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So Saturday I joined [livejournal.com profile] pinkpolarity and [livejournal.com profile] darthblitzkrieg for the semi-annual pilgrimmage to the Maryland Renaissance Faire in Crownsville. The weather was unseasonably mild for early October. I wasn't physically in the mood to deal with garb, so I went in mundies. The place was packed even for the late afternoon. The parking was madness, nearly at crawl both going in and going out. I don't know if they were simply very badly organized this year or more crowded than usual, but it made the experience less enjoyable. But with the smartphone handy, [livejournal.com profile] pinkpolarity and I traded fannish bingo ideas to pass the time by.

Funny how things work out Exhibit A: Two years ago, I observed that a labyrinth necklace nearly had me at Echo & Wild. This year one came home with me, my lone purchase at the Faire aside from food. They also had a Carnevale mask necklace I rather liked, but rather more than I planned on spending that weekend.

Everything comes around Exhibit B: while walking over to my local Metro, I noticed a sign up on my nearby Episcopal Church. They're hosting a labyrinth walk open house this Thursday evening. Since it's on my way home, I may stop by. I haven't walked one since that Unitarian Church labyrinth walk. Maybe it's time.

Only real black spot on the day was discovering that South Carolina had defeated Alabama. So much for the hopes of repeating as undefeated. The curse of Steve Spurrier continues. I hated him at Florida, I hated him with the Redskins...
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BCS National Champions, Alabama Crimson Tide!

Can I get a big "HELL YEAH"?

It's been a long road but Alabama is indeed back.

The amusing part of reading Twitter while watching the game -- Tim Hutton was cheering on Bama. Since I was mostly surrounded by Texas fans on my twitter list, his tweets was strangely reassuring.

My weekend

Dec. 6th, 2009 02:14 pm
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So the DC area received its first snowstorm yesterday. A mere dusting by most people's standards, but enough to send most people scurrying. Unfortunately that delayed part of my weekend plans (bookshelves!) for another time.

The delay had one desired effect. I could curl up and watch the SEC title game. Good thing, since Bama came to play! When Saban took the ball with the coin toss, I knew it was going to be one of those games. Hello Mr. Tebow, I'd like to introduce you to a few of my big friends. Greg McElroy played absolutely out of his mind. He's taken a pounding from his critics this year, so it was kinda sweet to see. Mark Ingram is closer to getting Alabama's first Heisman Trophy. With all of our national titles, it's hard to believe we don't have one yet. (Again 1992 flashbacks, we played Miami in the title game against the Heisman Tropy winner, Gino Torretta. There were many signs "Gino Who?" at the game.)

This afternoon my uncle and cousin returned to get all the boxes out of the storage units. They also figured out how to hook up the smaller tv/vcr combination, so I could watch the Redskins against the undefeated New Orleans Saints (those are four words I never thought I'd say -- no offense [livejournal.com profile] majkia). Why do the Redskins always get those teams on their schedule? I have horrible memories of the New England shellacking we received. Worse, I like both Saints and Patriots, so it's not like it's the Giants or Cowboys.
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I was a freshman at the University of Alabama at Julia Tutwiler Hall, their freshman girls high-rise dormitory. And guess who lived on the 11th floor during a power outage? At least it didn't last long.

My best power outage stories are actually the causes of them. The icy morning we woke up to no power because the sand truck had plowed into an electrical pole. Or the afternoon I came home to watch the Olympics only to have a nearby tree from the golf course crash through our sideyard and cut the power and cable.
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So Alabama lost. We held out until the fourth quarter, keeping it fairly close most of the way.

We have nothing to be ashamed of. We had a phenomenal year by any school's standards. We were never expected to do this well. We were the #1 team in the country and we were underdogs in our own championship game. We lasted longer than most #1 teams this year, which is small consolation right now.

Right now my worst fears are realized. This year will be remembered as the almost team, overshadowed by Tim Tebow and return of Florida. We will likely be invited to the Sugar Bowl as a consolation match, rather than playing for a national championship. It's not like we haven't been to New Orleans before.

Roll tide Alabama! Hopefully this run is just the start of good things.
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It's War Damn Eagle and Roll Tide Roll
And the only game that matters is the Iron Bowl
It's Saturday in Dixie, and football is on...

Oh my god. A 36-0 shutout of the Auburn Tigers. Take that seventh! To give you some perspective, the last time we beat Auburn, I wasn't even on LJ, it was all the way back in 2001. To make it even sweeter, the last time we shut them out was our last championship year. And we won't even be favored going into the SEC championship. So sweet hearing nothing but the "Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer" cheer through Byrant Denny at the end of that game.

The quote is from Lance Brown's "Saturday in Dixie" song, which sums up nicely the rivalry and history between the two teams. Fortunately he also wrote a new one called "Just in the Nick of Time" which leans more the Tide's way. (And randomly I discovered Stephen Fry went to an Iron Bowl game.) How weird.
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Some weekends I love being a football fan, sometimes I hate it. This year I'm getting more of the former. My Crimson Tide are surprising everyone, including me, by winning their first five games and now ranked #2 in the nation. But we're not running out the bandwagon yet. Last year proved that painfully when we lost to Louisiana-Monroe. My Redskins surprised me by beating the hated Dallas in the last regular season Skins-Dallas matchup in Texas Stadium. The last coach to do that was George Allen back about when I was born. Now if both my teams could stop making it really close at the end, I'd be obliged. (I was having Arkansas flashbacks with the Georgia game. It wasn't pretty.)

