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Disappointing news to start off the new year. PGP Classic Soaps blog posted the news that as of 2009 AOL would no longer be streaming old episodes of Another World, Edge of Night, Search for Tomorrow and Texas. They're working on alternative methods so maybe the break will be temporary, but I'm afraid we'll lose all the episodes that were already streamed. I haven't had time to watch all the EON or AW episodes! There's valuable pop culture I'm missing out on. 1991 era Another World is still airing on Hulu. I'm not even sure where they are in the storyline.
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I did my usual guilty glance at the soap mags at the grocery store checkout stand. I expected to see the news on Eileen Herlie, but I didn't expect to see another loss of a great actress: Irene Dailey who died back in September. For me, Irene Dailey would always be best known as the meddling Liz "Aunt Liz" Matthews on Another World. She had a opinion on everything and Bay City's worst gossip and busybody. If there was old laundry that pertained to a storyline, she'd be the first one to tell everyone about it.

They don't make characters like those anymore.
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I'm staring at my computer screen in disbelief.

Another World is back. Not on Soapnet, but on Hulu.com, full episodes starting exactly where the last run stopped in 1991. The older episodes are still going on AOL, but I think they've pulled some of the earlier ones they ran.

Proof positive nothing ever dies in soap operas...
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Having a "late game" on Sunday has some good side effects. I duped the last two Boston Blackie movies off the dvr onto tape. I'll have to keep a weather eye on TCM to see if they ever reair "Alias Boston Blackie". I didn't find this batch as interesting as the "Watching the Detectives" group, but mostly these were from the later years of the Columbia series. I still haven't duped off "Dirigible", a 1931 Frank Capra movie with pre-King Kong Fay Wray.

As a fan of the Big Finish audios, it's nice to see the [livejournal.com profile] bigfinishlove community. They're running an Big Finish DW audio ficathon. I'm debating whether to sign up for that. I'm leaning in favor of it now, but we'll see.

I've mentioned that 1980 era "Another World" is on AOL Video. In a weird surprise, I've discovered Kevin Conroy (better known as the animated voice of Batman) playing on two of the Proctor & Gamble soaps, "AW" and "Search for Tomorrow" in diametrically opposite roles. If you're a soap fan (or even play the spot the star game), SFT is a trippy trippy experience. I've only watched two episodes from 1984 or thereabouts, and besides Kevin, I've seen Jane Krakowski, Malachy McCourt, Lisa Peluso and Matthew Ashford. If you've watched AW, you'll also recognize long time regular Larry Haines. He briefly played Ada's 1940s era sweetheart & master chef Sidney Sugarman.
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And my fandoms collide in odd ways...

Remember I mentioned that Melinda Mullins appeared as a day player on the old NBC soap "Another World"? Her two episodes popped up on Soapnet's repeats, just before the cancellation. I was surprised to see an email she'd sent someone on the home page of the Another World Home Page recounting her experience working on AW. It sounded like a thankless job.


Apr. 6th, 2007 07:30 pm
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So the last episode of Another World aired on Soapnet this afternoon. I can finally switch my dvr back to taping AMC during its timeslot and avoid the channel altogether. Good riddance!

Remember I found myself wondering what the final image they'd leave us with would be? I almost wish I hadn't. Cass & Frankie fans received a real slap in the face. The final scene for Soapnet's airing was Cass kissing Kathleen! (And also apparently the same actor who played Frankie's killer showed up playing a different character during the week, so it was a double slap in the face.)

Why do I feel like I've lost my friends all over again? At least this time I can go back to some of the old tapes.
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I spent this weekend catching up on clearing off some stuff from the DVR. Next week will be depressing when I tape off the last of SoapNet's AW episodes, but at least it'll save tape. Part of me is glad not to watch the show's downward spiral and the other part of me is really irritated they're leaving the show when Cass & Frankie, my favorite couple, isn't happy or together. I wanted to like Kathleen. I had liked her when she appeared briefly in Cass' vision (proof positive appearing as spirits is no indication of death in soap opera land) -- she was quite fun. But the one who actually rose from the dead seemed written from a different book, annoyed that Cass had moved on and someone else was living her life, like it was her right. Sorry dear, you may have been there first, but I do think Cass deserved better.

The other things I dropped off the DVR was a series of 8 "Boston Blackie" movies aired as part of TCM's "Watching the Detectives" series. All of the movies were a little over an hour in length, somewhat predictable in that you know a) there's a crime b) Farraday blames Boston Blackie c) Boston Blackie clears himself.

Columbia almost took the opposite approach as the "Shadow" series where the love interest was concerned. For the Shadow, Margo Lane was an addition for the radio series. Pulp fans were irate when she started to be included, encroaching on their hallowed territory. The Boston Blackie original short stories by Jack Boyle included Blackie's girlfriend/wife Mary. Mary showed up in the radio series as his regular gal pal. In the movies, however, all the male regulars stayed the same, but the female characters changed, allowing Boston Blackie to play opposite a new hapless dame or two each time and give Columbia a chance to test a few would-be stars. And those movies were filled with those. Robert Osbourne pointed out most of the notable ones when he introduced each movie. A lot of them went on to play in various film noir roles, not surprisingly. Chester Morris and Richard Lane played off each other brilliantly as Blackie and Farraday.
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"Another World" has been canceled again, this time courtesy of Soapnet. The official word was posted by a moderator on the message board. The last airdate will be April 6th to make room for "The O.C." and "One Tree Hill". We weren't the only classic soap screwed. Both "Port Charles" and "Ryan's Hope" will be cut back to airing only once a week, while staples like "Dallas" and "90210" get multiple reairings. I remember how it felt when AW was canceled the first time around. I hadn't watched in years, but I watched that last episode out of some odd sense of loyalty. Ironically "Passions", the show it was replaced by, was also canceled this season. Maybe someone will get the idea for a classic soap channel or something. At least that'll clear up the dvr of space. I wonder what the last scene will be on the 6th, where they'll leave us...
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We have more snow coming down. Apparently they're nice localized snow squalls and one is smack over my county. Lovely. So glad it's a long weekend.

