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So Netflix had a perverse sense of humor/timing. For my last batch of 3-dvds-a-day, they sent me a hodge podge of material. I'd actually seen "Next Avengers" already, but the featurettes were amusing if only to see how many young teen groups no longer existed. And to realize how many of that crowd is still working with Marvel in their movies and animation. I had the first dvd of season two of "West Wing" since I've gone on a rewatch binge again. Since my dvds dropped down to one on the 15th, I had to quickly pack first season and then slam right into the second. I still react the same to most of the episodes. It's funny what parts are more dated than others. "What Kind of Day has it Been?" is weird for me because of the Columbia references and having the Newseum in Rosslyn, where it's not located anymore. In some ways, Washington stays very much the same and in other ways time marches on.

I was supposed to get three dvds, but Netflix couldn't get me "Avengers 62" immediately so they sent me wait for it, yes the next one on the list. So suddenly I had to pare down 4 dvds to 1. The next one on the list was the "My Name is Modesty" movie in my attempt see all the versions of Modesty Blaise. I've written about the god-awful 60s spy version over here. I've also "ahemmed" the failed TV pilot with Ann Turkel. "My Name is Modesty" covers her earlier career with the Network and a version of her history. I did like the conceit that that may or may not have been the truth with Modesty pulling a Scheherazade stringing the villain along with her stories. It was closer to the comics/novels, but still missing the mark on several fronts. The story was basically split between the current storyline and the flashbacks. I really missed Willie Garvin's presence. Alexandra Staden was a tall slim Modesty, but she almost seemed too slight for my tastes. She reminded me of someone I can't put a finger on who though. Seeing the New Amsterdam lead actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as a villain was certainly odd. I haven't watched the extras, but I'll try to look at them in my copious free time.

"Avengers 62" is early Cathy Gale/fill-in episodes. Those are fairly slow going so far.
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I've had an eventful week here. Monday combined both absolute joy (first day of real job, winning Nano again) and utter horrors (parents and apartment woes). I won't go into specifics over the woes, except to say I hope the worst is nearly behind me.

In my budget crunching, I changed my Netflix so I was only getting one dvd at a time. I might have switched to streaming-only if the selection was better, but I always found something else I was curious about. But there was still time before it went into effect, so I wound up with three Elizabeth I related dvds in the house. The first one was the second dvd in David Starkey's "Elizabeth" series. He also wrote a biography on Elizabeth and has some rather inflammatory comments on the "feminization" of history. His tv series included dramatizations of different periods of her history. I think my biggest issue was not identifying his so-called experts on screen. Even when I turned on the subtitles, the info was nowhere to be found.

Then I turned on "Elizabeth: The Virgin Queen", a Masterpiece Theatre series featuring Anne-Marie Duff as Elizabeth and featured Tom Hardy as a very clean-shaven earring-ed Robert Dudley. I still can't quite decide how I felt about this miniseries, especially the rather sideshow view of Elizabeth's court. In some ways, some of it felt more accurate than the glamorous Cate Blanchett movie and others more ridiculous, especially once you reach Elizabeth's older years with the brat Essex. Also felt like the first half of the series played up the interactions with Elizabeth and her ladies and the later part was all about the young courtiers/new generation gaining favor. I did adore the soundtrack which featured the Mediaeval Baebes' music.

All this made me want to rummage through my library for Elizabethan books to read -- Christmas trip is coming soon.
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It was a rainy dreary Monday. Down those streets walked a down on her luck library technician...

I've been in something of a noir mood lately as reflected by my reading and watching materials. I've been mixing in my television shows with my film noir/classic movies on Netflix. And some are just movies I've been curious about. So far it's succeeding. One night I was in the CBS newsroom in "Good Night and Good Luck" and last night I visited with "Laura". I want the soundtrack for both. I hadn't seen either of them, especially the latter, so I was curious if they lived up to the hype. I almost didn't recognize Vincent Price's role in "Laura". I think I'd forgotten how tall he was. Therein lies the problem with only knowing actors from later roles. You forget they were young once and they didn't always play the heavy.

In between rain showers, I wandered over to the local library. They're rearranging again, adding new shelves in the genre section. I also discovered where they'd moved the new graphic novel section. It's still a little too arty-independent for my tastes. I'm just a mainstream superhero geek. I'm a little worried about the state of the science fiction/fantasy section. Clearly Arlington reads more detective fiction. So what did I do? I checked out Vera Caspary's Laura and two Cornell Woolrich anthologies, thus proving my hypothesis.

