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Dec. 6th, 2009 02:14 pm
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So the DC area received its first snowstorm yesterday. A mere dusting by most people's standards, but enough to send most people scurrying. Unfortunately that delayed part of my weekend plans (bookshelves!) for another time.

The delay had one desired effect. I could curl up and watch the SEC title game. Good thing, since Bama came to play! When Saban took the ball with the coin toss, I knew it was going to be one of those games. Hello Mr. Tebow, I'd like to introduce you to a few of my big friends. Greg McElroy played absolutely out of his mind. He's taken a pounding from his critics this year, so it was kinda sweet to see. Mark Ingram is closer to getting Alabama's first Heisman Trophy. With all of our national titles, it's hard to believe we don't have one yet. (Again 1992 flashbacks, we played Miami in the title game against the Heisman Tropy winner, Gino Torretta. There were many signs "Gino Who?" at the game.)

This afternoon my uncle and cousin returned to get all the boxes out of the storage units. They also figured out how to hook up the smaller tv/vcr combination, so I could watch the Redskins against the undefeated New Orleans Saints (those are four words I never thought I'd say -- no offense [ profile] majkia). Why do the Redskins always get those teams on their schedule? I have horrible memories of the New England shellacking we received. Worse, I like both Saints and Patriots, so it's not like it's the Giants or Cowboys.
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All right, I've fallen off a bit on updating this LJ. Mainly because there was little to report other than my unemployment woes. I thought I'd spare you that. It wasn't pretty. I am currently temping at a nice little assignment for an unknown amount of time. All my romantic notions about peer reviewed publications is going out through the window. But it's employment and there's been a sincere lack of assignments lately, so I'll take what I can get. This group actually asked for me specifically, since I'd done work for them before, which felt good.

Other excitement, I went to Small Press Expo in Bethesda on Saturday. Then Sunday I sat down to watch the Redskins lose... to the Detroit Lions. The Lions hadn't won in nearly two years. Ouch, that really hurt. But somehow our young coach is still our coach. Old Danny Boy is notorious for having a short leash, so we'll see how long that lasts. That's nothing compared to criticisms hurled at Jason Campbell, our quarterback. Early last season everyone was singing both of their praises... how quickly it changes.
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So today was the annual pilgrimage to the Maryland Renaissance Festival in Crownsville. Since the weather was so nice, I decided to brave the elements by wearing my pretty green skirt I bought last year at Bullseye. I even dragged out my old green and black cloak from my short-lived SCA days and borrowed a blouse from [ profile] pinkpolarity. I hadn't worn any form of garb for nearly fifteen years. The bright side was it meant I was no longer tripping or dragging my cloak along. There are bonuses to growing up. It was quite odd "blending in" with the local populace. I do have to say there seemed a lot of non-costumed attendees this year.

I didn't buy anything, aside from food. With the new computer and a trip to Philly, I decided I needed to conserve my resources. Nothing really screamed "buy me" this year. The blouses at Bullseye weren't quite what I was looking for. I thought the pretty labyrinth necklace at Echo & Wild nearly had me. I also escaped without buying another coin at the mint or finding a ring at Moon Angel. I must be losing my shopping touch.

My fannish geekery was however on full display at the woodworkers shop. He had any manner of symbols on display, including various Celtic and Pagan symbols. Then I spotted the Stargate Earth symbol. There were Star Trek symbols as well. The one that proclaimed my geekery though was the Highlander Watcher symbol. The woodcarver was quite impressed, saying that was his most esoteric and obscure symbol. No one knew what that was. I didn't know whether to do a Snoopy victory dance or hang my head in shame. Probably a combination thereof.

On the way out the door, there was the usual madness. Then someone called to "close down the exits." We couldn't understand exactly why until we saw a pair of pachyderms coming our way. Yes, they were quite charming looking elephants in Maryland. Needless to say, we quickly gave them the right of way.

I came home to a wonderful victory over those damned Eagles. Redskins are really surprising me this year. When I first saw a score, they were down by fourteen points. As it turned out, that was nearly all Philly scored. Oops. Sorry Donovan. Well, not really.
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Some weekends I love being a football fan, sometimes I hate it. This year I'm getting more of the former. My Crimson Tide are surprising everyone, including me, by winning their first five games and now ranked #2 in the nation. But we're not running out the bandwagon yet. Last year proved that painfully when we lost to Louisiana-Monroe. My Redskins surprised me by beating the hated Dallas in the last regular season Skins-Dallas matchup in Texas Stadium. The last coach to do that was George Allen back about when I was born. Now if both my teams could stop making it really close at the end, I'd be obliged. (I was having Arkansas flashbacks with the Georgia game. It wasn't pretty.)

