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On the spur of the moment, I joined a 48 Hour Read-a-thon. The idea was to pick some books you wanted to read and to see how far you could get over the week. I attacked my pile of crime books. By some miracle, I managed to finished Richard Castle's Heat Wave and Dashiell Hammett's Maltese Falcon, the latter I've been meaning to finish for literally ages. I blogged about it over here. I will probably post a fuller review of Falcon once I get my thoughts together. I suspect a rewatch of the Huston movie may be in order with a comparison against the pre-code version. Since I don't drink, I'm not sure whether watching "Satan Met a Lady" sober is a good idea. Maltese Falcon is most definitely not a romantic comedy of any stripe.

One thing it did remind me I've put off was my eyes. I dug out my reading glasses, which helped a lot, but my eyes adjusted so well I'm now worried about my eyes. I haven't had an eye appointment since the last time I went to Pearle and went into hock. My old doctor moved so he's in the same building as my allergist, but he's no longer with Pearle. I still haven't decided whether I'll go back to him or find someone closer. I've heard horror stories about nearly every chain. I've also seen suggestions to take your prescription to one of the online places -- but then how do you know which frames to pick? It's almost worse than buying shoes online. And I have about as much chance of anything fitting right.
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Dear body,
You can stop hurting any time now. You can also feel free to get some rest. No really, Nano has been for over for a week, you can reset to our normal sleeping pattern. This insomnia stuff is for the birds and I don't mean the Orioles or Ravens. I realize you're older and you're not what you were, but please give it a try.

No love,
a very tired and sore me
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So my first Nationals game is Friday night at Nationals park against the Rangers, also known as the former Washington Senators. (We're preceding it with a short series against the Twins, the other former Senator franchise. Someone had fun with the schedule.) We'll be playing against a former Braves starter Kevin Millwood. I have no clue who the Nationals will be starting. I've been checking the Nats website and it's still TBA on Tuesday. They've been moving pitchers around from DL and minors for weeks now, so it could be a lesser name. I'd love it to be one of the big guns.

Health update: I saw a GP and we had fun drawing blood from me as usual. Not only do I have small veins, I have moving ones. It sounded like a bad horror novel "The Moving Vein". Anyone? They're checking the thyroid among other things. There's part of me that has liked having my 20-something metabolism back (it slowed down considerably post thirty), but I know that's probably not entirely healthy.
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So I continue to be a medical mystery. I went to the dentist this morning to see if my condition was teeth related. Aside from the jaw pain, I look fine. No abscesses, no weird swelling, nada. The only thing my dentist could suggest is that maybe my lymph nodes are going nuts. But we're no closer to figuring out why. And so it goes.

I'll post more on the needlework class this weekend later. Off to earn a "living" wage. Can you call it a living wage if you feel like death warmed over?
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Bloodwork came back normal. So why don't I feel that way?


Feb. 20th, 2008 03:37 pm
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The whole DC area is watching the skies. Snow is expected this afternoon and that invariably means everyone goes into a panic. Hmph I say.

The good news is I have a job! I had the interview today which went exceedingly well. They turned around and offered me to started on Monday morning. I'm a little nervous about it being such a small library. They're foreseeing the assignment as long term, but it's only four days a week, rather than full time. Having Friday off is going to be very odd indeed, but it may make MediaWest easier, if I only have to take one day off. (They're supposedly sending out hotel confirmations, but I'm still waiting. *taps foot impatiently*)

I also saw a doctor about my nagging pain in my abdomen. It's switched sides from before, so it's worrying. They're doing a bunch of blood tests to see if we can narrow things down and then we'll have a chat with the GI.

I'm off to have late lunch, take pills and find some comfort movies.
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The local library is having their fall book sale. I bought almost all mysteries with one glaring exception. The types of media are growing steadily to include everything from cds/dvds/vhs to even manga. Still a bit claustrophobic at times, but not nearly as bad as it used to be when they held it in the auditorium.

