floating Aunts of Pittsburgh. I was actually hoping to have a new project for the Stitch & Pitch. But with the closing of Scarlet Thread, I'm not sure what will happen now.

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All the parts of the Book of Ink Circles have been released now. You can see completed versions of the project on the designer Tracy Horner's website, along with downloading all the constituent parts. I have fallen massively behind in my own version. Hopefully I'll get back into it soon.

Probably not this week, unless writing gets finished faster than I anticipated.

Otherwise things have been a little crazy around here. Last week I thought I frelled up my Virginia taxes, only to discover I'd left off the withholding. No wonder the tax people I thought I was trying to gip them. I am still working. As I've joked, Google's online translation page and I will be such good friends after this project that I'll want it to take me out to dinner. Or a movie, I'm not fussy.
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The British Cross Stitcher magazine issue #203 has John Barrowman featured as their "Stitch a Star". It's now available in the US bookstore; we're usually a month behind the Brits or so. The pattern is very small and the colors are similar sepia brown tones as the David Tennant one. I'm tempted to do the Barrowman in similar fabric.

And the David Tennant one is now downloadable from their website as a free pdf.


Aug. 17th, 2008 03:16 pm
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So I've fallen off a little on my Stitching Olympics. I mostly blame being so tired after work.

Last night I finished Ink Circles' Quackworth 2007 during the women's marathon. It felt more like a middle distance race than a real marathon, but oh well, I'm not complaining.

Again I'm using HDF Bitterness on a 32ct Belfast cream linen.

Quackworth 2007 )
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Here are my Stitching Olympics galleries.

*blinks* Wow. After stitching steadily throughout the weekend coverage, I finished one page of Quackworth already! (Ok, it's only two pages long, but still...) I'm going to finish this *a lot* faster than I'd planned.

Stitching Olympics progress )
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This is August? *shakes head* Believe me, I'm not complaining, but going from 90s to mid 70s/80s is very very strange and wonderful. Needless to say, I took full advantage of the cool breezes and sunshine at lunch. I went back to my lunch spot.

I found the island/inlet. It's tiny. It makes Roosevelt Island look like a sprawling complex by comparison. They have a nice little memorial for the signers of the Declaration of Independence, grouped together by colony. As a 1776 geek, I went through the names quoting all the way. You'll notice who wasn't included in the musical. Several characters were condensed. You'll also notice who isn't included in the Pennsylvania delegation; John Dickinson didn't sign, after all.

I need to remember a camera. And to find time to head over to the DAR Museum for the sampler exhibit. It closes at the end of the month. I just wish they were open a little later during the week.
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Oh great. I appear to have a cold. Hopefully I'll be feeling better tomorrow.

The Olympics have started. The opening ceremonies were mind blowing. I've been wallowing in the coverage, jumping around all the channels. Besides the usual gymnastics and swimming, they've also given me plenty of volleyball. I'd blame reading "Crimson Hero", but I recall watching the US team at really odd hours in 1984. I've even learned to like beach volleyball, which I've always looked on as the popular cousin you don't like visiting.

The saddest thing I heard during the gymnastics was about the state of Romanian gymnastics: "Little girls don't dream of being Nadia anymore." Punctuated by showing a Romanian gymnast falling off the balance beam... *sighs* It makes me want to dig up old gymnastics videos on youtube or something.

The Stitching Olympics are off to a flying start. I've already finished one page of Quackworth, which stunned me.
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[livejournal.com profile] ficfinishing wasn't quite a success. I did work on the story some, but I haven't finished it yet. Bad me. But I'm more encouraged about the story, so it isn't a total loss.

For the cross stitching fans in the US, the British Cross Stitcher magazine has two "Doctor Who" patterns upcoming. The current issue #202 has a Dalek and the next one features a John Barrowman pattern. [livejournal.com profile] anejo has posted her finished Dalek. The Barrowman pattern is similar to the Tennant one I stitched awhile back.

The Ink Circles mystery has a new part uploaded. This one may take a little longer to complete. I fear I have run out of my favorite green. I'm beginning to think I didn't calculate the amount of silk correctly.

I skimmed through the new Yen Plus magazine. Half of the book is in flipped format and the other half is unflipped. I quite liked Svetlana Chmakova's "Nightschool", but the others really didn't grab me.
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In the "told you so" side of the column, my dear little dentist found a cavity in one of my molars. I knew something was off about that side, but couldn't pinpoint the location. I certainly could when the cleaning tools hit it. Ow and more ow. He didn't think it was causing all my jaw problems, since it didn't look that bad on the surface, but he's only looking at externals. So I get to have a filling done in a few weeks. He's already warned me to take Advil or Tylenol beforehand since they'll need me to crank my jaw wide open. To someone with my jaw issues, ow, that's like asking someone with limited flexibility to do the splits the first time out! But I'm hoping it solves some of the problems.

If Fedex is right and they're not mocking me, I have a set of new filters on the way for the dehumidifier. (Having read online about the quality of their "Smartpost" service, I'm inclined to believe my initial idea that they're mocking me is not so far-fetched.) Under separate cover, I also have the rest of the threads for my Stitching Olympics projects. So I get to hunt noble linen this weekend.

Job is winding down. We're boxing up the last of the stuff to be scanned and then we box and barcode the rest. How fun.

