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I should have looked at the calendar day. I would have known that it was going to be this bad. I don't usually take much stock in Friday the 13th, but it's shaping up to be a banner one.

Some of it isn't bad luck unfortunately. This morning I confirmed with the building manager that everything needed to be packed for the carpets. She did manage to get me two storage units downstairs to cover things. Even the large ones are smallish. There are lower and upper units. Unfortunately none of the lower ones were available, so I'd better make those boxes light. So I scrounged around today trying to find padlocks, rather than combination locks. I could barely do combination locks when I was in high school, I can't imagine trying now!

Then I came home to a nightmare situation. I had ordered a pair of New Balance shoes to replace the ones that had fallen apart. They were supposed to arrive today. I was annoyed, so I checked the tracking service. The box did show up. It even says it was left at my front door. That must be a different front door, because it's nowhere in sight. I'm hoping it was misdelivered or something equally innocent. I did have that nearly happen once, but the delivery guy caught it fast. I'm not liking the other alternatives. We did have issues with people stealing packages. I can't check with the manager until Monday.

I'm so f-ing tired of this year. I want it over. I want to start over.
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Not much to report on a personal front. The job situation has been dire. The only library assignments I've managed to get have been short term ones -- a few days here, a few days there. Two days I helped an association prepare a couple of scientific papers for publication. And for three days I've shelved in a massive genealogical/historical library. My body is taking a beating. I need to solve the shoe/orthotic dilemma soon. My feet and tendons can't take much more before I say "No more". I may simply have to start asking my agency if the job requires being on my feet a lot. I hate turning down opportunities, but killing myself for a paltry wage is not a good option either.

On the gaming front, I've discovered I'm a stereotypical girl gamer. I love the genre of "Hidden Object" games where you go through rooms and clutter and try to pick out items and solve the mystery. My favorite so far has been the "Margrave Manor" series, although I liked the second better than the first. Of course it's on a ship, so maybe that's not so surprising. I'm also liking the Samantha Swift: Hidden Roses of Athena one. I like the historical aspect. Of course I can't afford to buy the full versions of these games (yet), so I'm mostly playing the online or free demo and taking notes on which ones I like. If anyone has favorite games, I'll be happy to add them to the list of ones to try.
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My New Balance 993 have been squeaky since day one. I think there's no seal between the orthotic insoles and the shoe. A little Chapstick on the bottom of the orthotics and voila! People can't hear me coming a mile away. It's hard to perfect your ninja skills when your shoes squeak, I'm just saying. Also more than a little embarrassing at the office.

Not quite saving the world with shoelaces and safety pin, but you take what you can get.
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Yesterday was one of those days when I was stuck in a funk. No matter what I tried, I couldn't seem to get out of it. I really shouldn't do "retail therapy" in that mental state. But I'd been good for awhile, so a combined Borders/Best Buy trip seemed like a good birthday present, right? Best Buy's tvondvd sale means I get to catch up with both seasons of "Eureka". For whatever reason, I went through Borders' mystery section without remembering that Elizabeth Peters has a new Vicki Bliss book! So I wound up with Goodis and Stark instead.

I do miss the Suncoast though, if only for their anime section. I guess I'll have to order "Maria Watches Over Us" because I haven't seen it anywhere.

New Balance has either heard my pleas or just decided for a change. They're coming out with another version of my favorite sneaker in the fall. We can only hope that the 993s fit better than the 992, because I've run out of resources for my old shoes. Ebay brings up EEs or worse a men's 8AA, which will be two sizes too big for me. I'm cursed I tell you.

There is an end in sight for this assignment. I keep chanting over and over "Two more shelves". They still have me until the end of the week, though, so I don't know whether they'll need me to help with the discards and other packing duties.