My noir icon comes from a still I bought at MediaWest from "North by Northwest".
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So job is over. *sad* The job search begins again, after I recover from whatever bug found me over the weekend. I'm not pleased.

The second Netflix dvd is the first assignment of "Sapphire & Steel", a trippy old British tv series with David McCallum and Joanna Lumley. I'd listened to a couple of the Big Finish audios, so I was curious at the original. For something using minimal special effects, it's quite effective and suitably creepy. Good use of old nursery rhymes, too.

[livejournal.com profile] embodiment is not going well. I think I'm overthinking the whole journal thing. I love the idea of the collages and stuff, but most of the journals I own are lined. So until I can stare at blank journals again, I'm transcribing some LJ entries in my old Baltimore journal so all my thoughts/research are together.

[livejournal.com profile] jordannamorgan, didn't your family own a funeral home? I mention it because my friend [livejournal.com profile] bizarra has posted a picture of her family's funeral home.
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I had dinner last night with [livejournal.com profile] confettiofstars last night. Afterwards, we continued with some writing and discussing and nattering. It ended even later than our usual. I hope we don't try to break that record any time soon. But it was good to hear a writing critique from someone not intimately familiar with the fandom I was working in. I still need to do some rewriting to get it perfected, but at least it wasn't a complete disaster. Neither was the CVS critique actually, but those revisions will be far more extensive. As usual I need to have my characters do, rather than think.

So Netflix brought me more Slings & Arrows and West Wing. Slings & Arrows continued to delight and amuse, especially the relationship between Oliver, Geoffrey and Ellen. I've found ways to acquire the second season, so I can continue on with the New Burbage. I do suspect that dvd set will become mine at some point.

West Wing season 1 discussion )
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Okay, I give, I give! I finally caved and saw the first dvd of "Slings & Arrows" tonight. Absolutely hysterical. At first I didn't even recognize Paul Gross with the long curly hair. I'll be humming "Cheer up Hamlet" for a week. Some of the special features include scenes from future episodes, so I'm doubly mournful of the fact I'll have to wait for Netflix to bring me the next one.

Netflix also brought me a first season dvd of "West Wing". I had been feeling nostalgic for the show, especially with another Sorkin show around the corner. Most of my initial reactions still stand. It was amusing to listen to the pilot commentary and details I've never noticed before, like Toby & CJ talking in the background, even in scenes they weren't in.

Alas I have no Shakespeare icon, but the Alice in Wonderland quote is equally appropriate at the New Burbage, don't you think?
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I finished the second disc of Homicide season three that Netflix sent me. [livejournal.com profile] sailormac should be pleased since the next thing in my queue is the first dvd of Kaleido Star, an anime she has touted whenever she gets the chance in her journal. Since I enjoyed "Cirque de Soleil: Fire Within", I thought I might give this a whirl.

Homicide comments )
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"If there is at least one person in your life who you consider a close friend, and who you would not have met without being part of an online fandom, post this sentence in your journal."

I watched the first dvd of Season 3 of "Homicide: Life on the Street" I received from Netflix. Bravo's "Greatest TV Character" bit on Frank Pembleton put me in the mood to watch it again and he was in rare form. I liked the new female shift commander. I loved the interplay between the two shifts. For some reason, she doesn't grate on me the way Kay Howard does sometimes. Felton's wife is an utter manipulative nutjob. I was amused to be watching the opening riff against the new football team in Baltimore in the second episode. I stopped and thought "Wait, the Browns didn't leave that long ago, did they?" only to discover it was the CFL Colts Bolander was bemoaning. The references we appreciate long after the fact...

I think I'm in the distinct minority in preferring U2's "All You Can't Leave Behind" to their latest. "Astronaut" kicks butt, though.
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I watched the second Netflix title tonight. I had heard about "Millennium Actress" when it was released on DVD. It was one of those "not sure if I'll like it" titles that works perfectly for the Netflix format.

Millennium Actress review )

In other news, the apartment is continuing its yo-yo effect. I opened up the windows today when it was so lovely outside and then closed it back up when I knew the rain was coming. And guess what? We're back almost to square one. I *hate* humidity. All the places to live...
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I watched one of my Netflix titles tonight. "Kino's Journey" is one of the more bizarre anime titles I've watched. The story focuses on a whimsical traveler named Kino and his sarcastic talking motorcycle Hermes. They travel through the different countries, staying only three days at a time, learning about their cultures, oddities and tragedies. The show is slow moving and philosophical. I find the main characters' voices rather annoying, though. I'm glad I rented this, rather than bought it, because I felt less than satisfied.


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