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Jul. 12th, 2012 09:30 pm
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So yes, I haven't been updating here as much as I used to. I'd like to blame my health, the weather, and possibly my job, but truth is, I haven't been updating much elsewhere either, other than twitter and occasionally other LJ. I nattered a bit on ballet again, blame CW and other odd sources. I think it's taken the place of LJ for my instant reactions for things, so I sometimes forget people won't see it. I have dabbled back into needlework and I'm hoping to finish the Celtic Mystery SAL/Book of Ink Circles before the Olympics start, so I can focus on new and different projects. LJ may force me to reevaluate how I store my needlework progress photos though. The Scrapbook upgrade basically made it next to useless, since I can't rename folders or move pictures to their right location.

Doctor Who has left me a little depressed lately with the passing of Caroline John aka Elizabeth Shaw. She had a brief run as the Doctor's companion/assistant, but I loved her anyway for her combination of style and smarts.

[ profile] lost_spook posted a lovely collection of Liz Shaw tribute with fanfiction recs and icons.

[ profile] dw_straybunnies is hosting Liz Shaw prompt month, leaving me pondering ideas. I still need to finish that one crossover with her and Harriet Jones. Bless SJA for giving me the out on the book canon I wanted to pretend never happened. I would like to listen to the Big Finish Companion Chronicles, although I had an iffy reaction to "Blue Tooth".
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So I've signed up for [ profile] ficfinishing. They're allowing Doctor Who as a fandom and I have two rather stubborn ficlets that don't want to be finished. One just doesn't want to be revised, which is more my hangup with following up after critiques. Does anyone else have trouble going back and making those revisions? It's a real block for me sometimes.

The other one was intended for [ profile] whofest about the meeting of Liz Shaw and Harriet Jones. The first I started was post-"Christmas Invasion" but before Harriet is forced out. Is that timeline even plausible? Do we know how long she lasted? She was gone by the time of "Runaway Bride". When was Saxon elected?

The second thought I had Spoilers for Stolen Earth )

[ profile] selenak has written "Patterns", focusing on similar issues of the Silurians/Christmas Invasion.
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Dear god how am I even awake? I didn't think it was possible but I had even less sleep last night than the Thursday-Friday stretch at MediaWest. I'd like to thank certain weather patterns and my building's a/c system that goes kablooey at the least opportunity. At least I had power. But zero sleep. I mean zero.

I gave up trying to sleep at 1 a.m. and worked on that ancient [ profile] whofest story I was supposed to have written. *looks horribly embarrassed* I also managed to squeeze in watching "Spearhead from Space" that I had from Netflix. I don't think I've ever watched the Classic Who in the episode format. I've only seen them in the condensed movies PBS airs. Now I'm really not sure whether Caroline John's voice has changed that much or not... how old is she anyway? I do wish I had access to "The Silurians" but I suppose the transcript will have to do for my memory.

Does anyone know how security clearances work in UK? Presumably Liz had one through UNIT and I'm supposing she kept it up somehow after she returned to Cambridge. Would that strike someone as unusual for an academic?

I inhaled the Torchwood series over the weekend. I can see why Sci Fi Channel will never show it, no way in blazes. BBC America is bringing it over, but it'd fit equally on Showtime or Logo honestly. I'll comment more on that when I get a chance. Oye Cardiff.
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If you happen to buy the Sonic Screwdriver Flashlight, don't panic when it doesn't work straight out of the box. I opened mine yesterday and discovered this. After everything that happened at MWC, I was prepared for the worst case scenario. I felt like a silly kid with my own new Christmas toy and worried I'd broken it already. Nowhere is it mentioned on the packaging or instructions, but there's a tab inside that blocks the flashlight from working. Once you've removed that, it lights up with an ominous blue light. I solemnly promise I won't try to open my door with it. I might search for missing keys though.

I'm on a Big Finish roll. The last two MWC have left me diving back into the Whoverse. I listened to "The Blue Tooth" Companion Chronicle featuring Caroline John reprising her role as the divine Liz Shaw. Blue Tooth review )

Oh, and [ profile] suzy_queue, I've ahemed the first season of "Torchwood" for a weekend marathon. I know who to blame for this. *stern glare*
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Can I say how much I'm looking forward to the Big Finish's Companion Chronicles, especially Blue Tooth? No, no, I really couldn't say.
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A major difference between the new and old Doctor Who series is the length. The current series features standard hour length episodes. The older ones varied in length. Sometimes that is a good thing where you needed extra time to explain a storyline or in the latest time felt interminable. "Inferno" is easily my least favorite "Doctor Who" adventure so far, very slow moving. Classic Who; Inferno )

I was however oddly reminded of the last Stargate episode when Slight spoiler for the latest SG-1 ep )
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Pretty quiet weekend. The weather has actually stayed pretty tolerable. Warm but not insanely humid for a change. I had a late dinner with [ profile] confettiofstars last night. It was good to see and chat with her again.

Classic Who; Silurians )


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