Tomorrow I will join the world of the brown-baggers in bringing a lunch. You wouldn't believe how hard it was to find a lunch bag after the Back-to-School season. I just don't trust paper bags, especially with the rainy weather we've had lately. I keep telling myself it'll be cheaper in the long run.
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Football has returned. The Washington Redskins played in the extra preseason game known as the Hall of Fame game in Canton, Ohio. It was sweet seeing Art Monk and Darrell Green take their places with the other greats. Coming from behind to win was even sweeter. I know preseason doesn't count for anything, but it's nice to wake up with good things to talk about with the Skins and our three quarterbacks than nothing! I'm a little worried about the run defense, but it is early.

In baseball news, longtime Braves announcer Skip Caray died in his sleep.


Jan. 26th, 2008 04:08 pm
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Dan Snyder has learned nothing in his time with Joe Gibbs. He fired both Gregg Williams and Al Saunders and already hired coordinators even though he has no head coach. And the current favorite: Jim Fassel, the old Giants coach. Ick.

US Skating championships are on NBC. That's breaking my brain. And yet there's Dick Button still covering the sport. Jaime Sale has really short hair. I almost didn't recognize her! And then we get Hammond, Hamilton and Bezic. *sighs* And only seven months until Beijing...
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That was how Sean Taylor signed an picture for a fan at this year's training camp.

And that's what it came down to. Beat your division arch rival or stay home.

And we did -- by 21 points. I hope Sean is smiling somewhere.

All my teams won this week. Even Bama pulled off a squeaker at the last minute against Colorado. It started suspiciously like the Arkansas game -- blow them out in the first quarter and then hang on for dear life at the end.

It doesn't matter. I am deliriously happy right now. Happy happy New Year.
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Happy birthday [ profile] confettiofstars! We celebrated it in high style on Saturday evening with [ profile] darthblitzkrieg and their friend in Baltimore. On a previous trip, I'd wandered around Little Italy, but I didn't know enough about the restaurants to choose something. Dinner was at Della Notte with its very Romanesque ambience with columns, marble busts, and immense tree in the center of the main dining room. No, I'm not kidding.

However, if you wanted real authentic Baltimore and its unique local color, you went over to Vaccaro's for dessert. The place has been around since 1956 and it's the perfect after dinner stop. If you're used to a short list of desserts, your mouth will drop when you see two pages worth, not counting all the drinkables. I almost wish I drank coffee, because it seemed like just the place for a little cup of espresso/cappuccino. You can scan the pastry shelves to see what looks yummy. (Just about everything, I might add!)

Now I've grown used to people adding nuts to my chocolate cake. I like mine plain, thank you very much. I know I'm odd. It's just a thing. So when I spotted the Chocolate Cannoli Cake, I was prepared to be disappointed. Actually, no, that version didn't have any nuts, just heavenly cannoli cream sandwiched with devil's food cake. The vanilla version had almonds all around the edges, but the chocolate one used chocolate chips instead. Cake excuses much. *pleased little sigh*

Baltimore wasn't quite done having fun with us. Our nearest neighbors were chatting about politics. From what little I heard, I knew somehow [ profile] confettiofstars would get involved. I didn't want anyone to ruin her birthday. Fortunately it turned into a good-natured little interaction, rather than fisticuffs. They didn't mind Republicans, as long as they were Green ones. The two of them were a riot. Now all of us assumed they were married. Until they were ready to leave and she sorta apologized for him saying before she left -- "I could never be married to someone like him". That dumbfounded all of us. Never let it be said that visiting Baltimore isn't without its moments.

I had a great time. I came home way way too late. I do wish that some of good feeling had trickled over to my sports teams. Alabama lost to flipping La-Monroe. For this we wanted Saban? And those scowls and dejected sighs you heard in a DC elevator Monday morning? Were all the Redskins fans after losing yet another close game, this one to our hated rivals the Cowboys. Ironically DC is where you'll find a fair number of Cowboy fans. At least someone will be happy this morning.


Oct. 29th, 2007 02:26 pm
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I have a coworker originally from New England. He plays a New Hampshire radio station on his computer every day. There's not much difference in stations here and there, at least until the weather starts dropping. He's over the moon, of course, since both of his teams won yesterday. I was quite pleased for the Red Sox, actually, but watching the Redskins get utterly blown out by the Patriots was depressing. And I like the Patriots usually! I was hoping our defense would put some kind of fight. C'mon, guys, when the backup quarterback gets a rushing touchdown, you know things are going bad. And then Alabama gets LSU. *winces* Can I just hide now?

