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So the snow did appear. It's a slushy slippery mess outside, but it's only an inch, if that. It makes for some nervous moments walking home from the Metro, but otherwise it isn't too bad. What is really worrying is if the temperature drops tonight and it promptly freezes over. That would be bad.

Bad internet news of the day: Yahoo is apparently closing down Delicious, causing much consternation amongst some fandom circles. Some of the bigger communities use Delicious as their archives. Looking at alternatives is a little depressing though. You seem to need to install Google's toolbar to use their bookmarks option. Someone recommended Diigo as an alternative in the comments. You can easily import delicious but it'll take awhile. And I can imagine they're swamped with people with exactly the same idea.
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After using up my camera on local snow photos, my photos from St. Augustine are up on Flickr. I do wish I'd captured more of the wacky architecture but they're not too bad. I'm still deciding which snow photos to share. None of them really convey how bad the storms were.
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I speak to you from the snowy wastes of Northern Virginia. The Snowmaggedon continues to dump more snow on us. Usually we get one massive storm like this every ten years or so. Mother Nature and Father Winter are clearly fighting again because this is our *second* of those storms. My faux balcony is completely filled with snow. I can only imagine what the rest of the neighborhood looks like. The wind is a low howl up and down like it's some lost wolf cub out on the streets. Or maybe it's National Zoo wailing about losing Tai-Shan... *catty is catty* I don't think we'll be digging out anytime soon. This is a bad one.
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DC is looking to the skies anxiously tonight. We're supposed to get a ton of snow tomorrow through Saturday. I went ahead and did a grocery run on Thursday for necessaries. Work has shortened my little return assignment sadly with the possibility of coming back sometime next week.

That sums up the bad news. The good news is several fold: The foot doctor says I can switch over to two shoes, if I take it easy and do some calf stretches. I seem to have solved the computer issues last night with Windows Update & Chkdsk utility. One of those things did the trick, because I'm back to my usual browsing and writing and working. Safe mode was going to drive me nuts especially not having sound. Taxes are done and refunds are coming my way.

Curious news (if you know me -- I do not take after my namesake Ms Child): I have attempted boiling red potatoes and haven't killed myself that I can tell...

And the sad news today: Days of Our Lives' great matriarch Frances Reid died at the age of 95. She played the serene Alice Horton, everyone's favorite grandmother. I watched Days back in college. I remember when MacDonald Carey died in 1994 and they took out the second half of the credits. Only he could say "Like sands through the hourglass..." And I was reminded of Douglass Watson's death in 1989. He was already gone by the time I started watching AW so seeing the SoapNet reruns was like a revelation. And I remember what a hammer hearing him toast Thanksgiving in that 1988 rerun saying "I give you life!" knowing he'd be gone all too soon. We joke so often about death in soaps, but this... *cries*
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So to update my life:

The temp assignment ended on Friday with a bit of a whimper. The holiday party was on Thursday, so the bulk of the staff didn't bother coming in on Friday, so it was just the boss and me. That worked out well for a slow and leisurely day. During the day I learned about the impending snowstorm. So I trudged to the local store on the way home to load up on the essentials. Note to people in store: saving a place for someone in line is all nice and stuff, but when they bring in a massive cart of stuff? Don't expect the people behind you to be all friendly-like.

The snows are quite impressive. The white stuff has filled up the entirety of my non-balcony outside which makes for a scary sight. No power outages, thankfully. Hopefully all the roads and airports will be cleared in a few days when I disappear from DC for a week. Going from 30s to 60s/70s is going to be so much fun this year.

I spent some of the time emptying and deleting boxes, so I can return my apartment to some form of sanity. New bookshelves will just have to wait for the New Year, if at all. The amusing thing is I decided to try switching around some of the contents of said bookshelves to see if they'd fit better. So my skating shelf has been moved to a new location and I get to look at my writing and miscellaneous books from my bedside. [livejournal.com profile] suricattus gets good company with Nick Bantock & Jasper Fforde.

