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So to update my life:

The temp assignment ended on Friday with a bit of a whimper. The holiday party was on Thursday, so the bulk of the staff didn't bother coming in on Friday, so it was just the boss and me. That worked out well for a slow and leisurely day. During the day I learned about the impending snowstorm. So I trudged to the local store on the way home to load up on the essentials. Note to people in store: saving a place for someone in line is all nice and stuff, but when they bring in a massive cart of stuff? Don't expect the people behind you to be all friendly-like.

The snows are quite impressive. The white stuff has filled up the entirety of my non-balcony outside which makes for a scary sight. No power outages, thankfully. Hopefully all the roads and airports will be cleared in a few days when I disappear from DC for a week. Going from 30s to 60s/70s is going to be so much fun this year.

I spent some of the time emptying and deleting boxes, so I can return my apartment to some form of sanity. New bookshelves will just have to wait for the New Year, if at all. The amusing thing is I decided to try switching around some of the contents of said bookshelves to see if they'd fit better. So my skating shelf has been moved to a new location and I get to look at my writing and miscellaneous books from my bedside. [livejournal.com profile] suricattus gets good company with Nick Bantock & Jasper Fforde.

The only snag in all of this is on the technological front. I put together the computer, only to lack an internet connection. I have a cable internet/router combination. I think I have the correct ethernet/modem cables I just can't figure what goes where. And my entertainment unit is *still* in shambles. I really should have written down instructions for that. For a self-proclaimed geek, dvd/vcr hookups are strange and mysterious things. Plus finding the paper for the printer and the mp3 player cables...

Writing wise, not much to report, other than Yuletide successfully written and uploaded. [livejournal.com profile] remember_wenn is having its first annual fic fest in February and are taking prompts. I've dumped in a whole bunch of prompts.
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Last year, the International Mystery Writer's Festival produced "Remember WENN: Armchair Detectives". I so wanted to attend, but finances and location really hampered my chances. Now I've got the next best thing, since they've released audio cds of the performance. My order arrived in only a few days but I'm only now having a chance to listen to it.

It's rather jarring to hear new voices performing favorite characters. I was reminded of the WENN actors hearing the student actors in "Don't Act Like That" playing their roles. It's strange to hear something so familiar performed so differently, like hearing a quirky rendition of an old standard. The timing and the beats you're used to aren't there and the notes are hit in different ways. I think it's a real credit to all the WENN actors, even the secondary characters, that to this day I can hear each of their voices and personalities so clearly. Also that despite how broadly their characters were written initially, they grew into those roles and gave them depth and feeling and humor. I'm trying not to picture this cast in later sequences, but it's difficult, knowing what comes next.

The other thing that takes some getting used to is the audience. WENN never had a laugh track, so hearing audience reactions besides my reactions was quite strange. A little thrilling, too, knowing some of these people were hearing and appreciating WENN for the first time.

The play combined "On the Air" and "Armchair Detective" with some added bits from other episodes. The "Ghost of WENN" material was not used, which was a shame. It might have given the play a spookier edge. The mystery section was a bit thin for a supposed mystery play festival.

Remember me, remember you... )
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Today was the anniversary of the D-Day invasion. My thoughts are with my grandfather who served in the war.

I spent most of the day listening to Rat Patrol Radio's annual Complete Broadcast Day. This year's broadcast was slightly different. Having discovered that he had a faulty copy of the CBS broadcast, the RPR's owner found the NBC version instead, which made for an interesting contrast. As I've recounted before, the CBS version switched to actual programming when they reached what we'd consider the prime time hours. NBC cast aside all of its programming and stayed mostly with the news. Occasionally there'd be music or prayers. Lots of requests for prayers. They even provided a "dictation speed" early version of FDR's speech, so you could recite the prayer along with him. The NBC version did not include King George VI's speech.

On a WENN note, there was a long program recapping the reactions around the country from Hartford to New York to Cincinatti to Oklahoma City. I kept picturing a similar news piece from my favorite station in Pittsburgh. Unlike "Some Good News, Some Bad News", there would be plenty of news to report. (*makes notes for old fic idea*)

Both versions are available for download off the Internet Archive if you search under "complete broadcast day". There was also a earlier complete broadcast from 1939 from the local DC station WJSV which became WTOP. Also a large archive of WWII related radio news broadcasts.
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No, it's not an autobiography, although it's nice to hear someone with my name who isn't a victim or worse. Watching someone with your own name die on television/movies is rather disturbing, especially when everyone is repeating your name over and over. "What about X?" "What about me, I'm right here!" Just saying.