Then I headed off to pick up my glasses. They said one pair was ready on Friday. The optician was actually finishing the sunglasses when I arrived, so it was good timing. The lenses for my regular spectacles are more square than I expected. I'm used to more rounded ones. It'll take some getting used to. The bus route that runs that direction is annoying though. The express bus in the evenings run right by that shopping mall. The regular line cuts around it. Anyone who knows the Seven Corners area knows how bad it is. Now imagine being stuck on the opposite side of the road you need to be. I should checked the WMATA site beforehand, so I knew which cross streets I actually needed.

My poor Serenity keychain died last night. They gave them out at the preview screening. The keychain holder split nastily in half after I dropped it. So I swapped it out for the Sheppard/Weir one I bought at the last MediaWest. The timing given this season couldn't be worse...

Off to watch Bama-Florida State. Redskins have a bye week, so my Sunday is my own for a change.
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The glories of the coming of the new prescription. Lately I've noticed just enough of a blurring of my distance vision to make me concerned. I'd had it checked a few years ago, but it hadn't been that different, but I did wind up with new reading glasses. Finally last night I hailed out to Seven Corners to get checked out at my venerable eye place. I think I've always gone to that location, even before it changed to Pearle. Have I mentioned I loathe the glaucoma test where they puff air at you? They tell you not to blink, but it's a reflex action. The actual exam was pretty painless, just an adjustment of the old prescription. "Is one or two better? Is that worse?" They do think it'll make my vision a little clearer. Then I went to find new spectacles. I hate picking out the right frames, so I'm glad the opticians are so intuitive on what works and what doesn't on my face. I wound up getting two pairs, one regular and one sunglasses.

I took a quick stop across the way at the Barnes & Noble for new manga. I picked up the latest volume of Gunslinger Girl, which ADV is finally releasing. I have the anime on my Netflix. I also bought the first volume of La Corda D'oro, a shoujo book set in a music school. I was curious after seeing an article in the last Shoujo Beat on some of the classical pieces mentioned in the series. I may regret picking up the Dark Horse translation of the Dirty Pair book. They're definitely an acquired taste.

I discovered to my horror they'd changed the bus stop at that shopping center. I'm not wild about the new location. That led me to getting home too late for the "Heroes" premiere! Horrors! Thank god for dvrs. I have to reset my brain to "tv watching season", because it's been on summer saving time
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[livejournal.com profile] audiography's new topic is Washington DC. For all that I've lived in this area all my life, I'm having a hard time thinking of related songs, aside from Tori Amos' "Gold Dust" and the couple of Arlington songs. Pity none of my Hexagon stuff is on cd, so I could share political satire.

Still having a lot of sinus issues, mostly hanging around my ears. I have a feeling if I could get them unclogged the rest of my sinuses would follow.

After a trip to the Falls Church needlework & comics store over the weekend, I randomly have a new needlework project. I haven't done cross stitch in awhile. I managed to get a copy of the David Tennant pattern from the UK Cross Stitcher magazine, so I've started on it. The pattern isn't the greatest, just a very basic side face shot, no back stitching involved with about seven or eight colors. I fussed over choosing the fabrics forever at the store, finally enlisting some help from the shop owner. I really didn't want to use white. I'm not wild about the natural linen shades either, but I thought it gave it a little more zing. Only to discover there were unstitched parts of the pattern, so we'll see how it works as a background. Yes, I will post updates eventually when there's enough progress. Cross Stitcher has already posted a picture of someone's completed version to show how it'd look finished and in white. And a British fan adds her finished version in antique white aida.
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This icon is getting a lot of use already. Appropriate given the downpour we had earlier this afternoon. Given that the weather is unhealthy hazy hot and humid, it's not surprising thunderstorms are also in the equation. We're supposed to get more tomorrow when my apartment building has scheduled the window cleaning. Why do they always schedule it for the crazy hot summer?