Shoe Star

Apr. 26th, 2008 01:15 pm
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Remember how I thought "Project Shoe Designer" would be a cool style contest? You, too, could be the next Manolo Blahnik or Stuart Weitzman. Nine West is actually doing just that with Shoe Star where seven designers vie for a feature in Footwear News (FN) and join the Nine West design team. Never mind I couldn't wear any of the shoes I designed for them. The first two challenges are online already.
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After several unsuccessful searches using the name of the company, I tried using the president's name. I hit paydirt, but not in a good way. Apparently Santana was forced to close its doors last March, blaming it on competition from elsewhere. Not surprisingly the best articles on the closure were in French. The company was based in Quebec. They started over 30 years ago. They made good boots. I always felt like I was wearing a variant on a skating boot with the hooks and laces. My last memory was talking to one of their sales reps at Nordstroms. When he learned about our narrow feet, he asked if our family was French. Amusingly enough, my mother's side were French Hugenots. Somehow I shouldn't have been surprised about the Quebec connection.
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The shoe gods are mocking me.

Those two pairs of sneakers I was so excited about? The store lady got the size wrong, so they were both a size too big.

That wouldn't work obviously, so we looked for the new design in my size. Again I had to wait for them to send up the shoe from the other store. Maybe those would work.

They'd said there weren't that many changes in the new design and that was probably true... mostly. But there was one crucial one -- they'd changed the heel. When your foot is as narrow as mine, the heel is a big thing and the changed heel meant my heel was slipping in the new version way too much to be comfortable.

So I wound up with no shoes and needing to call around and see if anyone still has my old shoes.


Aug. 21st, 2006 05:58 pm
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After reading [livejournal.com profile] menikoff's woeful shoe report, I was afraid to walk into my local Pacers and ask them about my New Balance sneakers. In their sound mind, New Balance has redesigned my sneakers. So I sighed and accepted that I could at least try the new ones for sizing. However, the store didn't have my size, so they offered to check their other store. Their other store didn't have my size either. However they did have two pairs of my old design, marked down considerably. Two pairs of what are normally $120 shoes for $80 a piece. They could have them over from the other store by tomorrow. Needless to say, I took advantage of that opportunity.

Maybe I did get the shopping gene after all...
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The Post's Express often posts little questions and answers from Manolo the Shoeblogger from those requiring footwear. However he has quite expensive tastes. He never met a wedge he didn't like. Today, bless our readers' hearts, someone raked him over the coals for suggesting a $275 Stuart Weitzman shoe from Zappos after the question specifically stated they were "on a budget" and "didn't make much". Obviously, Manolo thinks that's no excuse and you should still embrace your inner Carrie Bradshaw. Personally I'd take his suggested shoe and go around and look at similar styles. I did cringe at the reader's own suggestions of Nine West & Steve Madden for sensibly priced nice shoes, only because I couldn't wear them if I tried. I'm afraid what he'd suggest for my slender feet.
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I imagine people are getting rather tired of hearing about my shoe woes. Fortunately I had a little luck today. Richey Shoes is our local specialist in comfortable type shoes. I sometimes go to them for my New Balances. Anyway I finally one style of Munro I can wear. It's fairly comfortable, but we'll see how it holds up under the pressure of a day.

I unloaded a whole ton of old pants on Goodwill. I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon putting up the rest. It's nice to have some closet space, even if it won't last. [livejournal.com profile] neadods has a very useful post on organizing and decluttering, especially if you like having a plan of attack.

Not to be outdone by DaVinci and Pepys, they're doing a blogged version of Bram Stoker's Dracula. The comments are sometimes as interesting as the posts.
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Hmph, the "Serenity" advance showing sold out pretty quick in DC. I would be in Lansing that night for Media West anyway. But, still, I must pout.

Second round of depressing shoe shopping today at Potomac Mills. The closest we came was the Rangoni outlet. I saw more AAAs and AAAAs there than I had seen anywhere. Alas I still had problems either with the heel or the toe depending. We even came back and tried Comfort One Shoes closer to us. I don't like being pressured and I especially don't like salespeople telling me how something seems to fit. Am I weird because I want it to feel comfortable now rather than when the shoe molds to me? Maybe I'll give SAS a look again. I'm really resigned to the idea of not finding shoes that fit.

And the agency gave me the feedback from the law firm that strangely suited today: "Not a good fit." The manager allowed as how I have the skills and ability to do the job, just not there.
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Happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] whytcrow and [livejournal.com profile] sventhelost and a belated one to [livejournal.com profile] ariadnesthread. I will actually be able to make the ninja party through no effort of my own. Various other family members had stuff today, so it necessitated moving to Sunday.