Comcast's On Demand had Annette Bening's "Being Julia" as one of their free movies. Since I couldn't find anything else on, I disappeared into 1930s London for awhile. Besides Bening, it had Michael Gambon playing her acting teacher and Jeremy Irons playing her well-meaning husband. The story itself was in some ways predictable -- middle aged woman thinks she's losing it until she meets a younger chap who pays attention to her and hijinks ensue. What was interesting was how Julia played everyone at the end. I knew something was up, but I didn't know what until she actually started those final scenes. Then you just had to sit back and watch the fur fly.

I remember comparing her to Hilary and it's still mostly a valid interpretation. She even confirms it when she says "great actors shouldn't be on film", which sounds a lot like Hilary. She loved the theater, she loved acting, she loved having an audience and knowing there was an audience. Acting on film wasn't quite the same. Of course you had to picture Hilary having an affair with CJ while he's having an affair with Celia. (And Jeff having more business-sense than acting ability. Maybe it was Scott?) Would Hilary have embarrassed her rival so openly? Oh, probably.

It makes me want to watch WENN again.
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It was bad enough to see the "Mad Men" dvds on display in B&N last night.

Then I spotted the soundtrack.


Let's twist the knife even further, why don't we, AMC?

(I'm not hating on "Mad Men". It seems like a wonderful show and I'm glad that it's being received so well. It's just hard to take when "Remember WENN" received such a short end of the stick -- none of the budget or merchandising or promotion. Very very very short end of the stick.)
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First reports from the WENN show in Owensboro are available. Apparently the show combined "On the Air" and "Armchair Detective", rather than "Ghost of WENN". The most tantalizing bit was the end coda. The fandom has always speculated on the futures of the WENN group, especially with television's arrival. It's one of those things we wish we'd gotten to see in the series, but may be glad we never did. I so wish I'd been able to attend or that it had been located somewhere more accessible. From the sounds of it, though, with Rupert on the executive committee, we may be seeing more WENN plays.
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And now the gods are just mocking me.

They know I've decided not to go to MediaWest this year.

What do they do? They taunt me mercilessly by announcing a performance of Armchair Detective: A Remember WENN Mystery Musical at the International Mystery Writers Festival in June in Kentucky!

Of course it won't be the original cast. Of course it is only an adaptation of two existing WENN episodes (but one is my favorite!), but still new WENN!
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So I am in Florida for the Christmas holidays. The plane trip was surprisingly uneventful, considering the horror stories I kept hearing. I landed in concourse A and took the train over to concourse. Of course they changed our gate number later. We only left about forty-five minutes late, but again not bad, at least we got there, unlike some of the people stuck in Chicago.

The weather varies between balmy and cloudy. The sun couldn't decide whether it wanted to come out today. But it's a welcome change from DC hovering in the early 40s.

Today was mostly shopping at the local mall. One of the stores was in the Christmas spirit. Instead of calling for a particular salesperson, they apparently had codenames. So we heard "Prancer and Vixen to the customer service counter..." (For some reason it makes me think of Hilary and Jeff in "Christmas in the Airwaves":

Hilary: "Oh, Jeffrey!--why every Christmas do you start acting like Santa's reindeer?"
Jeffrey {puzzled}: "Reindeer? Ah, what--like Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen?"
Hilary: "Yes. You start dashing out with some dancer and prancing around town, you vixen."

Probably not the image the store was going for...
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And my fandoms collide in odd ways...

Remember I mentioned that Melinda Mullins appeared as a day player on the old NBC soap "Another World"? Her two episodes popped up on Soapnet's repeats, just before the cancellation. I was surprised to see an email she'd sent someone on the home page of the Another World Home Page recounting her experience working on AW. It sounded like a thankless job.
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Speaking of Hilary, was that Melinda Mullins (circa 1991) I see playing a reporter on yesterday's Another World repeat? Her hair's much shorter, but I know that voice and that smirking twinkle anywhere. I'll have to wait to see if we get full credits at the end. Pity I can't do screencaps off vhs. (Ironically Donna Murphy is in the same courtroom scene as the DA, so Hilary and Ruth in the same episode.)

This shouldn't be that much of a surprise to me actually. AW was filmed in New York and RW was filled with mostly stage actors.
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More dvd news: The final season of Pretender will be released in July, according to Tvshowsondvd. They also mention they're planning to release the TNT movies, although I almost wish they wouldn't since they confuse the Pretender family muddle even further. I need a Miss Parker icon. I haven't found any decent ones on LJ yet.

And RW fans, Kevin O'Rourke has a blog for his Testtube.tv site. Interesting to hear shades of Sherwood in his discussions of the future of tv and on-demand stuff. Very exciting!
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I was looking at Testtube.tv today and discovered a link to Chris Murney (aka Mackie on "Remember WENN") providing the voice track for an ambient/hip-hop rendition of the speech "Was ever woman in this humour woo’d?" from Richard III on MoodyValley. It's in MP3 format.