Henman surprised everyone and outlasted Moya in five sets, only to play another charming Spaniard today. Or he was supposed to, but it's Wimbledon, therefore the weather is subject to change at any moment. He only got in two games of the first set before the rain came in. At least he'll have more time to recover from the five set match, but he has to regear himself up for this match.

I saw an ENT yesterday. Pretty anticlimatic there. He examined my sinuses and after some time gave me a stronger medication to see if it'll clear up the infection. At this point, I'm just hoping it works, because June has been utterly miserable thus far.
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So I saw the allergist this morning. He wants me to start irrigating my sinuses with a combination of coarse salt and baking soda with the idea it might clear out my head. He also wants me to temporarily take the Flonase twice a day rather than usual once. That actually makes me more nervous than doing stuff to my sinuses. I'm hoping something helps. Because hoping the front will move out and my sinuses will spontaneously drain is apparently too much to ask.
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Ironically I was going to post a "state of me" post this weekend. For a change, my health has been pretty good. The new IBS meds have been doing what they're supposed to. And then last night happened. It was a pretty much a repeat of the previous ankle injury, except this time I was wearing tennis shoes. I was curled up watching television and finally decided to make dinner. My left foot had fallen asleep a little. When I stood up, I misstepped and felt my left ankle painfully collapse again. I was hoping it was a little "owie" that would go away. When it didn't, I dug out the venerable old aircast out of the closet. Hopefully that will stabilize it until I've had a chance to see a doctor tomorrow. As bad as it feels, I'm a little afraid I've broken something this time. I'm crossing my fingers for the best. I swear I'm the clumsiest person I know, if I can injury myself this badly by just standing up off the sofa!

The weekend hadn't started off that badly, all things considered. I had paid a few bills and spent some money at Barnes & Noble. I joke that I only become a country music fan for the two months of "Nashville Star". Not quite true, but I do seem to buy more of that music then, if only because I'm exposed to new music, like Little Big Town. I also picked up one of Alison Krauss' albums I'm missing. I also bought the first of Jim Butcher's "Dresden Files" books. Already I can see the massive differences between book and tv versions of the characters, but I'm not as attached to either versions yet.

Writing wise, there's not much to report. I left the Thursday writing group earlier in the month. It just seemed like the right time.
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The colonoscopy went smoothly. The nurse said they were quite impressed with how cleaned out my colon was. I’m glad to hear that since last night’s cleansing was a horrific experience, not one I care to repeat anytime soon. My colon waited until almost the max allowable time for the pills to work and then the liquid made me massively nauseous at the end. The doctor found internal hemorrhoids, but no other issues. He wants me to up my fiber intake and add a vitamin D supplement. Apparently my vitamin D levels were really low, which would account for some of the absorption issues. We haven't dealt with the stomach issues yet. That'll be right before I go down to Florida for the holidays. Joy.

I was so dehydrated they had issues finding a vein in me for the IV. They even needed to pull in the anaethesiologist to do the job. At least she didn't want to put on in my hand. Since that'd be my dominant hand, I didn't like the idea of not being able to use it! But at least I'm not too wiped out. The nap afterwards helped.

After a five hour nap, we went back to the Virginia DMV with my paperwork. It wasn't nearly as crowded or busy on a Wednesday afternoon as a Saturday morning. Go figure. I nearly had heart failure though when the attendant almost didn't want to take the college transcript. The seal had been broken from the last time I used it so it was considered "unofficial". Fortunately she got that cleared. So after I paid my bucks and they took my picture, I was all official.


Nov. 28th, 2006 09:52 am
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I'm home. I'm only moderately awake. The sedatives make you a little out of it, but not nearly as much as I remember for the wisdom teeth. Pretty painless and quick. I literally blinked and was done. They took you into this recovery room that reminded me more of a beauty parlor with large easy chairs. The results are mostly expected: gastritis with a hiatal hernia. The latter is what caused the heartburn there. He took a bunch of tissue samples to see if anything is really out of the ordinary. Dr. H does think I have a slow stomach based on his readings. He doesn't think I need the stomach emptying test. We're still a go for the colonscopy, so hopefully that'll explain my other issues. At least we know part of the problem.