I did my usual catch up with a week's worth of "Another World". Melinda Mullins made at least one more appearance as annoying reporter Connie Kaminsky. The "Who shot Jake" saga is mostly over, thank god, although the repercussions continue. Even at the time I remember wondering when it would end. With Carl's arrival, I think we've finally reached the point I stopped watching "Another World" before its end. As an ardent Cass/Frankie fan, I was not pleased to see Kathleen reappear from the dead. But it was good to see a soap actually use and remember its history with Vince's appearances and how they integrated the reactions to Carl. In some ways, this old soap is a nice reminder of what the genre can be. It'll be depressing when the recasts start happening and I won't recognize half the cast though.
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I stayed home today. I appear to aggravated my foot further on Saturday. I'm a little worried the old aircast isn't supporting me properly and causing additional problems, so I may be getting a replacement. Just one more expense I don't need. *sighs*

I finally tried watching the old Another World episodes on AOL Video. From what I can determine, the first episode is set in summer 1980, back when they were juggling storylines between AW and its spinoff Texas. Like watching the old "Days" eps, it was interesting to see who I recognized and who I didn't. This episode the Matthews clan was front and center. Aside from Liz and Olivia, they're almost all gone by the time I started watching. Russ was getting married yet again. Mitch was causing trouble with Rachel. Rachel was pregnant with Matthew. Rachel, Ada, and Liz still look about the same today. This was the first time I'd seen the Beverlee McKinsey Iris. I've only known the Carmen Duncan version. Probably not the best scenes to meet her from either.
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Speaking of Hilary, was that Melinda Mullins (circa 1991) I see playing a reporter on yesterday's Another World repeat? Her hair's much shorter, but I know that voice and that smirking twinkle anywhere. I'll have to wait to see if we get full credits at the end. Pity I can't do screencaps off vhs. (Ironically Donna Murphy is in the same courtroom scene as the DA, so Hilary and Ruth in the same episode.)

This shouldn't be that much of a surprise to me actually. AW was filmed in New York and RW was filled with mostly stage actors.
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But I think SoapNet has finally reached the point where I entered "Another World". I distinctly remember the scene with Cass and Frankie with the tarot deck. It was an afternoon tradition at college where everyone spent lunch in front of the tv watching soaps. I chanced upon the tradition by accident. There was always a bit of fuss over which ones to watch. Maybe it's why I never latched onto AMC back then, because it was always NBC versus CBS.


Aug. 15th, 2005 11:11 pm
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Yes, yes, yes. The news spread fast and furious today about the 100 icons for the paid members with extra icons. Suddenly everyone started searching for their old icons they'd rotated out or hunted down caps/scans. I was no exception. My zip disks gave a merry chase. The one disk with my older icons was in a different box than the other box of disks. Someday I will be organized. It may be when I'm old and grey, but it will happen. Mostly I was noticing the wide range of my fandom interests and how times have changed for the better technology wise. The quality has certainly improved on screen captures and scanners. I found season 1 X-Files pictures that were grainier than my desk. In a fit of iconing, I posted a bunch of Cass & Frankie related icons over at [livejournal.com profile] baycity, mostly bases, because I still don't trust my abilities with fonts.
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For the friends of mine who proudly wear their Not Dead Dammit! badges, [livejournal.com profile] sventhelost has created [livejournal.com profile] queensofdenial. The Denial is a long wide deep river, their banks lined with old friends.

I'm almost caught up with backlog of Another World reruns. May 1989 was an eventful month. It's hard to believe my interest in Bay City is only a few months away.


Mar. 22nd, 2005 07:34 pm
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Yahooo... my favorite is on AW finally! I was wondering when she'd hit town.

And hello Ruth Geddy... Donna Murphy as the Assistant DA.
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Another World continues to surprise.

I was watching yesterday's episode when Mary Stout appears as the person booking Felicia Gallant at the police station. As usual, she was a hoot, even asking Felicia to autograph her book. Then during the court room scene, I stared at the prosecutor, saying "I know her, why do I know her?" She was someone familiar from the soaps. The credits rolled and it was Ellen Dolan known better as Margo from "As the World Turns". Except she must not have lasted long in the role, according to the AW sites. In an even odder WENN twist, Donna Murphy supposedly plays that character. So the next batch of episodes will be quite interesting to say the least.

And Frankie should be on the scene in a month or two.
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So we had a nice little dusting of three or four inches of snow here, nowhere near the max they thought we'd get, but that's typical here. We're usually just on the edge of the heavy stuff.

Another World Valentine's commentary )
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I managed to stay relatively unspoiled for today's Olympics coverage. Gymnastics, swimming and fencing! )

I had a fandom collides moment while catching up with the last two weeks of Another World when Elizabeth Gracen popped up as herself discussing the Miss America competition, long before she swung a sword in HL. Odd though that they focused on that pretty girl from the crowd who wanted to go to college and the writers kinda missed the big Miss America connection with the college scholarships. Admittedly this was Miss America circa 1988, but I think they were still awarding scholarships back then, yes?
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*blinks* SoapNet continues the 1980s nighttime soap flashbacks by getting the old "Paper Dolls" tv series set in the world of high fashion models. AW fans might recognize Dack Rambo, before the silver hair as Grant. DS9 fans can see the young Terry Farrell with really big hair as I recall. There were only 12 or 13 episodes of the show.
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[livejournal.com profile] baycity opened for "Another World" fans of all stripes.


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