Not sure what to think of the Wembley game. I do wish they'd gotten to see a better game, but with the mud and rain and pitch conditions and the opponents, well, I think it did pretty well. Trying to explain "running out the clock" and "taking a knee" to a British audience might take some time. Maybe we should stick to exhibition games over there. I would be amused to hear British commentators on the game, just for curiosity. It was pretty amazing seeing all the various NFL jerseys represented. I remember chatting with someone years ago on the Compuserve sports forum about American football. He was in Wales. *shrugs*
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So both my teams won this week. Bama blew out the Vols and the Skins held on for dear life against the Cardinals. We always used to have close games with them when they were still in the division. Next week is the juggernaut New England. Do not want!

I swung by the local library to return Connie Willis' "D.A" (short, unsubstantial, and disappointing) and discovered they've started a regular Graphic Novels section. They've had a comics/manga section in the Young Adult section with your Naruto and Spiderman and Xmen. The new section is small enough it's still shelved with the new books, but I brought home Will Eisner's "Best of Spirit" collection and I saw Fables and Meltzer JLA and the Complete Peanuts. I'm not sure what prompted this change, but we must encourage it, especially I see more DC represented.

Dinner with [ profile] confettiofstars chatting about everything and anything as usual. I now am the proud owner of a Ra-Heru-akhety statue. He's guarding my desktop. Maybe he can give me guidance over the monitor.

Yes, I'm having desktop issues again, the same ones I had before. For some reason, the monitor cable keeps coming loose. I can be working on perfectly and it'll be sitting for awhile and suddenly poof, no monitor. I've restarted it twice now. I'm going to hunt the Dell site and see if they sell a monitor cable. Or would they be a simple Best Buy visit? (It's a flat screen if that helps/hurts.) I really don't want to replace the monitor again.
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Saturday I went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival with [ profile] confettiofstars, [ profile] darthblitzkrieg and [ profile] ariadnesthread. Summer was determined to go out like a lion this September. Instead of the cool weather we'd been blessed with recently, the humid temperatures came back to haunt us and they'll stick around for most of the week. A far cry from the sweltering temps of opening weekend, when I was dying in nearby Baltimore, but still not particularly comfortable. At least the skies stayed clear.

It was Pirate Day weekend, so there were Jolly Rogers and black and white and red costumes wherever we looked. Some were more outrageous than piratical, the Ren Faire still preferring a more in-your-face costuming style.

As usual there was much shopping to be had. I've started to despair that I have no garb that fits anymore. My SCA garb is several mes ago sadly, so we went to Faire in search of clothing. Yes, I know they're relatively easy to make, but you're speaking to someone who can do needlework and cross-stitch, but can't sew worth anything!

I shocked myself by acquiring a skirt, a beautiful long dark green cotton skirt. I might have bought a second one if they'd carried the cotton skirts in purple. But they only carried them in the silk. I'm hoping to find the right blouse/shirt to go with it. The search continues...

I acquired a second coin from Somewear Beyond Coin Mint. Alas we were running late so I only had time to drop off my order, rather than stick around and enjoy the floor show from the minters. This site shows most of the designs. I went with a bronze coin with a Spanish galleon on one side and Elizabeth I on the other.

Coins of the realm )

Alas both of my football teams lost at the last minute. ESPN's College Gameday visited Tuscaloosa and their curse continues. We lost to Georgia in overtime. Wearing their throw-back uniforms designed by Vince Lombardi, the Redskins blew the second half of the game against the Giants. What a time for the Jints to find inspiration...

And the Nats bade farewell to RFK. She was a grand old stadium. Even Troy Aikman commented on playing in RFK where you felt like the fans were right on top of you and the stands rocked and rolled in a thunderous roar. He felt like the Skins gave up a huge home field advantage when we left RFK behind. Maybe we did.
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Oh, I just love football season. These night games are going to be the death of me.

When people find out I went to Alabama, they always ask if I'm a football fan. Why yes, I've been one for many years. Football however never factored into my decision to go to the school. At the time I was starting, Bama was long past its Bear Bryant heyday. While I was there, I saw the end of the Bill Curry era and the glorious National Championship with Gene Stallings. And a Redskins Super Bowl. Hence the reason I joke the only way the Skins are going to win one again is if I leave town. Not my preferred way of them winning...

I blame my love of football on my father. Every Sunday he listened to the radio/tv broadcasts of the Redskins. He always muted the tv commentators so he could listen to the Redskins team of SonnySam&Frank. They might be irritating sometimes, but they were *our* irritants, thank you very much. Now he's stuck in a weird limbo of Jacksonsville/Miami/Tampa Bay. Not quite the seventh circle of hell or the pits of Tartarus, but close enough.