Tomorrow I will join the world of the brown-baggers in bringing a lunch. You wouldn't believe how hard it was to find a lunch bag after the Back-to-School season. I just don't trust paper bags, especially with the rainy weather we've had lately. I keep telling myself it'll be cheaper in the long run.
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It's 1:30 am and I'm still awake. Blame the apartment. I swear everytime we have a thunderstorm it knocks out the air conditioning. And of course this would be the one weekend when August reasserted itself after those balmy 80 degree days. I only hope the apartment people can do something before Tuesday. Or the weather improves.

Speaking of weather, all my hopes, prayers and best wishes to all my friends in the path of Hurricane Gustav. My old friends in NOLA were already planning to be at Dragon Con this weekend, so this stepped up their plans, especially with relation to their two dogs. I feel better knowing they'll be out of danger.

One piece of good news: the Crimson Tide is back. They trounced the Clemson Tigers who were supposed to be a decent team. *winces* I just checked the schedule. We're up against Tulane next.
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That was how Sean Taylor signed an picture for a fan at this year's training camp.

And that's what it came down to. Beat your division arch rival or stay home.

And we did -- by 21 points. I hope Sean is smiling somewhere.

All my teams won this week. Even Bama pulled off a squeaker at the last minute against Colorado. It started suspiciously like the Arkansas game -- blow them out in the first quarter and then hang on for dear life at the end.

It doesn't matter. I am deliriously happy right now. Happy happy New Year.
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So both my teams won this week. Bama blew out the Vols and the Skins held on for dear life against the Cardinals. We always used to have close games with them when they were still in the division. Next week is the juggernaut New England. Do not want!

I swung by the local library to return Connie Willis' "D.A" (short, unsubstantial, and disappointing) and discovered they've started a regular Graphic Novels section. They've had a comics/manga section in the Young Adult section with your Naruto and Spiderman and Xmen. The new section is small enough it's still shelved with the new books, but I brought home Will Eisner's "Best of Spirit" collection and I saw Fables and Meltzer JLA and the Complete Peanuts. I'm not sure what prompted this change, but we must encourage it, especially I see more DC represented.

Dinner with [livejournal.com profile] confettiofstars chatting about everything and anything as usual. I now am the proud owner of a Ra-Heru-akhety statue. He's guarding my desktop. Maybe he can give me guidance over the monitor.

Yes, I'm having desktop issues again, the same ones I had before. For some reason, the monitor cable keeps coming loose. I can be working on perfectly and it'll be sitting for awhile and suddenly poof, no monitor. I've restarted it twice now. I'm going to hunt the Dell site and see if they sell a monitor cable. Or would they be a simple Best Buy visit? (It's a flat screen if that helps/hurts.) I really don't want to replace the monitor again.
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Oh, I just love football season. These night games are going to be the death of me.

When people find out I went to Alabama, they always ask if I'm a football fan. Why yes, I've been one for many years. Football however never factored into my decision to go to the school. At the time I was starting, Bama was long past its Bear Bryant heyday. While I was there, I saw the end of the Bill Curry era and the glorious National Championship with Gene Stallings. And a Redskins Super Bowl. Hence the reason I joke the only way the Skins are going to win one again is if I leave town. Not my preferred way of them winning...

I blame my love of football on my father. Every Sunday he listened to the radio/tv broadcasts of the Redskins. He always muted the tv commentators so he could listen to the Redskins team of SonnySam&Frank. They might be irritating sometimes, but they were *our* irritants, thank you very much. Now he's stuck in a weird limbo of Jacksonsville/Miami/Tampa Bay. Not quite the seventh circle of hell or the pits of Tartarus, but close enough.

I was thinking about this Saturday night when Bama was playing Arkansas in a nailbiter of repeat of last year. (And then returned to the AP top 25 -- not too shabby.) Both teams have huge stadiums. They can command some of the largest home crowds in the game, easily 90,000. I've been to both stadiums, although Fedex was for a Notre Dame-Navy game. I was so far up I could see the parking lot! Not quite the intimacy or rocking 'n rolling of old RFK, but boy is it a fun place to be when everything's going right.

I didn't plan it though.

Roll tide

Jan. 3rd, 2006 12:50 am
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Bama won the Cotton Bowl against Texas Tech. After all the talk about their monstrous offense, we were able to shut them down pretty convincingly, except for that one touchdown. Still, to only allow 10 points when they usually score oh 70 is a pretty good thing! I have never been so nervous during a field goal in my life. He had missed one and had another one blocked. The winning one barely made it over the crossbars. An ugly win, but oh so sweet! Now I can focus all my worry on the Skins on Saturday...

Spent the rest of the day watching the SG-1 Season 9 marathon. I was reminded again of how much I disliked the non-Vala episodes. Maybe I'm just not a member of the Cult of Sam, horrors of horrors.
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Iron Bowl is at halftime. Ugly ugly game. God I hope it gets better.

List of Sony albums affected by the whole Rootkit/XCP fiasco. I thought I had escaped unscathed until I saw Buddy Jewell's latest album I'd purchased. On the upside, I hadn't actually gotten around to opening it or putting it on the computer. A lot of other genres and artists covered, so be careful. Apparently Sony is allowing for an exchange.
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Nooooooo... LSU won in overtime.

I guess the issue of the polls is kinda moot now.
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I just loved watching my alma mater Alabama soundly beating Steve Spurrier's South Carolina today. Spurrier was still coaching Florida when I was at Tuscaloosa. We'd get our butts kicked, especially if we played in Gainsville.

*snerk* Payback is a such a lovely lady.
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Or not. *sigh* How is it I always watch my teams when they lose? Is there some awful sports karma attached to me? The Tide has never lost to Georgia at Tuscaloosa *ever*... until today. We had even come back to lead in the 4th quarter... oh well, we can't go to a bowl game anyway.


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