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Dining alone is always an adventure of some kind. They'll stuff you in some back corner near the kitchen or some odd alcove. They'll forget about you occasionally, as has happened at breakfast. There's no one to talk to, so I usually remember to have a notebook on hand... except when I forget a pen of any kind. Oops.

PF Changs is if nothing else unique in its issues. I only usually order one thing: crispy honey chicken. Wherein I have way too sensitive a palette )
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So Netflix had a perverse sense of humor/timing. For my last batch of 3-dvds-a-day, they sent me a hodge podge of material. I'd actually seen "Next Avengers" already, but the featurettes were amusing if only to see how many young teen groups no longer existed. And to realize how many of that crowd is still working with Marvel in their movies and animation. I had the first dvd of season two of "West Wing" since I've gone on a rewatch binge again. Since my dvds dropped down to one on the 15th, I had to quickly pack first season and then slam right into the second. I still react the same to most of the episodes. It's funny what parts are more dated than others. "What Kind of Day has it Been?" is weird for me because of the Columbia references and having the Newseum in Rosslyn, where it's not located anymore. In some ways, Washington stays very much the same and in other ways time marches on.

I was supposed to get three dvds, but Netflix couldn't get me "Avengers 62" immediately so they sent me wait for it, yes the next one on the list. So suddenly I had to pare down 4 dvds to 1. The next one on the list was the "My Name is Modesty" movie in my attempt see all the versions of Modesty Blaise. I've written about the god-awful 60s spy version over here. I've also "ahemmed" the failed TV pilot with Ann Turkel. "My Name is Modesty" covers her earlier career with the Network and a version of her history. I did like the conceit that that may or may not have been the truth with Modesty pulling a Scheherazade stringing the villain along with her stories. It was closer to the comics/novels, but still missing the mark on several fronts. The story was basically split between the current storyline and the flashbacks. I really missed Willie Garvin's presence. Alexandra Staden was a tall slim Modesty, but she almost seemed too slight for my tastes. She reminded me of someone I can't put a finger on who though. Seeing the New Amsterdam lead actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as a villain was certainly odd. I haven't watched the extras, but I'll try to look at them in my copious free time.

"Avengers 62" is early Cathy Gale/fill-in episodes. Those are fairly slow going so far.
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I speak to you from the snowy wastes of Northern Virginia. The Snowmaggedon continues to dump more snow on us. Usually we get one massive storm like this every ten years or so. Mother Nature and Father Winter are clearly fighting again because this is our *second* of those storms. My faux balcony is completely filled with snow. I can only imagine what the rest of the neighborhood looks like. The wind is a low howl up and down like it's some lost wolf cub out on the streets. Or maybe it's National Zoo wailing about losing Tai-Shan... *catty is catty* I don't think we'll be digging out anytime soon. This is a bad one.
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DC is looking to the skies anxiously tonight. We're supposed to get a ton of snow tomorrow through Saturday. I went ahead and did a grocery run on Thursday for necessaries. Work has shortened my little return assignment sadly with the possibility of coming back sometime next week.

That sums up the bad news. The good news is several fold: The foot doctor says I can switch over to two shoes, if I take it easy and do some calf stretches. I seem to have solved the computer issues last night with Windows Update & Chkdsk utility. One of those things did the trick, because I'm back to my usual browsing and writing and working. Safe mode was going to drive me nuts especially not having sound. Taxes are done and refunds are coming my way.

Curious news (if you know me -- I do not take after my namesake Ms Child): I have attempted boiling red potatoes and haven't killed myself that I can tell...

And the sad news today: Days of Our Lives' great matriarch Frances Reid died at the age of 95. She played the serene Alice Horton, everyone's favorite grandmother. I watched Days back in college. I remember when MacDonald Carey died in 1994 and they took out the second half of the credits. Only he could say "Like sands through the hourglass..." And I was reminded of Douglass Watson's death in 1989. He was already gone by the time I started watching AW so seeing the SoapNet reruns was like a revelation. And I remember what a hammer hearing him toast Thanksgiving in that 1988 rerun saying "I give you life!" knowing he'd be gone all too soon. We joke so often about death in soaps, but this... *cries*


Jun. 22nd, 2009 10:10 pm
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For those who haven't heard, there was a horrific crash on the DC's Metro system at evening rush hour. I am fine. I was home all day. I found out about the accident on twitter of all places when [livejournal.com profile] suricattus asked the DC metro riding folk to check in. I'm usually coming home on the orange line most of the time, but my last assignment was on the red line at Union Station. I probably would have found a way over to Metro Center to find a way home.