I was thinking about this Saturday night when Bama was playing Arkansas in a nailbiter of repeat of last year. (And then returned to the AP top 25 -- not too shabby.) Both teams have huge stadiums. They can command some of the largest home crowds in the game, easily 90,000. I've been to both stadiums, although Fedex was for a Notre Dame-Navy game. I was so far up I could see the parking lot! Not quite the intimacy or rocking 'n rolling of old RFK, but boy is it a fun place to be when everything's going right.

I didn't plan it though.

Scary Book

Aug. 12th, 2007 12:46 am
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Preseason football is finally upon us. I had nearly resigned myself that the Redskins were going to have yet another miserable year, when they snatched a victory from the jaws of defeat by scoring two touchdowns at the end of the game. A "W" is a still a "W" no matter how you look at it. To my amusement, I'll be in Baltimore for the Redskins preseason game against the Ravens.

The good thing about football is I can get some needlework done. Tonight I finally finished the second Real Musgrave Pocket Dragon pattern "Scary Book". I posted "Five More Minutes" awhile back. They were both published by Crafty Capers in the early 1990s. Both count as my oldest UFOs. I lost the original patterns and never had the chance to finish them until by chance I was at Media West one year where someone was selling old cross stitch charts.

Anyway, I'm glad to have them both done.

This poor dragon has probably been rereading the same chapter for the last fourteen years!

Scary Book )

We... won?

Dec. 17th, 2006 04:03 pm
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*blinks, blinks*

I honestly expected us to get creamed by the Saints.

What a way to surprise me, guys.

I changed my layout to one of the new themes. I couldn't resist the little skater... or the fox. *shrugs* I'm so very predictable.
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Yahooooo! Take that Dallas and your new quarterback!

Oh god. That was a beyond insane game.

Okay, so one good thing happen today.


Jan. 14th, 2006 07:38 pm
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And we lost. Our luck finally ran out this season. Holmgren can finally say he beat the Redskins. I don't know. Whenever sportscasters mention those "X has never done Y before" type stats, you just have an ugly feeling in the pit of your stomach that it's going to happen.

On the bright side, we did make the playoffs this year. I'm inclined to see the glass half full, instead of nearly empty.
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And lo and behold cries rang out throughout the DC Metro area - "We want Dallas". Sometimes Sundays are just lovely to behold. I couldn't have asked for a better game, unless there was a shutout to boot.

Speaking of the boot, the aircast is officially gone. I'm wearing the lighter shoe now and will switch completely to two sneakers next week. I still think my toes are going to freeze in this thing. As long as it doesn't snow or rain...

I leave for my annual holiday pilgrimmage to Florida on Wednesday night and will return Monday. I'll have occasional access to my email and LJ, but not in the "Did someone update?" way I normally am.

Wanted to show off one of the two new icons. [ profile] glimglamoury has done several lovely sets of icons based on BPAL (Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs) fragrances. I think she's taking requests if you have a particular fragrance you like.
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This has been a depressing weekend for sports. Both Bama and Redskins lost at the last minute. I know, I know, they gave a good ole try... *cries in my Sunkist*

On the bright side, I received a confirmation letter from Media West's hotel, so at least I don't have to worry about those arrangements. Instead I can plan my door. Do I want a Sheppard door or do I go with my fannish Jacks door I came up with last year? Decisions, decisions...


Oct. 30th, 2005 04:28 pm
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A shut out. We went from scoring 52 points to scoring none. Ow. What an awful game to watch if you were a Skins fan.

On the other hand, I have to hand it to them, the Giants played their hearts out.

But it's not a loss I want to take into the Eagles game.

Job update

Sep. 21st, 2005 11:08 am
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So after a pile of paperwork, I have a new job. I won't start until next week because they're still figuring out where I'm going to sit. I'm indexing a lot of small DV footage, which should be entertaining. I had to be fingerprinted, which was amusing. They used a high tech scanner. Apparently my fingers don't have a lot of oil on them, so the prints were sometimes be too light. When I had to roll the fingerprint, I kept being too dark, because I was putting too much pressure. It was a comedy of errors.

Amusing note seen in the paper: Tuesday after the Skins victory, the Metro announcement gave their usual stern warning to alert WMATA people if you saw anything suspicious. There was an addendum however. "If you see three or four people standing around crying, they're probably Dallas Cowboys fans." Ouch. Reminds me of the times I'd be flying in to Washington and they'd give us the score on the people movers back to the terminal.


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