Who needs Firefox's Stumble Upon when I seem to do it so well on my own...
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I finished rewriting the FK/WENN crossover I mused on earlier. I think I originally started it when WENN was still airing. Proof positive that I eventually do finish stuff... even if it takes awhile. Which should give me some kind of hope for my writing future, right.

Library run

Jun. 8th, 2005 01:36 am
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The library has "upgraded" their catalog again. I really dislike the new interface for Acorn. They're trying to make it all flashy and neat, but it doesn't seem to work. You search a keyword and you get several pages of entries. That's fine, except that you get 404 errors for the other pages beyond the first. Even refresh doesn't seem to help. You could change from the visual flashy interface to the classic version but you still go through hurdles to find the info you need. And all because I didn't know the exact title. *sighs* On the other hand, I did come home with a couple of anthologies of WWI era poetry and a book on the 1920s. They had a lovely display upstairs. I swear I think both my unfinished Nanos are influencing my brain lately. I keep seeing or thinking of stuff to help them along. Theoretically I'm supposed to submit something next week for CVS.

I also pulled out that Remember WENN/Forever Knight crossover I started way back in the hands of time to maybe finish for our crossover challenge. My friend and Cousin Lisa tells me it's actually doable... once Eugenia dropped off the Agitato Alert, someone might conceivably take over the graveyard shift, possibly for the rival WEEP. (Did you know there is/was a WEEP station in Pittsburgh? WEEP 1080 "Weep for Joy" started out as a top 40 stations and changed several formats, until it's now a religious station apparently under another name.)
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I was actually able to write something tonight. For whatever reason, I was in a WENN mood, rewriting that Victor "what if" piece that had put me in such a funk earlier. I'm still not sure why it did that. I do know what prompted the rewrite. I found some of my short scribbles while cleaning. Divorced from the clunky exposition and backstory I created to go with it, the dialogue still sounded halfway interesting. Never mind I'm supposed to be getting to bed earlier with my hellish commute waiting tomorrow... (in a possible thunderstorm, no less!) Oh well, even if I get any responses, I probably won't see them until later. I don't have regular access to a computer on this assignment, too many security hoops to go through. Please god, let there be no blizzards or hurricanses on Thursday!
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Another World continues to surprise.

I was watching yesterday's episode when Mary Stout appears as the person booking Felicia Gallant at the police station. As usual, she was a hoot, even asking Felicia to autograph her book. Then during the court room scene, I stared at the prosecutor, saying "I know her, why do I know her?" She was someone familiar from the soaps. The credits rolled and it was Ellen Dolan known better as Margo from "As the World Turns". Except she must not have lasted long in the role, according to the AW sites. In an even odder WENN twist, Donna Murphy supposedly plays that character. So the next batch of episodes will be quite interesting to say the least.

And Frankie should be on the scene in a month or two.
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So I finally had the chance to watch "Art in Heaven". Ah, it felt like coming home, hearing Rupert Holmes' snappy dialogue and watching Chris Murney and Kevin O'Rourke bantering off each other like old times. Some very silly bits. It felt like "Good Omens" meets corporate America... which is a very odd concept in itself. The series is done in Quicktime format in short five minute episodes.
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There are times when I desperately want to whap a fandom upside the head with a clue-by-four. The irony is that if this was any other fandom I'm around, they'd be arguing the subtext of every glance and every word. They'd be saying "See, see, how he's hovering over her" in the smallest of scenes. (Substitute "him" for "her" unfortunately and you'd describe most of the slash fandoms.) In "Remember WENN" fandom, they have no concept of this... unless it involves Saint Betty of the Purple Prosed Typewriter. A couple like Hilary and Jeffrey defies the normal, therefore they don't understand it. So they assume the obvious. They couldn't actually stay together all these years because they might actually care about each other? After all they rarely say so. And if it didn't say so in the script...


Ahem. Sorry. Really, I'm fine.
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I finished up [livejournal.com profile] digne's WENN tape, so she should get the episodes she's missing soon. Watching the episodes made me so nostalgic for when this show was still on the air.

Unfortunately I can't work on any of my WENN fic ideas because I must focus on my upcoming CVS trial by fire in February. That would be nice if I knew what I would be submitting. I had thought about redoing "White Out" from that sf writing class I took, but it needs major plot help. I know what needs fixing I just don't know where to do the right kind of research. Clearly I need to change the bag on my cat, because it ain't vacuuming!

The real bad news came today at the allergist. He is recommending that I get the allergy shots. I would if I could find somewhere that does the shots locally, preferably on the weekend or evenings. I do not want to take off time from work every week to cover this. My one place doesn't do them, so I need to start searching.


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