[livejournal.com profile] ficfinishing is going slowly. I've rethought my entire idea and now it's sprouted a new scene or two. Time to rewatch "Christmas Invasion".
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This is mostly for my benefit in case I lose all my notes. Feel free to ignore or mock.

Stitching Olympics planning )
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I finished the latest part of the Book of Ink Circles. Maybe it was 4th of July, but I kept quoting a certain sequence in "1776". See if you agree:

We're waiting for the egg to hatch... )

With the Olympics coming, [livejournal.com profile] cross_stitch is starting their Stitching Olympics. Basically you set goals for yourself at various gold/silver/bronze level for different types of projects. If you finish, you win! I'm debating which projects to include. Once I have fabric, I want to do Ink Circles "Quackworth" and I really want to finish my fox tote bag I started years ago. I just can't figure out who to use for the third one. "Garden Verses" is huge. I'd need nearly another four years to finish that one. I need to look through the old projects. I know I'll be visiting Scarlet Thread for one piece of fabric.
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I finished the latest part of Book of Ink Circles and I think Anya has reason to be afraid... very very afraid. Maybe they're to chase the frogs away? Or keep the cats company? Or look cute and furry and menacing?

It must be bunnies! )
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So I've uploaded my batch of Stitch N Pitch photos to Flickr. Some samples (if I've mastered posting photos from Flickr):

Nats Park & the Goodie Bag )
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So now I'm moderately more awake. I did try to take a few pictures, which are here.

We need the comebacks, the rallies... )
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*keels over dead*

14 innings! 14 innings!

Needless to say, the Stitch N Pitch lived up to its hype.

More later after I'm less dead.

Oh, yes, and Go Nats!

And so I don't forget later: Fox Forest. Aren't they cute? I really don't need a new project, but they're foxes! How can I resist? Don't answer that.
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So Sunday afternoon I went to my first needlework class at the Scarlet Thread. I'd wanted to take one, but could never find one in my skill bracket. Then I saw the newsletter about the upcoming biscornu class featuring a pattern inspired by "Take me Out to the Ballgame." What could be better? Combining my love of baseball and a curiosity about putting together biscornu.

What are biscornu? Near as I can figure, the term comes from the French and has various meanings. It's an oddly shaped pin cushion/ornament/fob/doo-dad created by stitching two pieces of fabric together. Instead of getting a square, you get biscornu. There's a great online tutorial translated by [livejournal.com profile] own_two_hands showing all the steps. Being one of those visual types who needs someone to show me how things work (and generally terrified by finishing/sewing techniques), this seemed like an ideal course.

The full piece is shown on the Scarlet Thread website or conversely My Ordinary Needle's blog. The instructor was Donna LeBranche. The kit came with the class and I will start tackling that before I go to the Stitch N Pitch next Friday, if only because the teacher is going, so I can ask tech support questions. She's a big baseball fan of the Red Sox persuasion. She was even interviewed by the Washington Post's Dan Steinberg at last year's Stitch N Pitch event.

Since we wouldn't have time to finish the full biscornu, the teacher created a mini version with "I Heart Baseball" on the top and a diamond eyelet on the bottom. The heart was done in a Rhodes Heart stitch. I'd never done either of the two specialty stitches. I ironically had an easier time with those than the backstitching. Except for the part where I was stitching on the back of my fabric... oops. At least I hadn't done much yet.

Then came the fun of attaching the two pieces of fabric together with a whip stitch. Once you get the hang of it, it's really easy. I can definitely see why you need the squares to be exactly the same. Otherwise, it'll never work out right.

I Rhodes Heart Baseball Biscornu )
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After being so good and virtuous the first time I visited Scarlet Thread, I was bound for disaster the second time around. Since I wasn't in Lansing, I went to the shop's Memorial Day sale and bought far too many new charts and projects. I even signed up for my first class this weekend and the Nationals game for the Stitch N Pitch. Please pray for no rain and good health, not necessarily in that order. The shop is literally down the street from Big Planet Comics, so it's almost the same setup as Hole in the Wall & Needlewoman East, albeit slightly better. I need to double check my pull list to see if I can finally justify moving my business elsewhere.

With the help of a local stitcher from the Book of Ink Circles group, I was able to attend the Tuesday night stitch-in at the Scarlet Thread in Vienna. I enjoyed showing off the Book of Ink Circles in person, rather than over the internet and working on some old projects. They were all a fun bunch of women with different projects. I'm not sure if I was the youngest but probably fairly close.

You're even allowed to do a little shopping before the owner leaves. The last time I was in the store the saleslady mentioned they had a display of Vikki Clayton's HDF fibers marked down. So I rummaged through their pretty basket and looked at all the lovely colors. Somehow an Attar of Roses and five Winterberry colors came home with me. Oops. The Winterberry are all various shades of purple/lavender/red family.

It was nice to get out and stitch among other people. Generally speaking stitching is a solitary hobby for me, unless I bring it on the Metro or something.

All the same, between the rain and a nasty tractor trailer accident closing part of I-66, I was grateful to get home safe and sound.

Random cross stitch link: I know I have a few crafty Jewish friends on the list, Kooler Design Studio has free charts for the Hebrew alphabet and Star of David.


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