The only snag in all of this is on the technological front. I put together the computer, only to lack an internet connection. I have a cable internet/router combination. I think I have the correct ethernet/modem cables I just can't figure what goes where. And my entertainment unit is *still* in shambles. I really should have written down instructions for that. For a self-proclaimed geek, dvd/vcr hookups are strange and mysterious things. Plus finding the paper for the printer and the mp3 player cables...

Writing wise, not much to report, other than Yuletide successfully written and uploaded. [livejournal.com profile] remember_wenn is having its first annual fic fest in February and are taking prompts. I've dumped in a whole bunch of prompts.
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Oops, I haven't updated the personal lj in awhile. Not that there's a lot to say. I'm still employed for another two months or thereabouts. I had a surreal lunch hour Friday. First I sat behind a threesome of DC MPD officers in flak jackets. The nosy visiting New Yorker sitting next to me asked who they were, which prompted an interesting discussion of Metro's police force. None too complimentary either. Then I came back to the office to discover Mayor Fenty giving a press conference on the city's disability services dept. I don't know whether they were honoring someone or what. Fenty was pretty unimpressive in person, but maybe it was the hat.

The weather is so typical for DC. We get hit with a massive snowstorm on Monday, but by Saturday the temperatures are hovering around 70. Could we please make up our minds? One of my least favorite memories involved a March snowstorm -- I was a junior bridesmaid in one uncle's wedding. The bride decided to make these pretty little patterned sundresses with virtually no sleeves. To say I froze to death is being kind. The other uncle had his wedding in December and I wore a sensible psuedo velvet dress.

I am on something of a mission to make this apartment livable. I just donated two boxes of books to the library for their book sale. Attendees of the DC WFC may recognize some of those books sadly. I've shifted around some drawers to see if I can find some extra space for clothes, but really I need to dump a bunch of stuff. Much as I love Goodwill, I'm tempted to find a charity that does pickups instead. Any trustworthy places people trust? Living alone and without a car really hampers all my attempts. I have my own self to blame for some of this. That's just fact.

I am on Goodreads and Twitter both as mizzelle. I'll spare you the twitter crossposts. Most of it is comics chatter and the occasional backchatter. Nothing remarkable. If you go by reading habits, you'll probably think I'm the slowest reader on the face of the earth. And maybe you're right.
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So I'd heard rumblings that we might get another storm this weekend, consisting the ugly wintry mix I really despise this winter. Snow was only a maybe. I awoke to real honest to god white stuff. It's mostly stopped outside, but from the road reports, it isn't going to be pretty. There are calling for it to warm up over the week, so we might be spared the pure ice storm of Valentine's Day. After several mild winters with numerous near misses, Mother Nature is now making for lost time and a half. Who knew she got overtime?

[livejournal.com profile] menikoff posted a link to an extended preview for Showtime's "The Tudors". Oooh, look at the pretty. Everyone else can have their "Rome", but this one is right up my alley. Like her, I'm so terribly conflicted. The Tudor geek in me is curious and excited and the other part remembers that it is the same writer who did both Elizabeth and the upcoming The Golden Age. *whimpers*

I shall be curling up with a bowl of popcorn tonight for the Oscar festivities. Still have a few hours before the Red Carpet arrivals start for the fashion snark. Like Scarlett, I shall think about tomorrow... tomorrow.
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I had to go by the grocery store to pick up a prescription refill. I bought a few groceries to restock after the long weekend, but not enough to need a cab home. The weather has improved outside. Maybe I can walk home without any problems. Only to discover some idjit who didn't shovel their sidewalk at all! I can understand when the county misses that little section behind the library, because I suspect they forget that's part of their property, but for god's sake, have some common decency for the rest of the pedestrians. Have you ever tried to navigate in an aircast? Have you ever tried it in not-so-easy weather? I swear it's just like rock climbing, finding foot holes here and there and praying you don't slip. After halfway through, I was officially stuck. The clearest walk was the street and I didn't like my chances with oncoming traffic!