Jun. 20th, 2009 02:47 am
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I hate this weather. My apartment becomes unbearable in this humidity. And the dehumidifier doesn't seem to put a dent in it. So I can't sleep. From the looks of the weather forecast, it doesn't look it'll clear out until Monday at the earliest.
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So the inspectors for the county just left. All they needed to do was verify the number of rooms and bathrooms. *breathes a sigh of relief* On the bright side, the apartment is cleaner and less cluttered than it has been in ages. I still need to attack the piles of paper. It's rather disconcerting having things so neat for a change. The bulk of my clothes actually fit in the closets rather than in haphazard piles.

On the minus side, I had a dentist visit this morning. Three fillings! However many hours later, my jaw and tongue now have sensation again. I hate getting numbing injections with a passion, but I hate recovering from them even more. I also didn't work the extra days this week. I was really only annoyed I didn't find out until after I'd come all the way into work, after the nastiest morning thunderstorm I've heard in DC in a long time. We usually get the nighttime ones that spook me. And less than fifteen minutes later, it was gone. Weird!
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Not quite but close enough. Tonight was the opening of the spring book sale at the local library. I've never gone to the Thursday/Friday openings because I was either working or wasn't a member of the Friends of the Library. They were selling memberships at the door, so I thought it'd be nice to see what treasures I miss by going on Saturday or Sunday. Wow. Wow. I'd forgotten how crowded and cutthroat these events can be. One person grumpily asked why some guy was taking all the science fiction paperbacks and basically "because I want them" was the response. I brought a tote bag. Other people brought massive wheelie carts, boxes, you name it. I relied on my fine old memory, because I'm not used to actually finding what I'm looking for. Others looked through the piles with iPhones/pdas/lists in hand. I came home with a full bag of books for a little over $30, including over a dozen Margery Allingham books. I was a little nervous when I found that motherload, since I knew the titles sometimes vary between American & British editions, but I only wound up with one duplicate. I'll need to have that list with me the *next* time I go hunting for more Campion. They've expanded into nearly every format imaginable including cds,dvds, books on tape, and graphic novels.

Now I just have to decide what to read next.
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Hello everyone. Yes, I'm still alive. I'm still working for another month or so. The indexing has been a little crazy lately, especially with all the foreign languages involved.

I joined the throngs down on the mall for the opening weekend of the Cherry Blossom Festival this afternoon. I picked a lovely if extremely windy day to see the blooming things. The blossoms were out in all their glory. I did not make the full circuit of the Tidal Basin this time, stopping at the bridge before heading back. I anticipated a lot more walking today since I wanted to check out the Sakura Matsuri, the Japanese street festival, on the other side of the mall. They'd taken over the stretch of 12th st near the Old Post Office and Ronald Reagan building. They had a whole ton of vendors serving various food. The lines were insane though.

The other T included the more Japanese portion of our story with vendors offering their wares. Kinokuniya sadly looked rather picked over and depressing. Local groups also demonstrated different aspects of Japanese culture. I came upon the Go demonstration where local players would play against anyone, even a complete and utter beginner like me. I gamely lost like a football fan I am -- 23-7. Where some players would patiently show you the rules, my pro seemed to prefer to dump you into the deep end and then partway through start peppering you with questions or suggestions. Alas Akira or Hikaru (or dear goofy Sai) I will not be.

After a false start, I found my way to the J-pop corner. People were playing an array of DDR, Karaoke, and Guitar Hero/Rock Band video games. I couldn't DDR very well on a good day. I couldn't imagine it after a long day of walking around. Katsucon was trying to win people over, as were other artists and dealers. I was afraid I was late for the main star, Ai Kawashima, but she'd just taken the stage by the time I arrived. I'm honestly not too familiar with a lot of j-pop stars, but she performs one of the "One Piece" themes. She used a keyboard to accompany her. I liked her second song "Tabidachi no hi ni...". Unfortunately it's also the name of another song, a graduation song, so finding more info on it has been trying, aside from the video. I stayed through a couple of songs, before I decided to head home. I was exhausted.

Metro was insane, made only worse by a rather belligerent rider on our train cussing out someone. That he was holding onto a stroller only made me fear more for his children. I was grateful to finally get to my stop and escape the madness.