Now I just want to sleeep. And something to drink. And maybe someone to finish my Nano for me?


Nov. 9th, 2006 02:22 am
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I feel absolutely miserable tonight. I may want to consider moving up either of my procedures before this gets any worse.
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It's freezing cold outside this morning, so of course the first thought is ice cream, right?

In the past, I've mourned the loss the Bob Peck Chevrolet and the disappearance of Hechts, so it was nice to see the reappearance of a local institution: Gifford's Ice Cream. After disappearing in the early 1980s, they're back and opening new stores in the DC area. The Arlington ice cream parlor used to be right up the street from me as a kid, the current location of the Joe's Pizza at Lee Harrison.

Not that I could have ice cream these days without help from Lactaid. My stomach fu has moved down into my internal plumbing, causing all kinds of havoc. I'm still trying to find a doctor to see me and praying that it's something managable. Ironically that lovely time of month reared its usual bloating and cramping at the same time, if only because I could deal with that pain. I understood that discomfort.
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The Doctor Who season 1 dvds finally showed up today. Alas I have too many other things to do to watch them. *sighs* Not fair.

I feel horrible. My head has somewhat calmed down from the raging place it was two hours ago, but only because of emergency stop for Tylenol. Meanwhile, I came home to discover they're getting ready to wash the windows, so I'll have to spend part of my weekend moving stuff around. Can we say not too pleased?

As an addendum to the Knitted Squid, there is also the Giant Corduroy Squid. Just in case you needed something to do with your old cords.


Jul. 1st, 2006 11:49 am
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So I saw the doctor yesterday. For a change, it actually looks like the winner is strep, rather than the usual URI or allergies. I don't know whether to be grateful or just hide under the covers. My stomach is rather partial to the former idea. I'll probably split the difference and curl up on the couch and watch my tennis. *ignores the World Cup*

And apparently we're having an up-up-up! today in Florida with the Discovery launch.

Happy Canada Day, my Canuck friends! When I was in Victoria for B.C. Day a few years ago, I remember one of the tour guides at the castle saying they could see both Canadian and American fireworks celebrations from where they were.
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Apparently Metro is giving away free goodies at my home stop over lunch hour. This prompted some blogger reading Express to refer to Va Square one of the more worthless stops on the Orange line only for law school students and those who can't find Ballston. While true, those of us who live in between Ballston and Clarendon corridor are grateful for the alternative, so there.

[livejournal.com profile] makinglight had made the observation after our flooding that it felt like we were in Kim Stanley Robinson's "Forty Sign of Rain", which I skimmed at the writer's group meeting. It described one of the few accurate descriptions of the Washington Metro I've read, complete with a reference to the Tivoli pastry place at Ballston.

Health wise, I'm beginning to think this June is payback for all the times I grumbled privately about friends or relatives' health problems. I've felt horrible lately. I just wanted to call it a week, especially after the hellish commute on Wednesday when I stood all the way to Metro Center in a jam packed train. I wish my stomach would go ahead and decide whether it's actually sick or something else. I've been well enough to get through work for most of the week, but I will definitely disappear for the weekend. It's really tempting to take Monday off.

I never thought I'd say this but... I can't wait until July.
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I'm back at work. I'm feeling much better. The head still has its moments, but the doctor did say the symptoms would hang around for a week or so. Believe me, I'm not pushing it.

I taped the Tonys. I went in with zero expectations this year. I wasn't familiar with many of the nominees. "Jersey Boys" unexpectedly won my heart with their performance, which isn't really surprising. My mother was a massive Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons fan, so I grew up on that music, even more so than the Beatles or the Rolling Stones. Needless to say, she was pleased the boys did so well. I liked the "Drowsy Chaperone" too. I was amused at a Canadian group doing an old fashioned American showstopper. Part of me is glad Harry Connick's verve is rubbing off on Broadway, but I'm still always wild about his singing choices. Too much of a traditionalist in some ways...


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