Fortunately there was a very nice lady who saw me and came across the street to help. She held the grocery bag while I slowly made the last way through. I don't know what I would have done if she hadn't stopped to help. There are a few Good Samaritans out there.
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My icon never felt so appropriate until right now. So the snowstorm finally appeared overnight. It's still coming down in places. This should make tomorrow interesting.

And [livejournal.com profile] bwaypella, Michelle Kwan is out of the Olympics. I'm sure some people are rolling their eyes and saying "I told you so", but I'm upset. And sad. She had two chances and the world passed her by. I just she'd been given one more.
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So they're talking that four letter word again around here. Yes, snow. After a month and half of "Is it winter?" confusion, the cold artic weather has returned with a threat of precipitation. Which means the mad supermarket run for bread, milk, and toilet paper can begin... The worst of the storm is supposed to hit on Saturday when I usually do groceries, so this could be entertaining.

Despite fairly long odds, I did finish my submission for CVS this week, my first attempt at alternate history. My father will be so proud of me. If he doesn't dissect the historical problems at length... another Virgo, you know. Oh well, I will force myself to submit this to that contest just to get into that mindset a little.

Grammys were rather boring actually. Winter Olympics are on the way, so I need to clear the dvr off of other stuff.
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And foot inside the aircast is cold (and wet)
And we still have to go into work an hour late...
Let it snow, let it snow...

Note to self: Remember to bring a spare sock and bandage if it's snowy/slushy outside, because inevitably said snow'll wind up soaking both clear through. Ugh. I want to be home now.
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DC is in a state of waiting. Everyone has gone for the milk and toilet paper. The other half have forgotten how to drive. I'm just hoping it waits until after I get home, so I don't have to slip and slide home.

Bama has a Cotton Bowl date with Texas Tech. Can our defense shut down their offense? I guess we'll find out, won't we?

Miracle of miracles, Skins actually managed to hang onto a victory in St Louis. The way Fox touted that Harvard qb, and played Veritas every chance they got, you'd think he was the second coming of Kurt Warner... or John Elway, considering Fitzpatrick could actually run.

Had my long overdue Nano reward night on Sunday, consisting of chocolate and Netflix.


Jan. 25th, 2004 11:06 pm
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So the weather guys were right for once. We're getting hit by the first big storm of the year. The balcony of my building is filling up with nice powdery fluffy white stuff. Knowing my luck, I'll still have to trudge into work tomorrow.

Watched the last couple of awards for Golden Globes. Oscars could be very interesting or very disappointing.
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I just looked outside my window. I was thinking the earlier snow might not have stuck. The balcony is covered with the white stuff.

I think my morning commute became a lot more interesting.
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The snow continues. I used to have a balcony. By the time this is over, I suspect the snow will have completely reached the top of the balcony. They're talking about more snow than we've had since 1996. That storm was 17 inches. Dear god.

I know those of you in colder climes are thinking "It's just two feet of snow." In this near-Southern confines of DC, it doesn't snow this much usually.

Uh... snow

Feb. 15th, 2003 03:07 pm
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Eeek, remember that massive snowstorm they promised us for the long weekend? We got it. Oye, do we have snow coming down.
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I love snow. Really. Nice and pretty and white and fluffy... as long as I don't have to trudge through it to report to work. Takes more than 6-9 inches to shut the feds down! *sigh* *wimper* Can I go home now?


Jan. 5th, 2003 02:47 pm
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Yeah, it's snowing here. It's supposed to last throughout the day. The accumulation is only supposed to be a few inches, but it looks pretty serious outside.

Oh *bleep*

Dec. 24th, 2002 03:29 pm
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When I said I wanted a White Christmas, this is not what I had in mind. I'm supposed to leave in several hours and there's this white stuff coming down outside. Oh dear god. This doesn't look good at all.


Dec. 11th, 2002 07:16 am
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I don't like ice. They should remain in cool drinks and skating rinks not on sidewalks. Especially not on uneven sidewalks that dip in odd places so you're walking downhill. I really really don't like ice. That is all.


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