I've uploaded my photos onto Flickr, including some of the local blooming things at the library.
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Oops, I haven't updated the personal lj in awhile. Not that there's a lot to say. I'm still employed for another two months or thereabouts. I had a surreal lunch hour Friday. First I sat behind a threesome of DC MPD officers in flak jackets. The nosy visiting New Yorker sitting next to me asked who they were, which prompted an interesting discussion of Metro's police force. None too complimentary either. Then I came back to the office to discover Mayor Fenty giving a press conference on the city's disability services dept. I don't know whether they were honoring someone or what. Fenty was pretty unimpressive in person, but maybe it was the hat.

The weather is so typical for DC. We get hit with a massive snowstorm on Monday, but by Saturday the temperatures are hovering around 70. Could we please make up our minds? One of my least favorite memories involved a March snowstorm -- I was a junior bridesmaid in one uncle's wedding. The bride decided to make these pretty little patterned sundresses with virtually no sleeves. To say I froze to death is being kind. The other uncle had his wedding in December and I wore a sensible psuedo velvet dress.

I am on something of a mission to make this apartment livable. I just donated two boxes of books to the library for their book sale. Attendees of the DC WFC may recognize some of those books sadly. I've shifted around some drawers to see if I can find some extra space for clothes, but really I need to dump a bunch of stuff. Much as I love Goodwill, I'm tempted to find a charity that does pickups instead. Any trustworthy places people trust? Living alone and without a car really hampers all my attempts. I have my own self to blame for some of this. That's just fact.

I am on Goodreads and Twitter both as mizzelle. I'll spare you the twitter crossposts. Most of it is comics chatter and the occasional backchatter. Nothing remarkable. If you go by reading habits, you'll probably think I'm the slowest reader on the face of the earth. And maybe you're right.


Oct. 18th, 2008 10:34 pm
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I was nearly awoken by the sound of music. Not the dulcet sounds of the radio, but the blaring of the high school marching band. They were having one last practice session before going off to some competition. I could do without hearing "West Side Story" again.

The cable company is coming tomorrow. My dvr/cable box is doing that weird thing where it freezes and resets completely. It's happen often enough to replace it with a new version. Hopefully that will solve the problem. I will lose whatever I've already recorded on it. I'm thinking certain shows are lost causes for me this year. If I haven't gotten around to watching them, it's probably not going to happen.

So I've been trying to make sense of my closets. I need to go through my pants and dump whatever ones don't fit anymore. I'm really missing my old long closet at my parents' house. Never mind how many clothes it could hold, the number of comics long boxes was just astounding. *grins* Why, yes, I'm a geek, can you tell?

I've also been watching old soap operas. Along with old Another World & Search for Tomorrow, AOL Video has old episodes of the half hour soap Edge of Night. I really wish I'd known about that soap when it was airing. The mystery plots would have appealed to me. It's serving to cleanse the palette of "All My Children", which is rather horrid right now. It is a little disconcerting when I recognize a familiar face. The weirdest is Denny Albee who plays a police detective on Edge. Another World fans might recognize him if his hair was shorter as the smooth and villainous Drew Marsden. Eureka fans would recognize his partner Deborah Saxon aka the delightful Frances Fisher still sporting her short red hair. Could Edge be considered an early AU? Originally it was supposed to be a daytime drama version of "Perry Mason".
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This is August? *shakes head* Believe me, I'm not complaining, but going from 90s to mid 70s/80s is very very strange and wonderful. Needless to say, I took full advantage of the cool breezes and sunshine at lunch. I went back to my lunch spot.

I found the island/inlet. It's tiny. It makes Roosevelt Island look like a sprawling complex by comparison. They have a nice little memorial for the signers of the Declaration of Independence, grouped together by colony. As a 1776 geek, I went through the names quoting all the way. You'll notice who wasn't included in the musical. Several characters were condensed. You'll also notice who isn't included in the Pennsylvania delegation; John Dickinson didn't sign, after all.

I need to remember a camera. And to find time to head over to the DAR Museum for the sampler exhibit. It closes at the end of the month. I just wish they were open a little later during the week.
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Couple of links:
OTR on Wisconsin Public Radio: Over three hundred old time radio programs of varying types on WPR.
July 1942: United We Stand: Fascinating exhibit I seem to have missed when it was around. "In July 1942, seven months after the United States entered World War II, magazines nationwide featured the American flag on their covers. Adopting the slogan United We Stand, some five hundred publications waved the stars and stripes to promote national unity, rally support for the war, and celebrate Independence Day."