I had a rather depressing day of shopping today at Tysons with my mother. I have very narrow feet, wearing a AAA (slim) width. I am used to hearing "Oh, no, none of those come higher than a narrow" or the inevitable offer of "We can order it". All of our usual subjects have bailed from the slim widths, like Easy Spirit. Selby went out of business. Nordstrom has remained the last best hope for shoes in my family. They have traditionally carried the odder widths. Sadly they seem to even phasing those out. We had a saleslady today who visibly cringed when we gave my size. I don't wear a 9 or 10 1/2 like some of my friends, just a plain 8. She kept calling the A widths "smalls". The quads (AAAA) or "superslim" were double smalls. I almost thought I'd found the perfect shoe from Munro, but they're one of the other breed of shoe company, who jumps from AA to AAAA without any breath in between. And what are those of us stuck in the middle supposed to do? They tout themselves as the "Proper Size and Perfect Fit". Well, it's the Goldilocks routine. The narrow is just big enough to make the heels slip and I felt like I was stuffing my feet into a vise with the SS. I guess I'll have to break down and look at special ordering online or something. Because there aren't any shoes to be had in this town!
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I have a badge for work now. I'm all properly identified and everything. Now I can get into the library in the morning without having to call someone. Or go through the metal detector. It is a little disconcerting using biometrics. You swipe your card and then you hold up your thumb to the keypad to let you through the gate. I feel like I'm in "Alias" or that Six Million Dollar Man IBM commercial.

I think I'm mostly done with the rewrite for "Going Under". I'll have to type up the changes when I get home and remember to add the headers, but otherwise, we're good to go. Well, and getting the copies made, but there's a nice Staples around the corner.

I scored bigtime on Tuesday when I went by Clarendon. My New Balance sneakers were starting wear down after last week's non-stop shelving. So I was thinking of hitting Tysons to find a new pair. Then I noticed a shiny new running store I hadn't seen before. I wondered if they had my shoes. Oh, yes, everyone raved over my shoe. But everyone liked it in grey, not white. (Not counting the whole narrow width issue...) They called the other store to see if they could order it. Lo and behold, the Alexandria store had a pair. They'd transfer them to my store and I could pick them up today. And they'd be a little cheaper than the New Balance stores. My mother's shopping gene finally kicks in.
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My parents came back from a three day stay in Annapolis where they were in town at the same time as a major boat show. Everyone thought they were there for that event.

While my father stayed in my apartment watching football and eating sushi, we did one of the local indoor malls to do some shopping. Less said about the actual shopping the better. How is it that I always find something I *like* that goes out of style? How do I always find the shoe that fits perfectly only to have them change it just a little? (With me, that's a big deal. I have very narrow feet and suddenly a shoe that fit before may not anymore. Nordstroms was a having "hard to fit" sale for sizes 4 and sizes 9 plus. Length isn't the problem -- width is the problem! Find me shoes that aren't gunboats or don't cost a fortune! I could find shoes but they'd be expensive Italian numbers and usually highly impractical for being on my feet.)

Downstairs in the ground floor, a large display was set up of gaming venues. (My mother looked at the greenery and asked where do you set up the trains. They looked like something you'd wind up train tracks around.) At first I thought the local game store was having a tournament until I saw a "Lord of the Rings" banner. Games Workshop puts together a tabletop wargaming based on the LOTR universe, a game for each book/movie. They had set up the main battle sequence from the prologue of the "Fellowship of the Ring", showing Sauron's forces against the elves and humans. Other smaller battles were set up as well, including previews of the Two Towers game. The guy I talked to was quite nice and knowledgable and didn't seem at all fazed by a woman asking about the games. He continually tried to make the comparison with chess, but I saw it as a more freeform version of say the old Stratego game, except there weren't any squares. Apparently each little figure had different skill levels, so a Elven archer could shoot a certain range and a soldier move a certain distance. I thought the whole game looked quite well done. Although as I pointed out, you could wind up rewriting the book if you weren't a good enough gamer... or a skilled general could switch the outcome. Looks fun as hell, but not a lot of fun alone.


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