This afternoon I did something fairly radical -- I went outside for lunch. Usually I just make do with the cafeteria. There aren't any restaurants or eating places in my corner of DC. But the weather was gorgeous outside (sunny, warm, and not much humidity) and I wanted to stretch my legs. You can go a little nuts down here with no windows or outside human contact. There was a CVS a few blocks up, so I thought I'd go there. Until I spotted the time honored noble hot dog stand. Not fancy and not particularly healthy, but it would do. Instead of walking back towards my office, I went across Constitution towards some inviting park benches in front of a little pond. I should have either brought my camera or played hooky for the rest of the day. It was that lovely outside. It really did remind me how beautiful DC can be, for all its massive flaws. From the maps, I appear to have found the Constitution Gardens next to the Vietnam War Memorial. It even appears to have some sort of island in the middle which I didn't see.
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Okay, can we do that night over again?

Newsflash everyone: Yes, DC's summers are hot and sticky and miserable. Why is this a surprise? The air conditioners must know this, because none of them are working this year. The Metro cars were the only ones with real air conditioning. My building doesn't seem to have functioning a/c in this corner either.

The apartment building's a/c broke down. They're rush ordering a part and maybe it'll show up today (*prays and crosses fingers*) or tomorrow. That estimate is far better than the initial week we started out with! I couldn't have survived a week in those conditions. So needless to say, I'm making alternative entertainment plans tonight. The current plan is to flee to Court House for the 7 pm showing of "Iron Man" and put my faith in Tony Stark. (I can't believe I just wrote that. The DC fangirl in me is horrified.)
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The Metro system is enough to make anyone frustrated this week. Last night we had a train derailment at Court House that snarled traffic left and right. Tonight another delay left people scrambling all over the place. After waiting at Foggy Bottom through umpteen trains, I said "Okay, take the Blue and go to Rosslyn, you can catch a bus." And the buses were equally backed up. All this on the tail end of a stretch of the hottest heat wave in June. If Metro wants to promote public transportation as a viable alternative, they'd better get their collected rears in gear, now, before they lose their ridership from heat stroke!

Tomorrow the heat is supposed to come down a little... please let it be so.
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It's not a good sign when your little WeatherBug display on your taskbar turns blood red and says 100, is it? I can only hope it's slightly better tomorrow and that Scarlet Thread has good air conditioning for the class tomorrow.

Shoujo Beat must have sensed I needed a cooling off. They're previewing the skating manga Sugar Princess in their latest issue. I didn't quite laugh at the opening pages at the idea of a rank beginner landing a double axel their first time skating, much less turning her into a pairs skater. But the accompanying article on the sports popularity in Japan was nice. I do wish they'd given more credit to Arakawa, but their focus was on Mao Asada and Miki Ando, along with a little bit on Mirai Nagasu. With her dual citizenship, the Japanese federation is apparently hoping they can woo her over.
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The salesperson in the local FYE had an intriguing accent today, so being nosy I asked where he was from. A little town in England called Portsmouth. He admitted he toned down his accent at work, then he spoke briefly at full speed. I really must be watching too much British TV because I had no trouble figuring out what he was saying. He was even a fellow watcher of Dr Who and Torchwood, too. Almost makes up for losing my ultra geeky Suncoast guy. Almost.
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Huh. Liz Crenshaw, the local NBC4 consumer reporter, was at Ballston today. She was arranging displays of flowers. The camera & light umbrella were nearby so clearly she was taping a piece for later. It dawned on me upon further reflection that Mother's Day is fast upon us and everyone will be wanting to find the best deals on flowers.

I tried the Noodles & Company today for lunch. It works on a similar theory as the Big Bowl. You pick your noodles and you can add beef/chicken/etc. I can even have plain buttered noodles. However, their Italian seasonings are still a bit more seasoning than I like. (I really am a plain eater.)
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Apparently I don't have to go over to Baltimore to ride the water taxi anymore. Alexandria has looked across the river at the new Nationals Park and decided they want a part of the action themselves. So they've started a free trolley down to the waterfront. At the harbor, you can catch a water taxi across to the Maryland side at National Harbor. The trip will run about $14 for twenty minutes. The water taxi service is run by Potomac Riverboat Company. Nifty way to link up the two sides of the river.
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I was awoken by the sound of singing children. We appear to have some Easter event going on. They're over at the high school and using the booming microphone I usually only associate with Friday night football games. Oh fun.


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